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   Chapter 54 You Dare to Hit Me

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"Happy birthday, grandpa Wang!" Harry and Yolanda walked directly toward Mark Wang and handed over their valuable gifts.

Both Harry and Yolanda's grandpas were old friends of Mark Wang. On this special day, it's natural to let their grandchildren send congratulations with gifts.

One was the CEO of SL Group, the other a world-famous actress. Who was not envious of their identity?

Yolanda was smiling with good grace when someone took out their cell phones and took photos of them. She didn't mind but smiled back.

"Well, thank you. I'm glad you two have come. Yolanda, how is your foot?" Mark Wang was pleased to see the perfect match in front of him and looked forward to attend their wedding ceremony.

"It's fine, grandpa Wang. It's just ankle sprain. I have Harry by my side. It's okay." Yolanda smiled very sweetly, as if she was nestling up against her husband.

"Uh huh, you go to rest. Don't walk back and forth." Mark Wang looked at them, more and more satisfied.

"Okay, grandpa Wang! Here are so many guests. Harry and I won't take any more of your time." Yolanda walked to her seat, holding Harry's arm to look elegant. She took a few steps and her injured foot hurt a little.

Harry sent her to her seat and went straight to the party. He didn't like it, but he went anyway.

Yolanda sat quietly on her seat, like an unearthly fairy. Several of the fans were hesitant to approach.

Yolanda smiled faintly at them and nodded her head. With her permission, those fans went up to her and asked her for autographs and pictures.

About the end of the party, Yolanda took out her cell phone and refreshed the entertainment news. Sure enough! The media exposed the photos of her and Harry, and the topic of their arrival in the hotel was on the hot search list.

After drinking two glasses of red wine and white wine, Harry found Mark Wang. "Grandpa Wang, I have to deal with some work at my company, so I'll leave wi

r you to go on with your petting!" Lola turned to leave the room. As she was about to close the door back in her own room, Harry caught up with her.

Unable to close the door, Lola gave up and stayed silent for a while. Sitting quietly in front of the dresser, she said, "We didn't marry for love. If you are suffering, if I am really standing in your way, please tell me, I'll leave!"

Harry closed the door, walked behind her, pulled her up, and sat in her chair while letting her sit on his lap.

"It's not like that... Give me some time. It's not easy to let go of the past dozen years." Harry buried himself in his wife's arms, and said in a muffled voice.

Oh, he had had more than a dozen years of relationship with Yolanda. Lola closed her eyes and asked, "Do you still love her?"

Without answering her at once, Harry replied after a long silence, "Maybe no." With Lola, he was willing to let go of all his past.

Lola heard these words, disappointed. Maybe no... Maybe yes, isn't it?

However, ask yourself, do you love him? Do you love this man in your arms? Lola did not know...

"If, after a period of time, you still love her, please tell me, I quit, I do not want to stand in your way." Again, she gently declared her intention. She knew damn well about fickleness in love.

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