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   Chapter 37 Seeing Harry's Mother for the First Time

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"I will come back to you next month for I am busy this month." Instead, he waited for three months.

"Harry, I am just meeting with a director. I will be fine." She turned a deaf ear to his persuasion. Consequently, she was drugged by the director. Even though the Mo family had swayed the final verdict and sentenced the director to death, what had happened would never be changed.

"Harry, this award ceremony means a lot to me. I must be present!" However, she left for a long time, during which time she was even caught on camera hugging with other male celebrities.


These were all because of her so-called dream. Well, her dream had come true. She had become an international super star. But wasn't she even busier than before?

Feeling agitated, Harry opened a bottle of liquor and drank slowly.

Lola finally decided to find Harry, as it was better to talk with him face to face.

But when she opened the door of the study, she was greeted by pungent smells of liquor and cigarette. All the windows in the room were closed and the light was dusky.

The smoke-filled room made Lola lightly cough several times. Harry was still seated on the sofa, drinking white liquor.

"Harry, what are you doing?" Lola had never seen Harry so down with grief.

He cast a cold glance at her with his bloodshot eyes, which made Lola feel somewhat hurt.

"Stop drinking. Go take a shower!" She grabbed the bottle from his hand and placed it on the desk. Then she tried to take the cigarette in his mouth, but he managed to shun away with a sudden turn of his head.

Lola was choked to tears when he blew a smoke ring onto her face.

"Harry, what are you doing. Cough..." Harry stubbed out the cigarette and leaned on the sofa with his eyes closed.

Lola did not know what to do, but to urge him,"Shower!" She pulled him with great efforts, but to no avail. Instead, by only a gentle pull, Harry drew her into his arms.


"Hush... Don't say anything. Stay in my arms for a while." Hearing that, Lola did not move any more. Harry hugged the woman in his arms closely, smelling her unique aroma and telling himself that this woman, unlike that woman, would always be here for him, and that Lola belonged to him.

He must have had his share of heartbreaking stories. Even though he remained silent, his sadness was not lost on her. Was it because of that woman?...

Sitting on Harry's legs, Lola put her hands around his neck tenderly. They both needed a hug and a shoulder to rest on. Somewhere along the way, she had gradually stopped putting him off, and had instead become more and more dependent on him. Perhaps, she had never resisted, but had only become more and more dependent on him.

Lola filled the bathtub with water. After a bath, Harry hugged her on the bed. That night, he was very gentle, leaving her with an impression that she was not the one Harry had in mind when he was sleeping with her...

The next day, Harry resumed his usual cold look, as if what happened that night was only illusion. However, Lola had woken up to the fact that she was not the only woman in Harry's heart...

She still went to the SL company as Harry had suggested. Joey gave her several choices of different positions, and she finally chose to apply for the Facial Mask Research and Development Department to be an assistant formulator.

She dithered over her choice as it was made purely out of interest. But it didn't matter what position she chose, for it would only be a stepping stone for her.

After she had had her revenge and found her father, she must join an entertai

nment company, or her efforts paid all these years would be in vain.

The formulator she worked with was an experienced woman called Heidi An, who was in her forties. As a veteran, Heidi had no other defects, except being a bit arrogant.

On the first day of work, after learning the ropes about the Research and Development Department, Lola spent the rest of the day in data checking and printing.

Except for a few proud young colleagues, who disliked the idea that she was brought in by Mr. Yun, others were quite good to her.

After work, Lola remembered that Harry wanted to keep a low profile on their marriage. Therefore, she rode on her motorbike and headed straight back home without notifying him.

When Harry completed his work, he remembered that it was Lola's first day in his company. But at that time, Lola had already been playing with her mobile phone in bed.

Harry seemed really busy. He was seldom home, except for Saturdays and Sundays, and he spent all the other time in his office.

Lola had seldom seen him even though they were in the same company.

Until one day, when Lola was curiously observing Heidi doing experiments with some formula, some colleagues aside talked in whispers,"Hey, you know what? The CEO's mother was here at the company today."

"Really? I don't know that! Did you see her?" asked May Zhang with curiosity.

"Yes, I saw the 'queen mother' on the ground floor right when I was going to send some materials to another company." Star Liu recalled the scene where she saw the CEO's mother in admiration, with her fingers rolling her hair.

Queen mother?

"But I heard that the CEO's mother left with an unhappy face!" What a bunch of shrewd observers they were. But, come to think of it, wasn't this queen mother her mother-in-law?


That night, Lola received a WeChat message from Harry, saying: "Let's have dinner tonight, together with my mother."


Lola was caught completely off guard by this message, for she never thought that she had to meet her mother-in-law!

After work, Lola got changed and went upstairs to the CEO floor secretly.

Except for Joey, others went off work. Upon seeing Lola, Joey greeted her hurriedly.

"Madam, you are here."

"Yes! Is your boss still busy?" Glancing at the closed door of the CEO office, she thought it would be better to knock at the door first, for fear that she might walk in on some embarrassing scenes like last time...

Instead of opening the door for her, Joey simply said: "Madame, the boss said that you may enter the office directly when you arrive here."

Lola then pushed the door open and found that Harry was still busy with his work, as was expected.

Seeing her come in, he did not say anything, but also did not make Lola wait too long. Completing the work promptly, he turned off the computer and went to the garage with her.

"Well, shall we go and buy a gift? This was her first time to see his mother after all. A gift was necessary.

"All right!"

Harry drove to a mall nearby, where Lola selected a pair of gold earrings inlaid with jade as a gift to her future mother-in-law. With this elegant and classy gift, Lola went to the garage arm in arm with Harry happily.

"Your...mother must be very beautiful!" In the car, Lola looked at the extremely handsome Harry carefully and felt that she must be right!

"She is also your mother. When you see her...try not to think too much." After a pause, Harry held her left hand with his right hand at once.

Lola felt a little bit puzzled. Try not to think too much? She was her mother-in-law...

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