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   Chapter 57 Your Cat Is Dead

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Even he picked up her calls, he would hang up without talking much. It lasted for about a year, until Rose called her and told her that Harry got married. That was when she realized she had lost this man.

Yolanda bitterly and deeply regretted her decision.

Hearing a sob, Harry looked up from work and found Yolanda weeping on the couch.

He put the pen down, and walked to her. "What's the matter?"

Yolanda kept crying without a word. Harry bent down, but he failed to say anything.

Suddenly, Yolanda flung herself into Harry's arms. Unprepared, he almost fell down, but he took a step back on the right side and kept their balance.

"Harry, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry and I regret so much. I beg you. Please come back to me. Please..." Yolanda weltered in tears. Harry closed his eyes to hide the pain inside.

He pushed Yolanda away and insisted it was too late.

To send Yolanda back to the villa, Harry finished work earlier.

The villa was very quiet. Mrs. Du was not there. He could not found Lola on the second floor either.

Looking out of the window, he saw Lola, Mrs. Du and two other servants were talking by the pool.

Harry changed clothes and went to Lola. "Harry, have you seen Naughty?" Yolanda was searching around the living room, her eyes red from crying.

"It might be in your room. Go and check." Harry walked towards the pool directly.

Before he got there, he heard Lola's voice. "It's too late to say that. Get it out now!"

Seeing Harry walking to her in leisure wear, Lola put on a sulky face, as he stayed with Yolanda in the company this afternoon.

"What's going on?" Harry stood beside Lola.

"Look..." Lola pointed at the pool, where a lifeless cat was floating.

"Ah!" "Naughty!" Yolanda came out at one point and saw Naughty in the pool, letting out a scream.

Harry frowned and took his t

did he even take a look at her.

That night, for the first time, the couple shared a same bed but their hearts were apart.

Lola tossed and turned, while the man beside her seemed to be sleeping soundly. Lola pinched him, "Don't sleep."

"Go to sleep. I know you didn't mean it." You know? What the hell do you know? Lola sat up and looked at Harry, who still had his eyes closed in darkness.

Knowing that he would not like to talk now, Lola chose to give up. She turned over a few times and finally fell asleep. After Lola fell asleep, Harry opened his eyes, sighed, cuddled her in his arms, and then he went to sleep for real this time.

When Lola woke up the next day, Harry was not in the room. She cleaned herself up slowly and went downstairs.

Harry was having breakfast with Yolanda in the living room. Content smile on Yolanda's face made it hard for Lola to believe her cat just died yesterday.

The scene had spoiled Lola's appetite. She took the purse and changed the shoes, ready to leave.

"Come over and have breakfast!" Harry said when he noticed that she was about to leave.

"No, I have lost my appetite." Lola opened the door and left without looking back.

Seeing this, Yolanda slowed down a bit.

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