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   Chapter 68 Are You Out of Your Mind

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7016

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"What's your name?" Joseph followed Lola and asked curiously.

At that night when Wendy got into trouble, she seemed to have mentioned the man's name was Jordan Li? "Joseph Li, do you have a relative named Jordan Li?" Lola stopped and looked back at the big boy who looked a little cute.

Big brother! He blinked. "Yes, that's my brother. Do you know him? Are you my sister-in-law?"

Lola glared at the big boy who was a lot taller than herself and said, "Watch your mouth! Do I look like her?"

"Nope!" Joseph shook his head honestly, for he did not know what his future sister-in-law looked like.

She suddenly snickered. "That's it. Since you are Jordan's brother, you shall take the rap for him!" The words had scarcely escaped her, when Lola kicked to the bottom of Joseph, who nearly fell to the ground unguardedly.

"Kick your brother when you go back. Tell him that the next time he should toy with a woman, I would bludgeon him to death!" Lola ran back to the private room the instant she finished.

Looking at the woman's receding figure, Joseph was so pissed off that he spoke out after a minute, "Hey, stop there!" What does his brother toying with a woman have to do with him? What's more, a dull man like his brother could never toy with a woman!

Joseph walked back to his private room with a sullen look. At sight of Mia, he remembered that she greeted the woman just now.

"What is the name of the woman whom I met at the door?" Joseph asked Mia in anger. His words rendered the room dead silent save for the sound of light music from the screen.

"Joseph, what's the matter?" Yolanda locked her phone screen, where she had just viewed the post on Weibo. She was downright annoyed but could not give vent to her anger. Of course, she knew that Lola was referring to her as the mistress. It was obvious that Lola was actually the mistress.

Not only was Joseph a popular star, but he also had prominent family background in A Country that Yolanda's family would dream to catch up with.

"She actually..." Joseph spoke but stopped on a second thought becau

ly shoved it into Zoe's arms.

Watched attentively by the stunned crowd, Harry dragged Lola into his car. He walked to the driver's seat, started the car, stepped on the accelerator, turned around, and disappeared.

"Boss, you have driven away the car, how can I send Miss Mo and Mr. Li home..." Joey watched the disappearing car, speechless. Nonetheless, the boss was so cool!

Back to the villa, Harry parked the car at the gate of the villa, and pulled Lola back to the room.

He threw her to the big bed, turned back and locked the door. "Harry, you are insane!" Lola sat up awkwardly on the bed and glared at the man in front of her.

Thinking of Lola's behavior at the hotel gate, Harry said with an overcast face, "Smoke? Good for you, Lola." The man's low voice made her feel dangerous.

Lola raised her haughty chin. "None of your business. Get out!" She came down from the bed and was going to open the door.

However, she hardly walked to the door and was thrown back again. Lola was boiling mad.

Harry took off his suit jacket, threw it onto the sofa, and came towards her in his white shirt.

Lola shivered upon looking at the gloomy expression of the man. "Harry, get out of here!" She recoiled in terror.

The man begun to unbutton his shirt, then loosened his belt with a crisp sound.

Shoot! Lola rushed to the door and was brought back again by Harry.

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