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   Chapter 39 I Am Not Your Mother

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Hearing the news, she flew there from C country right away on her private airplane to confront him about it.

She never expected that her son replied straightforward,"Yes, if I don't want you to know, grandfather's assistant will never ferret out anything." So he meant that he wanted everyone to learn about his marriage with a tramp...It's really infuriating!

She would never recognize anyone to be her daughter-in-law, except Yolanda Mo! Let alone a broken girl.

It couldn't be wrong as it was found out by the grandfather of the Si family... Yolanda Mo supported herself on the side of the dressing table at a loss. It seemed that Harry didn't mean to forgive her.

"Yolanda, say something. You should come here now. I will help you to drive that tramp away. You know that. You are always the only daughter-in-law of the Si family in my heart!" Hearing what Rose said, Yolanda Mo felt much better. At least, she won the support of Rose Mu. It didn't matter. A marriage certificate? Without a wedding? Nor the recognition from the family? It would be very easy to get a divorce.

After hanging up the phone, Yolanda Mo made a decision right away - after finishing that show, she would put off all the work...

When the black Maybach pulled up at the villa, it was already over 10 p.m. There was no one in the living room. They went to the bedroom upstairs noiselessly hand in hand.

After having a bath, Lola felt happy somehow when seeing her stuff placed next to Harry's in the chest.

Lola crept into the bed after skin care. She played with her mobile phone for a while and then started to recall what happened today.

She was immersed in thinking how to fawn on her mother-in-law until Harry hugged her from behind.

Lola groaned out in a soft voice when her back was gently kissed. She turned around resignedly to cuddle his neck and kissed him back slowly.

Just when Harry was about to ejaculate, someone knocked at the door from outside.

Both of them paused and remembered that there was another one living in this villa except the servants who had gone home.

Lola scratched the man on top of her with a red face. Feeling agitated at being disturbed, Harry took on his nightshirt and got out of bed.

Lola hurried to cover herself up with a blanket. As expected, Rose's voice was heard from outside. "Harry, I hope I did not disturb you." Rose Mu stood outside the door, holding a glass of milk.

"Yes, I was disturbed. What's wrong with you?" Harry blocked the view of Rose and looked at his mother with a poker face.

"You were busy in the daytime. Have a cup of milk before sleep." The frankness of her son did not embarrass Rose Mu at all. Instead, she was a bit happy, for that was rightly her purpose. She passed the milk to him, pretending to show her care.

Harry drank up the milk in front of Rose and then pushed her out. "Mother, don't disturb us when we are in the bedroom at night, for fear that you may catch something embarrassing." Harry warned her very sincerely, which made Rose a little bit blushed.

"How can you say that to me?" Rose Mu appeared at that moment for the purpose of disturbing their affair.

Harry closed and locked the door.

Rose Mu was so agitated that tearing the tramp into pieces would not be enough to vent her hatred. But soon, she still heard some extremely em

barrassing moan and groan outside the door.

Rose Mu hurried back to her room. Oh, she was ashamed at that sound!

The next morning.

When they came downstairs together, Rose Mu was already waiting at table.

She gave a big smile to Harry, but upon seeing Lola behind him, her good mood was completely vanished.

"Good morning, mother!" Ignoring the dirty look on Rose's face, Lola came up to greet her.

"I am not your mother! Can you stop being that shameless?" Rose made a rude crack, which irritated Lola.

Harry completely ignored Rose and pulled Lola to sit at the table. Lola gave a strained smile to Harry. Seated farthest from Rose, Lola was going to have breakfast.

"What are you doing? Who gives you the right to sit at table?" The arrogance of Rose made Lola clench her hands due to nervousness. She told herself that she should not be angry with Harry's mother.

"Can you stop talking and have breakfast now?!" Harry put on a cold face and picked up a bun into the plate of Lola, to indicate that he was on Lola's side.

Seeing the scowled son, Rose felt unhappy, too. "I don't have any appetite when seeing her!"

Lola stood up at once,"Aunty, sorry for that. I will leave right now." Then, she trotted upstairs.

After fetching her bag from Harry's room, she went downstairs to change her shoes, without any talking to all the others. Then she drove on her motorbike towards the company.

At over 7:00 a.m., there were already many people commuting on the road. Lola drove her motorbike slowly in a low mood.

She was not a tramp! What could she do to prevent Harry's mother from treating her like this? Fawning on her? But, she had never done such things. How to fawn?

She was Harry's mother, so it was not right to get angry with her. annoying!

Little did she think that she might encounter such a thing, being worried about the relationship with a mother-in-law.

It was nearly noon. Lola was printing some documents when a colleague said,"Lola, Mr. Yun is here for you." Lola turned her head to see Joey wave to her with smile at the door.

She put away the documents and then came over. "Mr. Yun!" She greeted Joey with a nod, which made Joey feel numb on his scalp, for he could not afford it! But as it was in the company, Joey called Lola over with a rigid face.

"Boss is waiting for you in his office." Thinking of the boss's iceberg-like face in the whole morning, Joey fell into a depression, because he was the one who suffered from the boss's bad mood!

When the boss ordered him to go for Lola, Joey ran downstairs as fast as he could.

Lola followed Joey to the CEO office. However, after they left, the colleagues of the Research and Development Department burst into discussion, guessing that Lola must have some special relationship with Joey...

Seeing Lola in the uniform of the company, the secretaries working outside the CEO office were all astonished and confused. Was she working for SL company all the time?

Joey pushed the door open for Lola before returning to his desk. "Madam, my fate is in your hand now", he thought.

Seeing Lola come in, Harry closed the file in his hand and went over to ask: "What do you want for lunch?"

Did he call her over only to ask about her lunch?

"Let's have lunch together." Receiving no answer, Harry added.

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