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   Chapter 35 Not Let It Go at That

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Knowing that it was just a show, Harry still held her by the waist, with a hint of smile playing at his lips.

"I'm sorry, I'm late." Harry said softly, which made him more charming.

Their public display of affection stunned all those present. "Hell!" Daley said in a low voice. No wonder that Joey said he was out of his mind.

"Eh, Boss..."

"From this moment on, you will be removed from the office. Joey, did you bring him in? You will get no pay in the following two months. That woman is fired for good, and Wendy will take her place."

Such was his way of doing things. Harry was a born ruler, and everyone must yield to his will.

Wendy covered her month in surprise and disbelief. It seemed like she just got promoted...

Going pale, Tracy Yuan fell down and sat on her heels. Crap! For this job, she had bribed the superior with tens of thousands of Yuan, and it was all for nothing.

The four didn't move their eyes from Harry and Lola, looking jealous and envious. But they were in for a much bigger surprise...

"Joey, inform Samuel Shao to change the legal representative of the Blue Island Mall to Lola." Joey immediately took out his phone to call Samuel.

The name "Samuel Shao" came as a great shock to all the others. Samuel Shao, 29 years old, was a renowned lawyer with the reputation for reliability, accuracy and professional attitude.

With broad vision and rich social experience, the highly-educated Samuel Shao had been well-known all over the world at a young age. At the moment, he was concurrently the legal advisor of the government of D City. Also, he gave lectures at worldwide prestigious universities as a senior lecturer.

In short, Samuel Shao was a legendary figure in the law field. Being a lawyer seems to come quite naturally to him. It was not easy to engage this amazing lawyer. Money didn't always talk, as the last thing he needs was money. Moreover, an appointment had to be made with him half a year or even a year in advance.

The faces of Mike and Sara took on a ghastly expression. If that man had such a close relationship with Samuel Shao, they would end up in the defendant's pen.

Joey then confirmed that his boss not only got married, but also spoiled his wife rotten. "I will ride Mrs. Si's coattails in future," thought Joey...

"Wait," Harry said to Joey. "Darling, who did this?" Harry lightly stroked her red cheek and asked.

As Lola had not yet recovered from the news that she will soon become the legal representative of the mall, she didn't noticed that Harry was speaking to her.

"Darling?" Harry called her tenderly. Lola heard that and was startled again...

Lola had never thought that Harry would call her darling in such a gentle way... Blank-minded, she subconsciously let out a name,"Three-sec Qi."

... Everyone put on an exaggerated look of disbelief, waiting for what would come next.

"Joey, tell Samuel to accuse Mike of willful and malicious injury. I think he may be sentenced to three to ten years in prison..."

At that, Mike became so nervous and scared that he could not utter a word. What Harry said next threw him into endless despair.

"After he is released, inform me right away. I will not let it go at that."

... "Freaking awesome!" Joey thought and quietly took up the phone to call Samuel.

"Wait. Just now, Miss Lucia called you old man. Hahaha." Joey was s

topped again, by Lola this time.

Though it was hot summer day, the surrounding air could be frozen. Lola was the only one who smiled cheerfully with a desire to stir up more trouble.

"Old man..." Harry carefully considered the words and said,"Joey, accuse her of defamation. She would be looking at least half a year in prison."

"What about the Top Moaner? She robbed my dog."

Top Moaner? Harry refrained from laughing out and decided to leave her up to his wife.

"The others are up to you."

"Who the hell are you? Who gives you the power to determine other people's fates?" Mike kept on yelling out. Over there, Harry was holding Lola's small soft hand and felt very protective of her who had tough days recently. Hearing Mike's remark, Harry gave him a look. Mike zipped his lip immediately.

Harry would prove him that he had the inherent power to do that.

All rewards and punishments were given finally. The outsiders breathed a sigh of relief.

The four almost went crazy and fled in panic.

In less than ten minutes, the legal representative of the Blue Island Mall was changed, and the General Manager was dismissed. A heated discussion broke out among the excited staffs, as if they finally saw a bright future ahead.

All was done. Joey let out a long sigh of relief.

"Darling, are you satisfied with that? Can I sleep with you tonight?" Harry whispered to Lola. Lola blushed at his words and punched him on the chest. "No way!" Lola pulled Wendy, who was in a trance, to the locker room. As thus, Lola lost her job again...

Lola sat in the locker room, feeling helpless. She shook Wendy, who was still lost in thought, and said,"Wendy, are you OK?"

"I'm fine. Lola, I was promoted!" The supervisor of the Blue Island Mall! She would have the salary several times higher than now.

"Yea. But I lost my job." Harry was a man of action. Lola was the legal representative of the mall then. It would be weird if she continued working as a shopping guide there.

"Lola, a rich woman like you can have whatever job you like. There is no need to worry about this." Wendy could not figure out why she was unhappy.

Lola was a little depressed and said nothing. In the following hours, Wendy was busy going through the formalities, while Lola roamed in the mall and went home on her motorcycle later.

In Qi's house.

As soon as the gloomy four arrived at Qi's house, Mike called his father, who was at work, to come home.

"Father, do you know anything about the CEO of Blue Island Mall?" Mike's last hope was completely broken by Jacob's reply.

"His name is Harry, and has just come back from abroad to take over SL Group. He is incredible!" Jacob didn't met Harry before, but he had heard about him.

Feeling terrible, the four looked at each other. "Father, we have offended him. If Sara doesn't drop the case against Lola, we all will be in jail." Jacob was out of breath and almost blacked out, after Mike briefly told Jacob what had happened in the morning.

Lola married Harry? But Jacob never heard that Harry had been married. Anyway, it was not important. The point was that Lola was then under the protection of Harry and his son offending him spelt more trouble.

"Sara, drop the case against Lola!" Jacob made a quick decision. Sara looked at Mike palely, wondering whether Harry was really as powerful as people said he was.

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