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   Chapter 63 N7d9 Virus

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The continuous knock on the door pulled back Thomas from his wandering thought. Always calm and undisturbed, he panicked this time. Letting go of the woman in his arms, he strode to open the door.

It was the family's private doctor, Naomi Han, a 40-year-old woman with a wealth of medical experience. Seeing Lola on the bed, she knew immediately that Lola had been drugged, but it was not an ordinary drug.

Naomi inserted a cold needle into the veins of Lola and drew a little bit of blood for assay.

Two minutes later, Naomi explained, "She is infected with the N7d9 virus that is common in the black market. The antidote to this poison is man. And it has to be five times, or she will die." It means that she must... Or else die.

Thomas waved his hand and let Naomi leave. As Lola was tossing about, he stood by the bedside and watched her with mixed feelings.

Her clothes were almost ripped off by herself, while Thomas had never been so hesitant. He fetched a cigarette provided by the hotel on the table, and took a puff. Without smoking experience, he started to cough violently.

Thomas took five of them and hadn't made a decision yet. Most of Lola's clothes had been torn to shreds by herself.

Having tucked her in, he took out his cell phone from his pocket and dialed a number.

"She is in trouble. Hurry or she would be mine!"

In the office, Harry hung up the phone with a gloomy look. Having no time to be jealous, he asked Joey to start his private jet.

Yolanda came to the company to stop Harry. She watched his frightening look and asked, "What's the matter, Harry?"

"You go back first." He said coldly and left the office in a hurry.

Less than two hours later, the private jet landed on the square in front of the Venice Hotel. Stunned to see the cool and handsome Harry stepping down from the plane, the doorman hurriedly opened the door of the hotel.

"Excuse me, Sir, may I ask who..." Before the hostess had finished, Harry walked to the elevator along with Joey.

Joey figured that Lola must be in some kind

uld it be...? She glanced at the man on top of her, and her intuition told her that it must be Yolanda!

"Who did this to me? Was it Yolanda?" She pushed away Harry and covered herself with the blanket.

"Lola, don't think ill of Yolanda. She just can't get over the past, but she won't hurt anyone!" Harry cannot change the fact that this little woman really disliked Yolanda.

"Let me tell you something else. Naughty was drowned. I was set up in the company. And last night I was poisoned. Your ex-girlfriend was absolutely in for them!" Lola asserted. Sara, who was not so intelligent, would only jump at her in person instead of playing dirty. She did not have that brain!

Harry thought Lola was exaggerating. So he did not go on with the topic, but went directly to the bathroom to take a shower.

Lola grimaced to the back of Harry. "Fine, you don't want me to talk about it. But you are with me anyway!" Lola thought.

After the shower, Harry walked out of the bathroom wrapped in bath towels, only to find there was no one on the bed. So, Lola disappeared...

Harry glanced around the room. Everything was gone. It seemed she ran away again!

For god's sake!

Before he flew back, Harry received a text message from Thomas. The content was a name: "Sara Fu." He understood what Thomas meant. He turned his phone off after texting back "Thank you!"

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