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   Chapter 64 You Killed Her

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6663

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In that case, he wouldn't have to wait until Lola was done playing with them. Instead, he could destroy them now. So Harry just made several phone calls and clicked the mouse a few times.

The next afternoon, the Fu Group declared bankruptcy. Yunze Company announced that it had been acquired by SL Group. Jacob Qi and Mike Qi were discharged.

This incident set off a huge wave in D City and people even didn't know why it suddenly happened.

Being worn out, Lola finally managed to reach the airport. But she missed the flight and could only book another ticket.

It was already 9 o'clock at night when Lola arrived in D City and she was thinking about where to go tonight.

Pearl Spring? The woman was there, so she really didn't want to go back. She then was determined to return to Yuanming Manor first and go back after the woman left.

After making the decision, she found a restaurant to fill her stomach and then took a taxi to Yuanming Manor.

Harry returned to Pearl Spring, but failed to see Lola there. Lola didn't answer his phone. So he returned to the company.

Lola spent two days in Yuanming Manor and then decided to find a job.

But what can she do? Maybe a job in an entertainment company? Alas. It may be futile to find other jobs.

Lola made up her mind and targeted an entertainment company named JH on the Internet.

However, when Lola saw the clothes she was wearing, she thought she'd better go to Pearl Spring first. Because of the journey to A Country, she only had some casual clothes with her.

The Maserati was still parked in the garage. Harry intended to buy several new ones, so he didn't drive it away. It just happened to come in handy. Lola drove back to the Pearl Spring in the Maserati.

It had slowly turned cold at this time. Her white T-shirt and camel jacket were just enough.

When she arrived at Pearl Spring, she didn't see anyone there and the servants were also off duty. Lola directly went back to her room and packed a c

with relief. "Not dead, and she is still breathing!"

"Come on! I will send her to the hospital!" Nael picked up the dying Lola from the floor and walked out of the villa. "Clean up blood here without leaving a trace. I will deal with the other things in the hospital. You stay at home." Nael reminded Yolanda before leaving.

Fortunately, there was no carpet on the stair steps and around the stairs. Yolanda quickly went to the laundry room to fetch a mop. She mopped the floor six times, and didn't feel relieved until the blood was cleaned up.

After walking upstairs to the second floor, she saw Lola's bag dropped on the floor. She hurriedly picked them up and put them back in her cloakroom.

Everything got back as if Lola had never returned. It made Yolanda relax a little and she didn't look as ghastly as before.

Nael laid Lola on the back seat of the car and drove immediately to the hospital. As soon as they left, Betty came back from the supermarket. She felt puzzled, as she vaguely saw a man come out of the villa and seat a woman in his arms into the car.

However, without much thinking, she entered the villa.

In the hospital.

After the operation was over, Lola was wheeled out of the operating theatre. Nael immediately walked toward the doctor and asked, "Excuse me, how is the patient?"

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