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   Chapter 36 Arrange for You

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"Surely we can take this one man down if we join hands." Lucia Zheng did not sound convinced by Jacob's words. Who would have thought that the lucky bastard married such a powerful husband?

"It is hard to say. Sara, just drop the case first. I will discuss it with your father." Though being mysterious and low-profile, Harry was a man second to none in his power. Head-on confrontation with such a dangerous figure had better be avoided.

Sara could not but call her lawyer to drop the case against Lola. With hatred, she made an investigation into Harry.

Jacob Qi soon got in touch with Howard Fu, Hann Zheng and William Luo. They then had a discussion in the meeting room.

All of them were sophisticated businessmen. However, they all went silent at the mentioning of Harry's name. "Fu, Harry's power and wild ambition are beyond our imagination. It is a marvel that he could gain a firm foothold in the business field at such a young age. Now that we know Lola is his wife, we should not provoke her."

William Luo was timider than the others. It was his custom to stay away from those that he dared not provoke.

"William, it is not good to look down upon ourselves. Our children may be prosecuted. We'd better not sit idle." Howard Fu said with a sour face, for he did not believe that Harry was so powerful that he could rival the four of them.

"Fancy you having the nerve to say that! If it were not for the fact that Mike and Sara provoked Lola in the first place, Cindy would not be involved." William Luo had already warned Cindy Luo not to get close to that scheming Sara. Cindy refused to take his father's advice. Then she got it in the neck. But fortunately, it seemed that Harry didn't blame her, as she didn't talk much.

"William, you are already in. Do not say that." Thinking of his disappointing son, Jacob turned red with anger and decided to teach him a lesson after returning home.

William Luo left right away, for he didn't want to get involved in this matter. He made up his mind to keep her daughter grounded upon returning home. "Jacob is such an old fox that he even framed his best friend. It is better to stay away from him," William Luo thought to himself.

William Luo's attitude irritated the other three. Well, the alliance was then already one man short.

"Sara has discontinued the suit. We would figure something out later, should Harry kept pushing this issue. If he did not, then the whole thing would be over for good. As for the grievances that Mike and Sara have suffered, it is not the right time to get back at her now. Lola will reap what she has sowed sooner or later." This was the simple expedient that Jacob could dope out at the moment.

Jacob would warn Mike and Sara not to offend Harry any more.

In Luo's house.

"Slap!" A slap loudly echoed across the living room. Cindy Luo stared at her father in disbelief.

"William, what are you doing?" Sherry Deng hurried to hand Cindy, her youngest daughter, who almost fell onto the ground, wondering what made the good-tempered William Luo fly into a rage.

"Cindy! From this moment on, keep yourself away from Sara Fu and Lucia Zheng, or else you would be banned from this house!" William Luo had warned her many times, but Cindy just turned a deaf ear to him. It was by sheer luck that she managed to keep out of this mess, or the whole family and the Fujiang Group would go down with her!

If Howard Fu and the other knew their place, they should definitely not mess with Lola and Harry!

"Father! I did nothing but hang out with them. Why do you do this to me?" It was the fir

st time that Cindy Luo had been slapped by her father. She was left speechless with grievance.

"Even hanging out is forbidden. They will bring you into trouble. Do you know who Lola's husband is? If you had said one more offensive word to Lola at that time, you would have put Fujiang Group in dire peril. It is lucky that you are always a quiet girl. You know what? Even though the scheming Sara drops the case, Harry will not let off the companies of Jacob and Howard!" When William Luo was in the USA several years ago, he saw how Harry dealt with a man offending him.

At that time, Harry was only 24 years old. It was at a banquet that a foreigner said Harry was cuckolded. In the next three days, he sent him into bankruptcy. And in the following week, all his family businesses met the same fate!

It caused a sensation throughout America. Nobody would have thought that a 24-year-old man had such capability.

How did Lola come to marry him was not the key question. Such being the case, Harry would absolutely not sit by and watch Jacob and his son usurp Carl's company.

Though it appeared that Harry did nothing, he surely had something to do with Mike's scandal and the scar on Sara's face. Without his support, Lola may have already been thrown into jail by Jacob. Instead, not only had she turned out fine, she also owned the Blue Island Mall. It was evident that Lola had an important place in his heart.

"I am sorry, father. I will not hang out with them anymore!" Cindy Luo bowed her head to apologize. She would not join Sara in provoking Lola again, even if her father didn't slap her, as that cold Harry had startled the hell out of her.

"Alright. Good girl. I know you will come to your senses. It is all good then. Go back to your room." William Luo looked at Cindy with satisfaction. He had three children. Cindy, his youngest daughter, was the most obedient one, and he liked her the most. William Luo cooled down soon.

"But, father, Sara said that she would not give up that easily last night..." Sara's remark suddenly came to Cindy's mind.

"Never mind that. We stay low for the time being. Go travel abroad and stay away from her." William Luo was afraid that Sara would come to his daughter. So he sent his daughter abroad.

It turned out that William Luo was right. In the following days, Sara called Cindy more than once to ask for help. But she failed to get in touch with Cindy.

During her breaks at home, Lola had been tossing and turning in her bed, feeling blue. She then made a decision to find another job.

She graduated from the School of Film and Television. Was it the right time to apply for a job in an entertainment company? Well, that seemed to be the only way.

Harry arrived home at 6 pm that day. After they had dinner together, Harry went to the study.

Thinking of the evening when she sent a glass of milk to Harry and was then screwed by him, Lola wisely stayed in her room and took out her phone to send him a message via WeChat,"I think it is necessary to inform you that I will go to an entertainment company to apply for a job tomorrow."

Harry replied very soon,"No way!"

... Lola regretted telling him her plan.

"Why not?"

"Because I say so. Go to SL tomorrow. Joey will arrange for you!" Harry clenched his phone, recollecting the days several years ago when his girlfriend entered the entertainment circle and they grew estranged from each other...

She simply kept on telling Harry,"Harry, I have my dream. I will come back to you after I realize my dream." Harry had fallen into endless waiting since then.

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