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   Chapter 66 Bless Me with Happiness

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Seeing her enemy revel in displaying affection with her husband on the opposite side, Lola lost her appetite completely.

She stopped eating the porridge after having just little of it, and went upstairs.

No one took notice of her or cared for her during her presence downstairs and upstairs.

Drying her tears in silence, Lola get through to Wendy. She had missed many calls from Wendy that month, for she was in no mood.

"Thank God, Lola, you finally call back! What have you been doing lately?" Wendy was walking around for inspection in the mall. Upon seeing the call from Lola, she hid away to answer it.

"Wendy, let's meet at Old Tree Café tomorrow." said Lola in a dispirited voice, not as vigorous as before. Wendy promptly sensed that Lola was not going well and answered: "OK, I will have a day off tomorrow. Let's meet in the morning."

Hanging up the phone, Lola entered the bathroom after taking off her clothes. She turned on the shower to immerse herself.

The past episodes kept playing in her mind. Mike Qi, Sara Fu, Yolanda Mo and... her poor child.

Her crying was drowned out by the shower. After a long time, she wiped her red eyes before walking out of the bathroom.

Harry glanced at the door of the bathroom with brooding eyes but looked away the next moment.

Lola didn't expect that Harry would come in only to give a glance at her. Was she no longer the one in his heart?

Being absent-minded, she walked to the dresser and began to blow her hair on the seat with a drier. She went to sleep after drying her hair, without noticing when Harry left.

The next morning, Lola got up very early. Nevertheless, she still met Harry, who was already seated by the table, while Mrs. Du was serving the breakfast.

Did he spend the night at home? Where? With Yolanda? Or in another room?

Lola sat far away from Harry and had breakfast silently.

Yolanda had recovered from a foot injury. She went downstairs after dre

you? How come you are so skinny?" Wendy looked at the smiling Lola fretfully. She changed a lot after a month's separation.

Sipping the coffee in silence, Lola didn't know how to put it. "Wendy, my...child was gone."

With eyes wide open, Wendy was shocked at what she said. What did she say? Her child! Was gone? "What's the matter?" Wendy gripped Lola's hand tightly.

Then Lola told Wendy about everything in detail after Yolanda came here.

Wendy held her hand in grief. "Can it be that she really didn't do that in A Country? I heard that SL Group had acquired your father's company the next day after you went to A Country to make Mike and his father out of power, and the company of Sara's family also declared bankruptcy overnight. It must be your husband who did these."

"Maybe he thought it was Sara who did that to me that night. But as far as I know about her, she wouldn't do such an insidious thing, and if it was her, she must have swaggered before me."

Wendy felt pity for Lola and rebuked Harry. "Though your husband is all-powerful in business, he is really an idiot when it comes to love!"

Lola stirred the coffee without sugar, which tasted ever bitterer than before.

"Lola, look!" Wendy pointed at the big screen outside the mall across the street out of the window.

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