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   Chapter 53 Go with Me

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"Yes it was. I'm sure Harry won't be able to find it." Lola put her phone away delightedly and turned around, only to be startled by the man beside the door.

My goodness, she just gave herself away! Lola patted her forehead, regretting being a fool.

"What are you trying to hide? Let me see." Harry closed the door and walked in.

"Nothing, honey. Let's go and have dinner!" Lola grinned, held Harry's arm and pulled him out of the study.

Harry didn't insist. Such a silly girl. Didn't she know that he could easily find anything hidden in his study? But anyway, he liked every bit of her!

Lola was in a good mood during dinner, as she was not regarded as a tramp anymore! La la la...

"You are really happy, aren't you?" Harry smiled gently at his wife, who was stirring spaghetti with her head shaking.

"Of course! They won't take me for a tramp, so I can focus on work now!" Yolanda was completely forgotten by Lola and Harry.

With an attentive smile, Yolanda picked up a piece of goose liver and put it in Harry's plate. "Harry, you've been working hard. Try to eat more." She didn't ask about or say anything, pretending to be uninformed about the entertainment news today.

To avoid ruining her good mood, Lola simply glanced at the goose liver in that plate, and chose not to irritate Yolanda. "Honey, I remember that you don't really like goose liver, do you? I'll eat it for you."

Then Lola picked up the goose liver from Harry's plate and put it in her own, but she didn't eat it.

"Harry, you did like goose liver a lot when we were together." Yolanda knew Lola's intention immediately, so she rolled her eyes at this troublesome woman secretly.

Lola smiled, "I have the final say. Moreover, I'm a neat freak, so I'd better skip it as it was touched by you." She thought for a while and threw the goose liver in an empty plate.

The smile on Yolanda's was a bit unnatural. Harry seemed to have given Lola pe

ed her forehead gently and cuddled her.

In Greenery Five-star Hotel.

Tonight, the 98-year-old birthday party was held for a master of calligraphy and painting -- Mark Wang. Celebrities in this area and influential entrepreneurs whom he had cooperated with were all invited.

Everyone came with valuable gifts, afraid that inappropriate choices might dishonor themselves.

At 7:30 pm, people were toasting and chatting at the well-decorated first floor, where incessant congratulations could be heard.

In spite of his advanced age, Mark Wang could still see and hear clearly, and others were envious of his good health condition.

At around 8 pm, guests were still walking in and out of the hotel.

It was when a dazzling couple appeared and drew all the attention.

"Is that Yolanda and Harry in the news?"

"I think so. She looks fabulous! I heard that she's taking a break because of injury. It seems to be true."

"Uh-huh, they are such a wonderful match."


In an expensive knee-high lilac cocktail dress, Yolanda was hoding Harry's arm in the doorway of the hotel. People around were complimenting and envying their gorgeous appearances.

Yolanda's injured ankle attracted some attention but her walking gracefully with Harry left others impressed and jealous.

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