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   Chapter 48 You Have My Permission

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Zoe took Lola to the hospital, where her wounds on the left sole were dressed. Luckily it was not that bad. Just few glass shards got stuck in it.

"Where do you live now? I'll send you home."

Zoe helped Lola put on a helmet, and got on his motorcycle.

"I...Well, Yuanming Manor!" They were not too far away from Yuanming Manor now, so maybe she would better make do with staying there for the night.

When they arrived at Yuanming Manor, Zoe parked his motocycle and got off first.

Then he carried Lola off. Just when he was about to carry her towards the villa, a luxury car with dazzling lights stopped there.

It was Harry's Maybach. Lola was confused until she saw Yolanda get out of the car.

When Harry noticed Lola in Zoe's arms, his eyes flashed with anger.

Nobody talked but looked at each other in embarrassment.

Did he stay here with that woman last night?

Lola jumped off Zoe, and hobbled to the car.

"It's my husband's house. Who gave you the right to live here?" Lola asked her ruthlessly. Yolanda was a superstar at the top, but so what?

Growing up like a princess, Yolanda had never been questioned like that in her life. Lola was the first one to challenge her!

Yolanda masked her sneer, and answered in a gentle voice,"I used to stay here when I was in D City before. There was a room for me in it."

"As you said, that was BEFORE. Now Harry is already married. As his ex-girlfriend or ex-fiancee, don't you think it's not very appropriate?" Lola's criticism seemed to have gone a bit too far for her.

"Lola, she just needs to stay here for few nights." Harry walked towards her. What happened to her feet?

"Just a few nights?" Lola took the Black Card Harry gave her from the purse, and passed it to Yolanda. "Here you go. Please try to behave more appropriately. My husband will pay for your hotel. Yes, you have my permission. Get a presidential suite or something. Now please go."

Staring at the card before her, Yolanda clenched her fists, with humiliation that she had never experienced. Lola. Tit for tat. That day will come.

"Harry, do I really have to leave?" Yolanda didn't respond to Lola. Instead, she turned to the man, her eyes watering.

"My wife is the boss." Harry didn't even look at Yolanda. After noticing Lola's injured foot, he carried her into the car.

"Thanks for sending my wife home!" Harry nodded to Zoe.

Zoe responded with a nod politely. As soon as he realized that Harry would look after Lola, he left.

"Miss Mo, do you need my husband to make a reservation for you?" Lola rolled the window down and smiled to the woman who was in a trance outside.

"No, I'll do it myself." Though Yolanda was actually terribly outraged, she managed to answer Lola with a perfect smile.

"Good night!" Harry said gently. Then he drove away with Lola, going back to Pearl Spring.

As the Maybach left, Yolanda's smile collapsed. Her fist were clenched. Her face was slightly distorted in anger. Lola! Who do you think you are? You'll see, y

ou are an over-confident little thing.

Maybach was speeding along the road. In an awkward atmosphere, Lola closed her eyes and decided to remain silent.

"Are you angry?" Harry took a look at his lovely wife who was pretending to be asleep.

Harry wasn't bothered by her silence, and asked again,"What happened to your foot?"

His concern touched off her anger at once. "My husband, where were you when I needed you most? I called you but you didn't answer. Do you even know how I made it back? It was so remote and so dark. I could have died! When I was desperately afraid, where were you? Having fun with your ex-girlfriend?"

Bombed by Lola's anger, Harry felt quite innocent, and took his phone out of pocket. It was powered off. How come it was powered off all of a sudden?

"Hush, my love. It's all my fault! Does your foot hurt? Is it bad?" Harry set aside his coldness, and comforted his childlike wife.

"I'm dying of haemorrhage!" Lola wanted to scare him in a fit of pique.

But instead, Harry was amused. He shook his head and smiled slightly,"Except for surgery, haemorrhage only happens during childbearing."

... Lola blushed, but still didn't want to give in. She argued,"Who told you so? I am having haemorrhage on my foot just now!" She looked away as she didn't want to see his face, nor did she want him to see her.

"Well, absolutely. It's haemorrhage. How about having some hotpot to make up for the blood lost?" He didn't take her to hotpot as she wished last night, so he would make it up for her tonight.

Invitation to hotpot did help Lola cool down. She turned back to him. "Really? Are you sure?" She looked at him in doubt. He kept driving and his usual arrogance on the face was gone, replaced by intriguing tenderness.

"Certainly! Hey, you are drooling. Are you drooling over my handsomeness?" Harry noticed Lola's obsessed look, and in a good mood, he teased her.

"No, I'm not! You are lying! Hotpot twice. Your treat!" Lola cried. She touched her corner of mouth and realized that she was teased for fun.

Harry enjoyed her childish reaction.

At Lola's suggestion, Harry took her to the hotpot restaurant she frequented. She used to go there with Sara and Mike, but so much had changed. Anyway, it was fun to have hotpot with a CEO like Harry.

Lola enjoyed the food as joyfully as she could, while Harry only tried those Lola picked up for him, still not used to this kind of food.

His imposing manner and handsome appearance drew plenty of attraction. He just sat there and looked at Lola mildly, not in the least annoyed by her excitement in eating and talking.

Not surprisingly, they didn't notice the couple - Mike and Sara - at another table.

Jealousy was sprouting in Sara's heart as Lola was eating hotpot as happy and carefree as before. What's worse, she was now accompanied by a handsome, rich and powerful husband. She was living a rather good life!

Mike also noticed Lola and Harry, but what he thought about was totally different from Sara.

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