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   Chapter 46 I Am Yolanda Mo, Harry's Fiancee

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Lola noticed that Harry went gloomy, who was as cold as ice.

"What's the matter?" Having no time to identify the comer, Lola asked Harry curiously after sensing his sudden change of mood.

Harry pulled Lola down onto his laps again and cuddled her, as if no one came in just now.

Lola turned to that woman and asked awkwardly,"Hello, who are you?" Meanwhile she was struggling to loosen Harry's grip on her under the table.

"Harry, I miss you." Yolanda Mo took off her sunglasses and looked at her man earnestly, while being satisfied to see the surprise look on Lola's face.

My God! Who was that? International superstar, Yolanda Mo "Boss Si, it is really Yolanda Mo!" Not realizing what had happened, Lola had no sense of the awkward situation in the office.

Something's wrong. She said she missed Harry.... Lola was on full alert right away.

Tightening her grip on Harry's arm, she gazed at Yolanda vigilantly.

"Harry, what's going on?" Lola asked this gloomy guy in a low voice, but received no answer.

Lola thought for a while, wondering if this international superstar is the one named "Yolanda" in Harry's contact list and the one nicknamed "Yolanda" by her mother-in-law.

Thinking that it's not beyond the bounds of possibility, Lola took a deep breath and stood up. "Darling, I wanna eat hot pot!" Her voice trembled slightly.

"Hi, I am Yolanda Mo, Harry's fiancee!" Yolanda introduced herself gracefully.

If she had nothing to do with Harry, Lola would fling herself upon Yolanda excitedly like any other fans to ask for an autograph and take a group photo. However, this woman was hostile. Harry's fiancee?

"Hello! I am Lola, Harry's wife!"


The office fell into dead silence. No one dared to go in or make a noise. Joey had already hidden himself away from this war. Yolanda's assistant knew their relationship more or less. So he chose to stay with the secretary outside.

These two women confronted each other for the first time. Joey, hiding on another floor, bet that Lola would lose this battle to that superstar.

It was not until Lola introduced herself that Yolanda looked her up and down. Lola, who wore her pitch-black hair into a bun, was just smiling at her. Her bushy eyebrows, big eyes, Roman nose, rosy lips and white teeth all highlighted her charm, her features like the masterpiece in the sculptor's hands. Yolanda must admit Lola was really pretty!

Lola looked young in the pink dress. Her temperament indicated that she came from a well-bred and wealthy family. She was absolutely not a tramp, and Harry must have a thing for her.

"Miss Li, do you wanna eat hot pot? My treat." Yolanda moved two steps forward, with her fascinating smile.

"You are so nice, Miss Mo. We should play the host since you have travelled so far." Lola was not a woman to be trifled with. It was not difficult to be a smiling tiger.

"Miss Li, don't I, the acknowledged fiancee of Si family, deserve your respect? Do you go a bit too far in calling him darling in front of me?" Yolanda didn't prepare to fall out with Lola in front of Harry. But she needed to know Lola's place in Harry's heart.

"Maybe the law works better th

an their acknowledgement. After all, we live in a law-based society." Lola said while giving the silent Harry a hard pinch. Harry signed soundlessly out of pain.

"You are right, but Harry....doesn't love you at all! Can you accept this fact?" Yolanda was pretty sure about his love to her. How can he let their love go easily? They had been into each other for a dozen years.

"It doesn't matter. I love him and what I need is just to stay beside him." Lola made efforts to ignore the pain in her heart, forcing a bright smile.

Without his love, she had no weapon to fight with others.

"How endurable you are to stay with the guy who doesn't love you. Or do you have any other purpose?" Yolanda sat on sofa gracefully, giving no care to this simple woman.

Harry rose from the chair, his coldness frightening others away. Putting his arm around Lola's shoulder, he took her out of the office.

Watching their receding figure, Yolanda told herself not to take it seriously.

However, she trotted to catch them up and hugged Harry from behind in the public before they two went into the elevator.

It seemed as if time stood still at the moment. Those secretaries were shocked and hurried to lower their head to continue working, while the others dared not even make a sound.

Seeing Yolanda's arms around Harry's waist, Lola got furious and took her hands off and pushed her aside.

"Miss Mo, I am his wife! Do you take your brain with you? You'd better take it!" Lola got angry right away and coldly watched the woman who staggered and leaned on the wall.

"Harry...." Yolanda didn't feel embarrassed at all. Instead, she called his name in a weak voice.

Lola sensed that Harry was not as cold as before after Yolanda called him in such a way.

She felt hurt in her heart. Those women around him in the past were not threatening at all. This one must be his true love! Lola was overwhelmed by crisis.

"Harry, I miss you..."

The voice of Yolanda is so pathetic that even a woman like Lola would feel sorry for them.

"You go first and I will be back soon." Harry pressed the button of the elevator and let her in.

"No, I would like to be here with you." There was a voice in her heart, telling her not to leave any private space for them.

"Honey, trust me. I will go home as soon as I finish." Harry rubbed her hair and said gently.

... Lola dove into the elevator in anger, casting not even a glance at Harry.

"Get off work now!" All secretaries scattered upon Harry commanded coldly.

The door of the CEO office was slammed. Only Harry and Yolanda stayed in there. Harry stood in front of the window silently, overlooking the whole city. Yolanda walked towards Harry sadly and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Harry, I am back and will be with you forever. Please don't leave me alone, okay?" Yolanda begged tearfully, snuggling up to his back. This long-lost fragrance appeased her.

If he hadn't come to this city and met Lola, he must marry her immediately after hearing those words. However, nowadays, it was... "Too late".

"Harry..." Those two words nearly beat Yolanda down. She was sobbing too bitterly to say a single word.

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