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   Chapter 62 Lola’s Post Was Pushed to the Cusp of Public Opinion

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6922

Updated: 2018-04-03 17:32

Thomas let out a muffled laughter, which totally bewitched Lola. She compared him with Harry in her heart and could hardly decide who was more good-looking.

"Well, it seems you have forgotten. You had once got drunk at Telles Hotel in D City and didn't want to go with Harry. So you hugged me tightly!" Lola's face was red already because she had drunk a lot of wine before. Now his words made her face get redder. He was the man who she embraced that day according to Zoe. The President of A Country!

"I'm sorry. I drank too much that day." Feeling awkward, Lola apologized to him.

Thomas looked at the flushed Lola with a big smile, "You come to A Country alone?" Did that man really feel relieved that she travelled alone? Especially in his country?

The car ground to a halt in the parking space of Venice Hotel. Thomas put on the sunglasses he prepared. The chauffeur took the wine out from the trunk and carried them to the presidential suite.

"You don't invite me to your room for a drink?" Thomas had had his sunglasses on, but Lola only thanked him, and then closed the car door.

"It's too late. By the way, Mr. President, you're supposed to be very busy, right? I'd better not bother you." It would be awkward that a woman and a man without any relationship stayed in a room. Besides, if Harry knew it, he definitely would kill her.

This was the first time for Thomas to be refused, especially by a woman. His interest towards Lola grew stronger.

He said no more, but just asked the chauffeur to walk her to the room.

Then, he dispatched several bodyguards to keep an eye on her safety.

After hanging out in A Country for a few days, she received a message from Harry, "My love, it's time for home."

Lola was still mad at him. So she didn't text him back and stayed there for two more days. Worrying that Harry would fly to A Country, she grudgingly booked a ticket for the next day.

She posted several selfies taken in scenic spots, snacks and the air ticket on Weibo, with the text saying, "Bye, A Country."

To her s

gged. She looks pretty bad now!"

Thomas asked the chauffeur to speed up. Meanwhile, he called the private doctor of Herren family, asking her to go to the hotel at once.

When Thomas reached the hotel, his two bodyguards had detained the two wretched men. Lola lay writhing in pain, with clothes disheveled.

"Take them away for interrogation." The prison of A Country was equipped with terrible torture devices. There must be a way to force them to tell the truth.

Only Thomas and Lola were left in the room. The young lady felt uncomfortable and moaned in the bed. As soon as Thomas approached, Lola grasped his wrist.

"I'm uncomfortable, I want…" she muttered. What did she want? She had no idea. At the moment, she just felt extremely uncomfortable.

Staring at his wrist that was clutched by Lola, Thomas could tell that she was suffering a lot of pain. Sweat streamed down her face, which looked unnatural.

Lola struggled to sit up and hugged Thomas tightly. With fists clenched, Thomas thought if only this woman belonged to him.

He was born into a wealthy family. In the past years, he had countless girlfriends. But all of them dated him for his money and power, which made him feel disgusting. Then one day, he met her. His heart was pounding. "That may be the power of love." Thomas thought to himself.

He leaned over to kiss her. How sweet!

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