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   Chapter 51 A Sharp Sound of Slap

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"Yeah, in the midnight, Boss Si came out of the hotel holding Yolanda in his arms."

"It seems that Boss Si and Yolanda are gonna get married!"


Carrying a cup, Lola stopped at the door of the tea room and walked back to her seat. After putting down the cup, she took her cell phone on the desk and went into the restroom.

She locked the door, sat on the toilet, and logged in her Weibo to read the hot news.

Harry and Yolanda were on the top of the search list, which was followed by a Chinese character indicating that it was an exploding news with a lot of followers.

Harry, who had always been low-key and mysterious, became a focus of entertainment news for the first time together with a world-famous superstar. Hundreds of thousands of comments burst out within a few minutes. Lola clicked a news post with the title reading "SL Group's Mysterious CEO Harry Had a Night Date with Famous Actress Yolanda."

Below were a few photos of Harry, who was walking out of his Maybach into the hotel, or holding Yolanda who intimately nestled in his arms. Each photo clearly showed their full face from the front.

Lola glanced over the comments, the first of which was left by a netizen named Yolanda's fan, who said "Wow, handsome man and beautiful woman. Harry is going to be together with my dear Yolanda. Be together!"

And the following comments were: "Harry is so handsome. I become his fan in an instant. I'm drooling ..."

"Yolanda has always been a low profile and never had sex scandal. It seems this time is true."

"The best Yolanda deserves the best blessing!"

"Yolanda, you are kind, generous, elegant, quiet, refined, pure, gentle, dignified, hardworking and pretty... But remember to pay attention to your health, take care of yourself! Love you!"


As the clamor for their marriage kept growing, Lola refreshed her Weibo twice more. And the Weibo account of Harry had been dug out.

The first post of this account was a public welfare-related news, whose comments soared from hundreds to tens of thousands in a moment. Ma

ng Yale Zhang's voice, Lily Gu cried "oh shit" in her mind, and quickly let go of Lola. Lola straightened her messy frock and jerked open the door. Yale Zhang, as tall as over 5.9 feet, almost stumbled on the ground unguardedly.

"What's wrong with you?" The embarrassed Yale Zhang kept his feet and asked seriously.

Lily Gu's hair was a little messy, while Lola stood neatly and cleanly. It was obvious who got the upper hand.

"Manager Zhang, Lola assaulted me!" Lily Gu complained first, pointing to her face that was hit. Yale Zhang threw his eye on Lily Gu's face with a scowl. "Lola, how dare you start a fight in the company? Are you treating me like an idiot?"

"Manager Zhang, they have been gossiping secretly every day. What's worse, they insulted me face to face. If it were you, can you put up with that?" Lola turned her ankle a little bit. She felt a pinch of pain in her injured foot, which was carelessly trampled by Lily Gu when they were wrestling.

Yale Zhang cast a glance at the curious subordinates and said, "You three come to my office!" They walked out of the tea room towards the manager's office.

"What's going on here?" A cold voice came from the Research and Development office entrance. It was clear to everyone that the imposing manner and anger belonged to their boss. All of them had a cold shiver and quickly bowed their heads to work.

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