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   Chapter 58 Laboratory Bench Was in a Mess

Trapped with the CEO By Bai Cha Characters: 6596

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Hardly had Yolanda got her plan started when Harry and Lola had a quarrel. Yolanda thought if she continued her tricks, they definitely would break up. A marriage without love should not be maintained, Lola!

Lola went to a breakfast shop by motorcycle to grab a bite, and then rode to work.

When it was time to have a lunch break, Lola had not finished her work. So she decided to have lunch later. All of her workmates in the department had left.

At this moment, a man who she hadn't seen before came in. "Miss Li, the manager needs the formula that Supervisor Heidi wrote this morning. She needs it now."

"Who are you?" Lola looked at the stranger, feeling confused.

"Oh, I am new here. My name is Justin Wen." Lola nodded without a doubt and went to the research lab.

According to company's regulations, without the permission of the department manager, no one shall have access to the research lab alone except the formulators. Before Lola entered the lab, she wanted to ask Justin Wen whether he needed anything else.

But when she turned around, Justin Wen had gone and couldn't be found anywhere. "Well, it should be ok if I take the formula out as soon as possible!" thought Lola.

Lola went in, found the formula Heidi wrote this morning and took it out.

After coming out, she found Justin Wen waiting at the exit and trotted to him. "What are you doing here? Should I hand the formula to the manager or leave it to you?"

"Oh, I just wanna have a smoke here. Leave it to me. Get your things done first!" Justin Wen raised the half-smoked cigarette in his hand, ready to leave with the formula.

"H'm, well, I get going." Without thinking much, Lola went back to her seat. But she felt a little hungry soon. So she simply tidied up the desk and left for lunch.

After she came out of the elevator on the first floor, Justin Wen emerged suddenly from nowhere, and walked side by side with her.

"Miss Li, are you going to have lunch?" Jus

laptop around by a hand, and pointed to the man on the screen.

"Is he Justin Wen, a new employee?" Lola looked at the man in the video who left the company with her together, and still could not figure out what happened.

"Miss Li, you are CEO's wife, how could you help our competitor to do that?" Mia Wu blamed Lola furiously for she had destroyed all her efforts.

"I didn't!" Lola got heated. She was trapped by someone who she didn't know.

"I'll investigate it. Go back to your work. Lola stays here." Harry ordered lightly, with his forehead resting on the right hand.

Once they all left the room, Lola explained anxiously, "I didn't know him, and did nothing to Mia's laboratory bench."

"So, he asked you to fetch an important formula, and you followed what he said even though you didn't know him, right?" What he said hit home.

"He said he was a new employee, and the manager asked him to get the formula. I didn't doubt him…" Lola answered in a low voice. She finally knew she fell into a trap.

How to prove her innocence now? She must find that guy. "I'm going to find Jack Liu. He can prove my innocence."

"Joey had called him. He'll be here soon. I'm waiting for your explanation." Harry looked at Lola with a cold gaze, which seemed to be strange. Lola could hardly stand it.

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