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   Chapter 56 Brown Wallet

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"Did you put the clothes you wear today in the laundry basket? Did you use the bathtub? Did you brush it?"

Lola asked in a row, as if she was interrogating a prisoner. Harry was speechless.

"Yes, I did. But I used the shower instead of the bathtub. Are you satisfied, honey?" He threw away the bath towel and jumped straight into the bed to hold her.

"Ah... Harry... Don't... I have something for you!" Panted Lola. Harry let her go after she finished her words.

Lola fixed her hair, got out of bed, took a shopping bag from the table and handed it to him.

Harry fetched the bag, which contained a rectangular box. He opened the box. There was a brown crocodile wallet. Harry smiled and kissed Lola. "Why do you buy me a wallet?"

"Open it and have a look." Lola put her arms around his neck and leaned her head against his shoulder.

He opened the wallet and caught sight of a four-inch photo of Lola smiling all over her face.

Contented, Harry transferred the cards and cash from his wallet to this new one.

After finishing that, Harry turned off the bedside lamp and went to bed!

Harry knew that she would have a day off tomorrow. And to thank her for the present she had bought, he pleased her all night.

The sky was slightly bright. Lola fell into a heavy sleep. The man slept for a while and went up to the company.

Yolanda noticed that Lola's door was tightly closed. She conjectured that she did not go to work today. An idea came to her. Near noon, she occupied herself in the kitchen for quite a while, and then went out with a lunch box.

Before she left the house, Yolanda told Mrs. Du to feed Naughty when it came out.

As she had some trouble with walking, Yolanda called Nael and asked him to pick her up.

In the underground parking lot of the SL Group, Yolanda told Nael to wait for her in the car, and hobbled into the elevator. She went straight up to the CEO floor. In fact, her foot was much better. She got off the elevator and walked with only a s

cuss the next day's show in a hotel. Harry told her not to go alone since he was not by her side.

However, she turned a deaf ear to his suggestion. She said it was all right and the director was a good man. She went to the appointment and was drugged by the director in her drink. And the worst thing was that the director and the producer had sex with her.

Harry called his good brother Eason, asking him to bring back Yolanda from the hotel. But, when he arrived, the room was in a mess. The groggy Yolanda, alone, was sleeping in the bed.

The scandal was held down by Yolanda's family, who bought off everyone in charge of the case. The director and the producer were sentenced to death. The two men were executed the next day.

Regretful and desperate, Yolanda wanted to commit suicide several times, and was rescued by Harry. Harry also helped her get rid of psychological shadow. She was really grateful to the man. They agreed to get engaged at the beginning of the next month. However, she missed the plane because of a runway show. Though the engagement banquet was planned at noon, Yolanda arrived at night.

When she arrived, Harry had already left. She called him to explain. He said that he understood, but since then she obviously felt that Harry became estranged from her and no longer gave her a phone call.

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