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   Chapter 55 Naughty

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A relationship could not be simply ended by a word, and to let go of it was also not an easy thing. So, just let it be naturally!

"I won't let you leave me. You are not the one standing in my way. Lola, you are my wife, forever and ever!" He held her chin in his fingers, as if he was taking an oath.

Lola put her arms around his neck and swore to herself that Harry would be her only love all her life. What Harry brought to her, was not only care and wealth, but also happiness and spiritual satisfaction.

Being with him, Lola felt like falling in love, which was so sweet.

He lifted her up by the waist, and laid her on the bed. After that, he went to take a shower.

Lola started to surf on the internet and found the news about Harry and Yolanda were reported widely. She's about to post the photo and words she prepared, but debated whether the abrupt action would bring any negative influence to him.

But, he had publicized their relationship in the company, if she posed it on Weibo…after much deliberation, she finally gave up her idea, and clicked the Cancel button. She'd better leave the stuff to Harry!

After a shower, the lingering smell of body wash made Harry very attractive. Lola lay in his arms as if she could seek security there.

That night, Harry, who was called a beast in bed by Lola, did nothing but sleep with her in his arms.

The two ladies completely turned against each other after that night. Lola had agreed to give Harry some time to deal with it. She seldom spoke to Yolanda since then.

After a few days, Yolanda's assistant brought over Yolanda's pet cat - Naughty.

She leisurely enjoyed the landscape outside at the balcony, with the freshly showered white Naughty, which squinted in her arms. Naughty was bought from a pet store by Harry and her together.

Harry was busy with an international investment project. So he seldom went back home.

One day, Lola went shopping with Wendy. When she arrived home, it was past


"Lola?" Harry called Lola who was lost in her memory. What's wrong with her?

"Honey, I don't like cats, send it away." Lola didn't want to get close to Harry, either, because he hugged it just now.

"Naughty is a very cute cat." If Lola didn't hear that personally, she could never believe Harry used the work "cute".

"I fear it!" Lola told him straightforwardly.

Harry thought for a while, "Yolanda, take Naughty back to your room, and don't let it out when Lola is at home."

Yolanda curled her lip, and went downstairs to lift Naughty up in her arms. But before she went upstairs, she threw her eye on Lola complacently.

"You, go to take a shower." Lola stopped Harry in a hurry when he wanted to get close to her.

Harry paused at her words. At the thought that maybe he hugged Naughty just now, he shook his head, turned about and went upstairs to bath.

Lola was relieved now, and followed him upstairs.

Harry went out of bathroom after washing himself with three times of shower gel, lest his wife didn't allow him to hug her while sleeping.

When Lola saw he walking to her, she sat up immediately and asked, "Did you use shower gel?"

"…Yes, three times!" Harry, a neat freak, had a mixed feeling that he couldn't tell, as it was the first time that he had been cold-shouldered.

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