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   Chapter 67 Joseph Li

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7130

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In the SL Group on the large screen.

Harry was in a business suit and next to him was Yolanda who was holding his arm and smiling like a flower.

The press room was crammed with reporters. Although it was the press conference for the spokesperson of SL Group's facial mask, the reporters were more interested in the recent affair between Harry and Yolanda.

"Mr. Si, Miss Mo, do you have any good news to share?"

"Mr. Si, when will you announce the good news?"

"Miss Mo, I heard that you are injured and have been recuperating in Mr. Si's villa. Is that true?"

"Miss Mo, it is said that you intend to focus your future career in the D City. Do you do this for Mr. Si?"


Harry, as usual, without any emotion, looked at the reporters raising kinds of questions in front of him. By his side, Yolanda made no reply, but her sweet smile left the public enough space to imagine.

"Excuse me. Another spokesperson for the SL Group, Joseph Li, is here. Please pay more attention to the facial mask ads of the group. Thank you!" Joey came on the stage and introduced the internationally popular little fresh meat - Joseph Li.

With his golden hair, Joseph Li, who was in a smart leisure suit and white sports shoes, came into sight.

His typical wicked smile and good-looking amorous eyes are both powerful weapons to enchant women.

As Joseph Li just appeared, young girls on the street began to scream.

"Joseph really comes to the D City!"

"Joseph is still so handsome, so bad. Oh oh! I can't help loving him!"

The cameraman gave a close-up scene when Harry Si and Joseph Li shook hands with each other. The two men - one wicked and handsome and the other arrogant and cold. The reporters kept clicking the shutter, and those watching the screen were almost dazzled by the flash.

"Lola, Joseph Li looks just like you when he smiles!" Wendy said surprisingly, but, "Jordan Li, Joseph Li, is there any relationship between them?" She asked gently.

Lola observed everybody on the screen and looked carefully at Joseph Li at the words. She only saw Jordan Li once and was not sure yet.

"I'm not sure

ple fighting in the corridor. So she changed the route.

When she walked past the doorway of a private room, a person came out of the room. She took a closer look and found that he was Joseph Li. And behind him was Mia Wu.

Looking inside, she saw Harry, Yolanda and several other senior leaders of SL Group.

Mia Wu screamed out surprisingly "Miss Li!" The private room became quiet immediately. There was an awkward moment when everyone looked at Yolanda who was very close to Harry.

Lola cursed in the heart: what the fuck. Then she nodded to Mia Wu, "I'm going to the toilet." Her voice was not low, which was more like an explanation.

Joseph Li looked at the woman with ruddy cheeks in front of him. He felt a bit familiar and seemed to have seen her somewhere before.

After the words, Lola walked rapidly toward the toilet. She washed her face in there and when she came out, she saw a man leaning against the wall and looking at her.

She didn't pay attention to him and was ready to leave. "Hey, have I seen you somewhere before?" Joseph Li frivolously looked at the woman in front of him. The more he looked at her, the more familiar he felt.

She paused. "The most shining star Joseph Li, you have seen so many women and it's normal that some of them look alike." Lola smiled at him slightly and walked toward her room.

She may be right! But when she smiled just now, he felt more familiar!

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