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   Chapter 43 Wendy Yu Refused Him

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Lola knocked on the door, but no one answered. Half a minute later, when they were about to go back, the door was opened from inside. It turned out to be a woman with wine red bobbed hair, her bright eyes wearing black eyeliner and slightly thick lips with orange lipstick.

Her T-shirt, shorts and flat sandal were all black.

Seeing a woman show up, Lola fired up. "Where is Jordan? Call him over!"

Jenny Jiang was in a fog when seeing this furious woman. But she found that this woman resembled Jordan somewhat in face.

"For what?" As a woman, Jenny was put on alert when another women, who appeared to be very beautiful, came for Jordan. The biggest blunder she made was not stopping Jordan sleeping with the woman last night.

"Who are you? Why are you in his room? Where is he? Does he think he can so easily get away with what he has done?" Noticing Jenny's vigilance, Lola guessed that she might be Jordan's wife or something.

"What happened last night?" Jenny cast a baffled look at her, not sure whether she had anything to do with the woman last night.

"Yes! Something happened last night. Call him out! A real man shall never hide behind a woman." In front of that strange woman, Lola raised her chin, as she knew that in dealing with such a strange woman, one must first take the pride out of her.

"Well, he is not here." Jenny Jiang, who had been waiting for Jordan for a long time, spread out her hands.

Upon hearing that that man was not in the room, Wendy let out a sigh of relief. She gently tugged at Lola's dress and hinted that they should head back by casting a look at the direction from which they came.

"Who are you?" Lola asked Jenny seriously with a straight face, while patting Wendy's hand which was tugging at her dress.

"Huh. It is none of your business." Jenny Jiang leaned against the door frame and looked down her nose at Lola, with her arms crossed over her chest.

Lola pulled Wendy, who was concealing herself behind, forward. "Look! She will be Jordan's wife. You would do well to go away right now!"

Jenny's face went sullen when she saw Wendy. She recognized Wendy at first sight, and took her in a firm grasp. "Come over. Is it your plan to come here last night? Do you have a crush on Jordan? Tell me!"

Lola hurried forward and tried to free Wendy. "Let go of Wendy!"

The three women grappled, which struck the waiter dumb.

Just at the moment, the elevator stopped, and a man in an army uniform walked out. He coldly looked at the three women pulling and pushing outside his room, not having the slightest intention to move a step forward.

When he was about to turn round, someone familiar came into view. It was the woman from last night!

Jordan had his eyes focused on Wendy, so that he didn't notice Lola, who stood with her back to him. He strode toward Wendy and snatched her away from Jenny.

Those three women stood there stupefied. Lola guessed that it must be Jordan. Before she could say anything, Jordan pulled Wendy into the room and shut the door. The other two were left outside. The angry Jenny stamped her feet.

Lola cast a satisfactory look on, as she could tell from Jordan's behavior that he had no place in his heart for Jenny.

Jenny Jiang responded her with a hostile glare, and left the hotel.

Then Lola became t

he only one left in the corridor. She was at a loss what to do next. Afraid that that man would bully Wendy when they were alone in in the room, Lola soon rang the doorbell and banged on the door.

"Wendy, open the door!"

After a while, the door was opened from inside. Lola breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Wendy coming out.

"Lola, let's go." Wendy calmly pulled Lola towards their room.

As soon as they went into the room, Lola asked what they talked about.

Wendy smiled and shook her head. "It is settled. Our paths shall not cross again."

Looking at the calm Wendy, Lola was somewhat puzzled. "What did you talk about? Why did you come out so quick? Would he not like to take the responsibility?" Lola immediately stood up from the sofa and got ready to take up the matter herself.

"Lola! It's not what you think." Wendy pulled the furious Lola down onto the sofa, and briefly told her what had happened.

Actually, that man was willing to be responsible to her. It was Wendy who didn't want to leave D City for A Country.

That man came from the capital of A Country. He would just stay here for three days for some personal affairs. He had promised to respect Wendy's choice and marry her after he went back home.

Both of them remained calm during the talk.

Wendy refused him, for she didn't want to marry a stranger simply because they had spent a night together.

Before Wendy left, that man also told her his phone number, so that Wendy could call him if she wanted to.

Since Wendy had made the decision, Lola can't very well force her to marry him. She merely felt sorry for Wendy. Though Lola and Harry had been strange to each other, they got along well later. But in Wendy's case, she chose to give in.

That night, Lola and Wendy slept together and chatted late into the evening. Lola seemed to have experienced a lot more in the past days. Her story went from the time when she went to SL Group, to the time when her mother-in-law made a scene in the company.

It had passed two o'clock early in the morning. Lola happily fell asleep, with her arm around Wendy's waist. Seeing Lola's arm around her waist, who behaved like an innocent child, Wendy shook her head and went to sleep.

In the morning, after Lola arrived at the company, things got hotter, as everyone in the company knew that Lola had a thing for the CEO and was brought in for that reason.

So wherever she went, everyone looked at her with odd looks.

Lola felt extremely tired. But she would never surrender. "Don't worry about what other people think of me, and just do what I should do," Lola thought to herself.

It had been an exhausting day. Lola was isolated in the department. Her colleagues dumped their workloads on her whenever they felt like it.

At 6 o'clock pm, her colleagues knocked off one after another, while Lola was still typing a formula for facial mask into the computer. At the moment, her phone rang. It was Harry.

"Hi." Lola answered the phone weakly, while kept typing.

"Still at work?" The half-an-hour wait had clearly squeezed the last bit of patience out of him.

"Yes. Many others need the formula tomorrow. I have not finished it." Lola wanted to go off work. But she had no choice.

Harry frowned at the words. After hanging up, Harry made a call to Joey.

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