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   Chapter 61 Mr. President

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 7544

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"Young Master forbids me to untie you." Mrs. Du was sorry for keeping tying her in that way.

"Don't worry. He just wants to confine me to this room. How about this? You lock the door. I am unable to flee away by this way." Mrs. Du moved forward to the door and locked both them in. She thought what Lola said was reasonable, so she untied Lola finally.

Lola hurried to the bathroom as soon as she was untied. Seeing that, Mrs. Du was relieved. It seemed Lola just wanted to go to toilet rather than flee away. Minutes later, Mrs. Du heard the sound of flushing toilet. Then the door of the bathroom was opened.

Betty was laying out dishes for Yolanda downstairs when she saw someone was rushing to the gate. After a second look, she recognized that was Lola running out of the house with a mini luggage case.

Young Mater had commanded them to keep Lady Lola in the room! Betty dropped dishes without thinking, then ran to the gate at the fastest speed trying to stop Lola. But the moment she arrived there, Lola had ran out with the door slammed shut up front.

Lola was too fast to be stopped. Then Betty hurried to Mrs. Du upstairs for help. But it turned out that Mrs. Du was gagged and bound to the head of the bed. She had been trying to say something, but she even couldn't utter a complete word.

Seeing that, Betty rushed to Mrs. Du and untied her immediately. She could tell they were in trouble. "Oh my God!" Mrs. Du ran downstairs to call Harry as soon as possible.

"Young Master, My Lady flew away with a luggage case!" The meeting was about to conclude when Harry received Mrs. Du's phone call. Seeing it's from Pearl Spring villa, he knew something unexpected happened.

Sure enough!

Lola drove away the Pearl Spring villa by motorcycle and stopped at a park. Then she fished out mobile phone to book a latest flight ticket to A Country. She also called Wendy.

Lola told Wendy she parked the motorcycle in front of a shop and put the key in the shop, and asked her to drive it home after she got off work.

Wendy was totally confused. She had no idea what happened and why Lola asked her to do that. She didn't even get a chance to ask, cause the phone was hung up by Lola soon. When she called back, the phone was power

when an extended black Lincoln stopped right in front of her. Lola looked inside at the man sitting in that luxury sedan out of curiosity when the window was rolled down. That man, who seemed to be noble and gentle all over, looked at her with a warm smile.

"This man seems to know me." Lola could tell as his face seemed vaguely familiar. But she couldn't recall who he was and where they met before.

"Lola, get in the car!" That man called her with a charming voice. Then the chauffeur got out of the car, walked towards her and put her wine in the trunk.

"My wine... I don't even know you. Why should I get in your car?" Lola was totally confused. She even got no time to stop the chauffeur.

The chauffeur opened the door of back seats for her. "Please, Miss Lola. Our President is inviting you, " said the chauffeur in a respectful way.

President? He is the President of A Country? Lola was shocked completely. But what confused her most was why the President know her?

"Miss Lola, please get in the care quickly. It's not convenient for our President to stay here for long, " said the chauffeur. Lola got into the car finally because she wanted to figure out why the President know her.

"Where do you live? I will send you there." Thomas looked at her affectionately. He had been back from D City for more than one month, so they hadn't seen each other for more than one month.

"Venice. How do you know my name?" Looking at his bright and beautiful eyes, Lola asked curiously.

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