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   Chapter 44 Surprise Turned into Shock

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In the company.

A phone from his boss lifted Joey up right away when he was absorbed in his business plan. Then he went to the Research and Development Department as the CEO instructed.

Everyone else had already left the company, so the corridor was quite.

He craned his neck towards Research and Development Department. Sure enough, there was only Lola typing something into the computer, with the click sound echoing across the office.

Yu Qi thumbed up for her in his heart. He wondered why Her Ladyship treat such a good girl like that.

"My Lady, go home and have a rest. Just leave it to me!" However he was refused by Lola just as he was going to take over the formula.

"Joey, I don't want to bother you. I am almost done. Don't worry about me." Lola cast a glance at Joey, and then turned to the computer again.

Boss Si had required that Lola must show up at the gate of the company within 5 minutes. Yu Qi thought for a while and said,"No, My Lady, the file wasn't urgently needed. You can finish it tomorrow." Afraid not pulling the task off in time, Joey hurried to save and close the document and shut down the computer.

"Hey, hey, I'm almost done. Let me finish it!" Lola gazed at the turned-off screen speechlessly, pondering that there would be more work tomorrow.

"Never mind, My Lady. You just need to finish you own work. There is no need to cover for others. Relax. I will inform your director tomorrow." Joey bowed and invited Lola to go out, hoping nothing but she can leave as soon as possible.

Three minutes counted down....

Lola also had a clear mind that it wasn't her duty, but she had already been fired twice. So she tried her best to straighten things out to change people's judgment on her.

But she could do nothing now since her computer had been turned off. Let it go. She could continue tomorrow!

She walked into the rest room and got changed listlessly, then walked out with her handbag.

Joey looked at his watch and let out a long sign of relief. He finally made it in five minutes.

It was not dark yet. As soon as she went out of the company, Lola was crowded by a puff of hot wind. Such kind of muggy weather worsened Lola's mood.

Just when she went for her motorbike in the underground parking, a big hand grasped her wrist. Lola almost screamed out of scare.

Making out it was Harry, she held back her exclamation. Closing her eyes and patting her chest, she felt relieved. Harry had scared the pants off her!

"So scared? What's in your mind?" Harry smiled at this frightened little women. Was it really so scary?

Harry returned ahead of time without any notice. "Why are you here? You scared the hell of me." Lola looked at the innocent Harry with disdain. It was really frightening!

... .....Oh my God, surprise turned into shock! "I come back one day in advance. Aren't you happy?" If she replied in the negative, Harry would feel down.

"Of course, I am overjoyed!" Harry held Lola's hand and walked towards his car at the curb. Both of them got in the car then.

Lola was really blissful when seeing Harry. A sense of reliability and security helped to sweep away her fatigue.

"You must be exhausted!" Once thinking that Lola need to work overtime, Harry couldn't help frowning. The bad working style in the company must be dealt with.

She shook her head. "No, just a little tired."

She can still handle this for the moment.

Harry cast a glance at this little women tenderly and started the car. He found a quiet place away from the company and stopped.

Being baffled, Lola was pulled out of the car. Harry opened the back door.

"Finally I know what is called 'Absence.... sharpens desire'." Harry rode on her on the backseat, staring at this woman in his arm.

In the past two days, she haunted his mind. How come?

She was speechless. This guy! "...Big boss, that is 'Absence sharpens love', okay?" Lola flushed with more rapid breathing.

Harry smiled lightly. It didn't matter. The point was that he missed her fragrance very much, so he bent his head and kissed her on the lips, leaving her no chance to speak.

It was getting dark. The luxury sedan stopped wobbling finally after a long time.

In the car, Harry was hugging Lola and enjoying this pleasure after having sex. Suddenly they were interrupted by a call. "Wait a minute," said Harry. He was in momentary expectation of seeing her. She must be his soul mate, or else how could he become so obsessed with her.

Lola rested her chin on his shoulder to enjoy his breath. Harry answered the call,"What's the matter?"

"Harry, do you come back from A country?" Sitting in the car, Rose looked at that black Maybach not far away on the riverside, which seemed to be familiar.

Harry blinked his eyes,"Tomorrow!" He answered his mother directly to the point.

Lola clearly heard the voice of Rose over the phone. Not expecting that Harry told a lie, Lola kept from laughing.

"OK. Do not starve yourself!" Rose thought she mistook his car. After all, other people may also have a Maybach in D City.

Hanging up the phone, Harry went back to the driver's seat and looked back at his woman. "What do you want to eat?"

"Up to you!" She had no idea.

So Harry took her to a western-style restaurant and ordered beefsteak and something else. After dinner, Harry drove Lola to her hotel.

"Are you sure you are not going home?" Lola asked him when seeing him drive the car to the underground parking in the hotel.

Harry shook his head decisively and pulled her into the elevator.

After they went into the room, Lola closed the door and threw her bag onto the sofa. When she turned on the faucet to wash her face in the bathroom, Harry opened the door and came in.

"... You first." Lola turned off the faucet and decided to come in later.

When she was going to leave, the man stopped her and held her up,"We can have a shower together!" He smiled evilly.

Lola pouted and gave him a look. Finally she was forced into the bathtub.

In the late morning the next day, Lola still slept soundly. Harry called Joey to ask a leave for her. As such, there must be wider discussion around her in the company.

While at this moment, Lola had no idea about what happened and was still in her dream.

When Lola woke up, it was already in the afternoon. They found something to eat in a restaurant. Later, Harry took her back to their villa.

Lola was thinking about how to deal with her mother-in-law at home, who would absolutely pick on her! How frustrating!

As expected, the moment she stepped into the villa, Rose Mu blamed her,"Who do you think you are? CEO's wife? How can you skip work as you want?"

Rose taunted Lola when she showed up with Harry in the villa.

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