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   Chapter 41 Mother-in-law Made a Scene in the Company

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That child lived in a rich family. So he was given lots of pocket money. After running away from home that night, he booked a Presidential Suite. Knowing his stay in the hotel, his families were worried and anxious, for his exam was due tomorrow.

With no way out, they had to call Wendy to send him books and stationery and tutor him there.

Wendy took all those stuff to the Telles Hotel. After arriving at the floor where the child stayed, she heard a quarrel between a man and a woman at a doorway.

Having no interest in other people's business, she turned a blind eye to them and walked by. Much to her surprise, the man in the army uniform grabbed her wrist and angrily said to that woman,"Get away! You are the last woman I would touch!"

The dumbfounded Wendy was pulled into a Presidential Suite then, and the door was slammed shut.

From his unusual behavior, Wendy could tell that he might well be drugged. Ignoring Wendy's wriggle and imploring words, that man didn't let her go, instead he said: "Help me! I will give you whatever you want!"

It was not until the next early morning that that man fell asleep. Feeling under the weather, Wendy snuck out of the room when she caught a glimpse of a small badge on the floor, reading "Colonel of A Country - Jordan".

As Wendy finished, Lola bent her head and rested her forehead on her hand, thinking the similarity between their fates.

"Where is he? He can't get away with this!" Lola stood up and rushed to the door.

"Lola, there is no need to do that! What can we do? Ask him to take responsibility? I am very tired now. I just want to rest." Wendy was exhausted. All she wanted was to have a good sleep.

"OK. Take a bath and relax yourself." Jordan, right? Lola kept that name in mind. She would avenge Wendy someday!

Seeing Wendy in deep sleep in bed, Lola quietly shut the door and went to work.

In the Research and Development Department of the company.

Upon entering the department, Lola noticed that everyone remained silent and focused their eyes on her. Most of them looked at her with disgust and disdain.

Lola blinked and lowered her head to check her clothes. "Nothing is wrong. She dresses properly," thought she. She then checked the time. She was not late, as there were still two minutes left. What was going on?

The confused Lola walked towards her seat. She saw someone sitting at her desk from afar.

To check it out, she took a few steps forward. "Excuse me! This is my seat."

As soon as she finished, the one sitting turned around. It was none other than Harry's mother, her mother-in-law!

"Aunty, what brings you here in the early morning?" Things got pretty hot. Lola concentrated her mind on how to deal with her.

"A tramp works in my son's company. I, as the mother of the CEO, come here to solve the problem and help ease his burden." Rolling her eyes at the fine and delicate Lola, Rose determined to embarrass her, in the hope that she would leave Harry voluntarily.

"Aunty, I am not a tramp. Do not overestimate me! I am not capable of seducing your son." Finally, she knew why those colleagues looked at her in that way. Alas! How poor she was! Who would have thought that her mother-in-law would make a scene in the company.

"Humph! To tell you the truth, my son's fiancee is in C Country now, but

Lola keeps badgering my son. Am I wrong to call her tramp?" Rose heightened her voice to make everyone in the department hear her clearly. A low voice discussion broke out then.

"No wonder a graduate from the School of Film and Television can work in our department."

"I see. When Mr. Yun brought her in, I thought that she had an affair with him. Little do I think it was the CEO she was having an affair with.

"Alas! Look at her beautiful face. She has the makings of a tramp."

"Yea. How cheap she is! I cannot agree more, or CEO's mother will not come here."


Hearing others' discussion, Lola sighed. "Aunty, I address you politely out of respect. In turn, you should also respect me. How could you say that? Mrs. Mu, it is time to work. Could you please leave here?" Lola put her bag on the desk and wore her employee badge, a clear gesture that she wished to end the discussion.

"To hell with your respect and work! Stop ruining my son's company, and get out of here! If you don't go today, I will ask the security guard to drag you out!" Seeing as Lola made Rose sick, it was not possible that she would have Lola around in the company.

The louder and more insulting the colleagues' discussion became, the more blushed Lola got.

"Fine. I will go, but not before you give me a reason first." Lola tried her best to calm down, and kept telling herself that this was Harry's mother and her mother-in-law.

"Reason? I ask you to go, and you should go. How is that for a reason?" Rose stood up and pulled Lola towards the door of the department. Just at the moment, Joey ran into them at the door. When seeing Rose, Joey said,"My Lady, it's CEO on the phone."

Hearing that, Rose ground her teeth and rolled her eyes at Joey, guessing that he must have been the snitch. She had to let go of Lola. Being irritated, Rose snatched at the phone and put it on her ear.

"As the mother of the CEO, don't you think that your behavior reflects on the company?" Harry's cold voice came through the phone. He was extremely disappointed at what Rose did.

"Still recognize me as your mother? Then why don't you follow what I said?" Rose gave Lola a hostile glare, and stepped aside to talk to Harry.

After rubbing her aching wrist, Lola went back to her seat in embarrassment.

It would not be easy for her to get along with her colleagues and work there in the future.

In the following day, no one talked to Lola. What's worse, many experienced employees joined hands to make trouble for her and increase her workload.

It had passed nine o'clock in the evening. All the colleagues of the department had knocked off, while Lola had just finished her work.

In the quiet, empty office, Lola thought of what happened in the morning, a touch of grievance creeping in and tears welling up in her eyes. Just at the moment, her phone rang.

It was Harry...

After wiping off tears, she took a deep breath and picked up the phone. "Hello."

"Where are you?" Harry had heard from Joey that Lola was still working in the company when Joey went off duty.

"In the company now. I am just leaving." Lola began to put her belongings into her bag. Harry's call came as a great comfort to her at that moment.

Hearing her voice with a strong snuffle over the phone, Harry paused and said,"I know you cried."

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