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   Chapter 40 Wait and See

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"Oh, I have arranged with colleagues of the department to have lunch together." This is a fact, but Harry thought that she was still angry.

"Don't be angry. Mother will leave in a few days." Sitting on the sofa, Harry pulled her over onto his laps.

"I am not angry. I do make an appointment with the colleagues at midday." Lola was still unwilling to have lunch with Harry, for seeing him would remind her of his mother...

"Cancel it. I will go on a business trip for a couple of days to A country tonight, taking the latest flight. You must accompany me for lunch today." Harry then called Joey to reserve some dishes and fetch them for lunch.

"Harry...You don't love me after all. There is no need to strain your relationship with your mother for me. I can move out to leave you in peace." Lola looked into the dark eyes of Harry.

"No! It has nothing to do with my mother whether I love you or not. I will deal with her." Harry turned down the proposal by Lola.

" you love me, Harry?" asked she, seizing the chance, which was a question all women would enquire. But Harry kissed on Lola's lips instead of answering this easy question.

"You can guess." said Harry with complicated eyes, resting his forehead against Lola's.

... But Lola dared not say what she guessed!

As Harry went on the business trip that night, Lola slowed down deliberately to return to the villa very late.

She thought that Harry's mother would have fallen asleep. At that moment, Rose went out of her room and blocked Lola's way at Harry's room door.

Looking at the woman coldly, she said: "Who allows you to enter my son's room?" Rose looked rosy and shining in a white silk night-robe.

Lola did not answer the question from Rose, but said with smile: "Mother, I will buy another white nightgown for you tomorrow, because you look so rosy and a few years younger in this color!"

Rose felt happy with the compliment from Lola though, she still rolled her eyes. "You don't need to fawn on me. I have he

m in some troubles. Can I come over now?" Hiding in the exit passageway of the hotel, Wendy didn't know what to do.

"What's going on? What's the problem?" Lola sobered up suddenly and sat up on the bed. It was cool in the early morning, so she stretched out her arm to turn off the air conditioner.

Thinking of what had happened last night, Wendy bit her lower lip and didn't know how to put it.

"Tell me face to face! I am in Room 2033 of Telles Hotel." Lola turned off the bedside lamp and got out of bed. She put on her shoes and turned on the light of the room.

"Telles?" Wendy looked at the sign on the footstep in a trance: Welcome to Telles Hotel!

In three minutes, Wendy knocked at Lola's door. Lola was startled at such a speed. How could she be so quickly?

Upon seeing Wendy who was in a mess, Lola knew that something happened to her.

How distinct the marks on her neck were! Lola certainly knew what these marks stood for.

"Lola!" Wendy dashed into the arms of Lola and started to sob. Lola pulled her onto the sofa and asked her about what had happened.

Wendy described what had happened last night in details, choking with sobs.

She had been tutoring a 16-year-old child in English as her part-time job these years. Yesterday, he quarreled with his family members and ran out to check in a hotel alone.

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