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   Chapter 59 Get Out of My House

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6959

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"You should trust me. Why should I help our competitor? Nonsense, right?" Lola explained to Harry in anxiety.

Looking at the worried-looking Lola, Harry asked, "Are you still angry about what happened last night? You do this to vent your anger? Do you know this formula is not just about a deal worth millions of dollars? Do you know how many days and nights Mia has spent on it?" This was the only reason that came to Harry's mind. In view of Lola's temper, he thought it's possible for her to do this kind of thing and get him into trouble.

Lola stared at Harry. She was so disappointed and got nothing to say anymore. What was she like on earth in his mind? She couldn't believe Harry didn't trust her at all.

There was a knock on the door at that moment. "Boss, Jack is here." It was Joey talking outside the door.

Then, a man walked into the meeting room. That was the man who delivered the message to Lola during lunch time.

"Justin, tell them what was going on and what did you told me this nooning." Lola recognized him immediately. She thought only Justin could save her at that point. As long as Justin told Harry what was really going on, misunderstanding would be cleared up naturally.

"Who are you? Why do you take me here?" That man threw questions and looked at Lola in deep confusion. It looked like it was his first time seeing Lola.

Harry looked at that man up and down and enlarged his face on the video, then turned the screen to him. "You'd better tell me the truth or I don't know what will happen to you!" Hearing that cold threat, Jack became panicky at once.

"OK, Boss Si. I will tell you!" Jack seemed in great fear. He glimpsed Lola for a second. Harry captured his reaction clearly.

"The thing is that Miss Li told me she was willing to sell me a mask formula and asked me to take it this nooning." Then, Jack turned to Lola who was in great shock and said in a pathetic way, "Miss Li, I don't want this formula anymore. Please spare me."

"Stop!" Harry's tone was horrifyingly cold.

"Boss Si, please spare me. I have

" It seemed things went the way she wanted!

"She knows full well what I mean. I'm going to go nuts if she stays here for one more second" Lola thought.

Lola furiously ran closer to Yolanda and dragged her out of the chair. Yolanda fell down on the floor and looked embarrassed.

"Ah!" You are really insane. Bitch!" Yolanda shouted. At that moment, she got angry too. She glanced at Lola while massaging her painful knee on the floor.

"I am insane?" Lola gave her a sneer as reply and continued, "You, get out of my house right now. See how much trouble you have made?" She rushed into Yolanda's bedroom, opened all the closets and found out a luggage case. Lola threw all Yolanda's clothes into the case. Then she walked to Yolanda with the case in one hand and tried to drag Yolanda, who had got up from the floor, out of the room with the other hand.

"Let go of me, you lunatic!" Yolanda exerted all her strength to pull her hand free. Lola dropped the case away and grabbed Yolanda roughly.

"This troublesome woman must leave today." Lola thought.

Seeing that, Mrs. Du hurried to separate them and Betty Fei called Harry.

"Lola, calm down. Miss Mo's foot is hurt." Mrs. Du tried to stop Lola who was driven crazy by anger.

"Hurt, so what? "She hung on in here to seduce my husband and humiliate and frame me on a plea of that minor injury." She thought.

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