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   Chapter 47 Not Come Back

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Harry loosened her grip around his waist and turned around. Looking at this weeping woman, he signed silently.

"Don't cry. I am not worth your tears. Arrogant as she was, except for acting, she never shed tears like this, let along in the face of Harry.

"No, you are worth! You are the only one I love, and I love you for you these years! You are worth more than that. " Yolanda raised her voice lightly and sobbed. She would never leave this man! Never!


Wronged and depressed, Lola went back to the villa. Would Harry leave her and return to his old lover?

What should she do? She shouldn't ask anything about their past, just as Harry never asked her about Mike.

Noticing Lola sitting in the living room staring blankly, Mrs. Du asked her curiously,"Lola, didn't you tell me that you won't come home for dinner tonight?"

Lola came to her sense and answered,"Yeah, I don't wanna eat anything. I am going to upstairs."

Mrs. Du confusedly looked at the abnormal Lola, wondering what had happened. Why hadn't Young Master come back yet?

Lola was waiting for him the whole night. But he did not come back.

Lying on her queen-size bed, Lola was in a daze. Would the showing up of that woman render her lonely life without Harry?

After having a simple breakfast, Lola went to the company. Everybody in the company was talking about Yolanda excitedly. When they saw Lola, their excitement turned into mixed feeling. Many even scolded Lola in a low voice.

Lola had a lot of work that day as one of her colleagues was in a temporary leave. She had to send the sample to a factory in the suburb after sorting data. Though it's nearly the time to get off, she was asked to pull it off in time.

Lola didn't wanna go there on her motorbike, because running out of oil halfway was the last thing she want to see. She tried to hail a taxi, but not a single tax driver was willing to drive her to suburb. Finally, one driver took this business on condition that she doubled the payment.

It took nearly one hour to reach the factory. As it was difficult to get a taxi in the suburb, Lola asked the driver if he could wait for just a minute and drive her back. The driver promised her for the sake of her higher payment.

Lola trotted to the factory. After making clear what she had come for, the security let her in.

Ten minutes later, Lola ran out of the factory, her face bathed in sweat. But...where was the taxi?

Depressed and angry, Lola cursed the driver for breaking his words! What's more, he had already taken her money! She forgot to take his plate number down. Thus she had no way to complain.

What she could do was to phone Harry and ask him to pick her up. She got through. But the call was rejected.

The darker it was getting, the more anxious Lola became. She redialed, but his phone was powered off.

Such being the case, she could only asked Zoe for help. Alas! How distressing it was!

No one nor even a car came into view. Struggling with her high heels, Lola walked back, with a hope of getting a taxi.

One hour passed. Her feet were rubbed raw. Thus she took off her shoes to walk barefoot on the asphalt road.

It was dark. She wanted to phone Wendy but that workaholic mus

t be busy with her work. Lola swore at Harry, together with Zoe again and again. Feeling helpless, she couldn't help crying. Why no one came to her when she was in dire need of help. Boohoo....

She decided to call Harry one last time. His number was still powered off. Then she called Zoe. Luckily, the phone was picked up after ringing for a while.

"Zoe! What are you doing? Why didn't you answer my phone? Do you know I am in an emergency?" Lola was so angry that she shouted at Zoe the moment he picked up the phone. Zoe watched his phone speechlessly, having no idea about what was going on.

"What's going on? Who annoyed you?" Just now, his boss was criticizing them so he switched the phone to the silent mode.

"I have been walking in the suburb for nearly one hour and failed to find a single taxi. Come my rescue!" Lola turned soft after blaming Zoe. After all, it was not his fault and he shouldn't be blamed.

"....Shouldn't you call you husband first?" Zoe mocked.

"Cut the crap. His phone is dead. SOS...My feet were...injured by glass shards...Poor me." Lola felt so wronged in this pitch dark night when there was not even a street light.

"Where are you? I will be there soon!" Zoe put on his helmet and rode on his motorbike immediately.

"I don't know either. It's dark here. You can go straight alone the Guangan Road and turn right at the end of the road. Turn left to Xinyi Road. You can see me then."

Her description was not quite clear, so Zoe used GDP in the phone to locate Xinyi Road. It was almost half an hour later that he arrived there.

Lola's feet were really painful. Seeing her awkward situation, Zoe blamed her. "How can you be so sloppy to trap yourself in such a remote area late at night? You will be doomed to die if a beast rushes out!"

"Come on. Let's go! I am suffering from foot pain now." Lola felt wronged and pouted. Zoe rolled his eyes at her and rode her to the town.

In Finster Western Restaurant.

Yolanda phoned Harry when he was at work, asking him to take her to eat western-style food.

As there was no restaurant around the villa, Harry went to pick her up.

"Harry, I was so happy yesterday. Can you... stay with me tonight?" Yolanda had pestered Harry to stay with her in Yuanming Manor last night. Although they slept in different room, she was very delightful because she thought Harry still cared about her.

"No, I need to go back to Peal Spring tonight." Harry refused her at once, as he was quite sure that his little woman must be angry last night. How to comfort her after going back?

Yolanda knew Peal Spring was Harry's new villa and his wife must live there. Jealousy crept up on her.

"Harry, you can't leave me along in Yuanming Manor..."

"Excuse me, I want to go to toilet." Harry interrupted her with an excuse.

Looking at his tall figure, Yolanda bit her lip. This man belonged to her. No one could take him away!

Yolanda heard phone ring. It was from Harry's phone. He forgot to take the phone with him.

Seeing "Wife" on the screen, Yolanda rejected it right away. The phone rang again. Yolanda turned off his phone with a sneer, and placed it back. She then continued to eat beefsteak as if nothing had happened.

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