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   Chapter 49 I'll Send You Back Now

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"It has been a long time since we last met. Lola is now more attractive, which must be credited to her sexual buddy - Harry" thought Mike. As such, Mike was more eager to bang her...

Though appeared to enjoy the dinner together, Sara and Mike were actually absent-minded, each having their own agenda.

After the dinner, Lola felt so good that she invited Harry to take a walk around for digestion. With injured feet, Lola hobbled forward, while she suddenly stopped in front of an ice cream shop. Struggling with her full stomach, Lola looked at the shop and said,"Darling, I..."

Harry caressed her head and replied,"Wait for me here." He then strode to the ice cream shop.

In excitement, Lola waited for Harry as he asked. Having nothing better to do, she took out her phone to take pictures of the surrounding. As Harry walked back, with his left hand in the pants pocket and right hand holding an ice cream, he was also captured on camera. Though that photo just showed his face in profile, Lola decided to post it onto Weibo later. Weee...

Harry handed Lola to the bench at the roadside, and sat down with her. Lola ate the ice cream cheerfully, and sometimes scooped some into Harry's mouth. Although they were in the public, Harry did not mind the public display of affection and opened his mouth for the ice cream.

Just when they were enjoying themselves, Harry's phone rang. He pressed the Answer key and said,"Mother."

"Harry, what have you done? How could you put Yolanda into a hotel? Go bring her up to the Pearl Spring now." Rose blamed Harry as soon as he answered the phone. She knew nothing about it before she called Yolanda.

"Did she complain to you?"

"Complain what? What kind of person do you think she is? I called her and asked you to come to the phone, or else I would not know that she was driven away by that tramp!" Rose got so angry that she pounded on the table. "How could my independent, inner-directed son be so infatuated?" She wondered.

"It is time to rest!" Harry was about to get off the phone. "Wait! Yolanda is injured!" Rose suddenly remembered the important thing.

"What's wrong with her?" A note of impatience had entered his voice.

"She had a car crash when her assistant drove her to the hotel. Check up on her. Hurry up!" In Rose's eyes, Yolanda was a girl with so little regard for her own well being that she should refuse to go to hospital when feeling blue.

"She doesn't need me. Her assistant will take care of her!"

Lola got the general gist and wondered whether he would leave her again tonight...

"My boy, would you do me a favor to check up on her? I am worried about her. By the way, you two will attend the birthday banquet of Mr. Wang the day after tomorrow. Make sure that she is fine." Rose tried to persuade Harry in earnest.

"OK. I see." Harry hung up coldly. After some hesitation, he said,"I'll send you back now." Harry avoided her gaze and lifted her up by her waist.

On their way home, neither of them spoke a word. After arriving, Harry carried her onto the bed and kissed her forehead. "I will be back. Wait for me."

The roaring sound of the car engine came from downstairs. After Harry left, Lu Lola felt empty.

Not in the mood to take a bath, Lola washed her face in the bathroom and went to sleep.

Being upset, Harry drove towards the hotel mentioned by Rose. When Yolanda opened the door, Harry found that her hair was messy and her clothes were scratched. Har

ry's visit gave her a pleasant surprise. She hobbled forward.

"Harry." Lola hurt her left foot, while Yolanda hurt her right one.

"Go to hospital." Skipping greeting, Harry let out three words directly. All he wanted was to finish what his mother required and go home as soon as possible.

"No need. I am OK." Yolanda hobbled back into her room.

Being more upset, Harry followed her. "My mother asked me to check up on you for her. She would not rest easy unless you go to the hospital." Yolanda finally knew that Harry came here for Rose only.

"Mission complete. As you can see, I am fine. You can go now. My assistant will sent me to hospital." A displeased look appeared on Yolanda's face.

"Yolanda, don't dawdle. I am in a hurry now." Harry struck her as being impatient, which made her feel so strange that she was heart-broken.

Yolanda got her handbag and stood up, seemingly back on her high horse again. "Let's go!" What with her injured foot, Harry had to lift her up by her waist. Putting her arms around Harry's neck, Yolanda smiled secretly and nestled her head against his chest.

Harry had planned to leave in a minute, so he parked his car at the hotel gate.

After going out, Harry headed for his Maybach. Before Harry carried her into the car, Yolanda intentionally blocked his view and sat in the car as if nothing had happened. Harry didn't noticed anything exceptional.

In the hallway near the window outside the examination room

In the Cheng Private Hospital.

After looking over the patient chart twice, Chuck Si said,"Just some skin trauma. But her ankle is dislocated. A period of time for rest is needed."

Harry nodded. "Make it up with your ex-girlfriend?" Chuck Si seldom gossiped about others' private lives.

Harry lit a cigarette, took a drag and said,"No. The girl I brought here last time is my wife."

"Cough, cough, cough..." Chuck Si choked on his saliva. They had been acquainted with each other for fifteen years. But Chuck Si had never thought that his old friend would get married without letting him know.

"How could you be so mean as to not even invite me to your wedding ceremony?" It was rare that Chuck Si made fun of others.

"Just wait. It is not the appropriate time. I owe her a spectacular wedding ceremony." Harry turned soft as he thought of his little woman. Sensing his change, Chuck Si felt really sorry for his ex-girlfriend in the ward.

They were a perfect match. But Yolanda blew it because she didn't cherish Harry. With no interest in poking his nose into others' business, Chuck Si patted Harry's shoulder and went back to his office.

When Harry went into the ward, Yolanda was talking to someone happily on the phone.

"Aunty, Harry is here." It turned out to be Rose Mu. Yolanda passed the phone to Harry and gestured for him to answer the phone.


"Yolanda needs rest. Take her to the Pearl Spring and take good care of her." Rose hung up before Harry could open his mouth.

Harry closed his eyes and looked extremely displeased. He decided to bother his mother with more business in C Country so that she would be in no mood to mind his private affairs.

In the late night, Lola heard some noise outside. So she put on her slipper in a daze and opened the door.

The opposite room was lit up. Lola went forward and saw a man and a women cuddling in the room.

Her drowsiness was driven away at once. "Harry!" Lola became a volcano, ready to explode.

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