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   Chapter 34 Depend on Her Husband

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 7020

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"So your staff is bullied by customers during working hours. Are you just going to let it slide? Could you please be at least a bit reasonable?" retorted Lola without restraint, as Supervisor Yuan's flattery made her sick.

"Supervisor, I can testify that this lady was the one who made trouble in the first place!" Wendy's voice was low, but it was obvious that she stood by Lola.

"Even so, you should make every effort to avoid any conflict with customers. I shouldn't have to tell you how to do your job." In comparison, Lola was nothing to Supervisor Yuan. No matter what the truth was, she would not support an employee at the price of offending the potential buyers.

"You four, do you dare to stay here and wait for my husband?" Disappointed with the supervisor's flattery and her lack of responsibility, Lola didn't want to waste breath and ignored her.

"Yes, of course. Lola, we will wait here, even if you don't ask. Who is your old man? You think you can scare us?" Stroking her newly-painted nails, Lucia Zheng watched Lola with disdain. She had every reason to believe that Lola's husband was more of an overnight millionaire than a big shot.

The man in SOHO Bar crossed Mike's mind. Mike had spent large sum of money investigating, but found nothing about him. The gangster groups even refused to disclose his name. At that moment, Mike was in a curious mood to see who that man was.

Qi family, Fu family, Zheng family and Luo family were all business tycoons in D City. "If we were to gang up on him, her husband would not stand a chance," thought Mike.

"Old man. Huh. Lucia Zheng, let's wait and see. You are going to regret it," Lola thought with a lovely smile. Although Lola did not know everything about Harry, she knew she'd better not underestimate him.

Then, a group of people - General Manager and several other senior managers of the Blue Island Mall - entered the Mirade Apparel.

"Ha-ha. Lola, you did married an old man, just as I expected." Seeing the leading 50-something-year-old bald man, Lucia Zheng burst out laughing.

Although Sara didn't laugh, the contempt on her face couldn't be disguised. Unlike them, Mike had one nagging doubt, "The man in the bar is not her husband?"

"Lola, did you really..." Pointing at the General Manager, the troubled Wendy was too frightened to finish her words. No! Last time, he didn't sound this old.

"Wendy, what are you thinking about?" Lola rudely slapped Wendy on her arm. Her taste could not go so heavy as to marry someone who was even older than her father.

Seeing Lola's face, Wendy patted her thumping chest to calm down. Well, false alarm...

"What's going on here?" Stealthily wiping sweat off his face, Daley Xue wondered who was capable of having the CEO's assistant make the call. Daley Xue had met the CEO on his first day in office. In his eyes, that CEO looked like a devil that could even freeze the air around.

Seeing Daley come in person, Supervisor Yuan cast a glance at Lola with a mixed feeling. Could it be that Lola was the General Manager's mistress? For a while, the supervisor lost words.

"Mr. Xue, I am Mike Qi. We have had dinner together several times before." Mike shook hands with Daley.

"Mr. Xue, I am Sara Fu. Howard Fu is my father." Sara shook his hands gracefully.

"Mr. Xue, I am Hann Zheng's daughter, Lucia Zheng."

"Mr. Xue, I am Cindy Luo, the daughter of William Luo."


Sure enough, father is the key in this era. Lola

felt ashamed, for she used to depended on her father. But she had to depend on her husband then.

"Oh, I know you. Mr. Qi, long time no see!" Upon realizing that the conflict arises between four second rich generations and a shopping guide, Daley Xue took it as a piece of cake.

Mike slightly nodded at Daley. As they had dinner together several times before, Mike thought that Daley would be on his side.

"You, apologize to our honorable customers right now!" Daley straightened his face to scold Lola. Seeing the General Manager show no partiality to Lola, Supervisor Yuan let out a sigh of relief.

"Apologize? Do you know anything about the whole thing? Do you see the red mark on my face? How could you ask me to apologize casually? Are you blind?" argued Lola loudly. How could a mall attract so many customers while keeping these unreasonable employees? It seemed that Harry could not solve the problem...

Lola's remark sent a chill through the employees around, and some of them pricked up their ears to listen carefully.

Daley looked furious, as almost no staff dared to talk to him in that way. "What's your name? Who brought you in? You are fired for good!"

The hostile women smirked. "But isn't this manager Lola's husband? How could he treat her like that?" They looked at each other confusedly.

"Is your CEO blind, too? Fancy his appointing you and Tracy Yuan as managers! All the staff under your leadership will resign sooner or later!" Actually, the Blue Island Mall offered favorable remuneration and benefits to staff two years ago. So a lot of people scrambled for the job opportunity there. After Daley was transferred there, he improperly reduced the staff's salary. Once he caught an employee eating breakfast during working hours, and fined her 500 yuan.

"Yes, CEO is blind absolutely." The familiar voice came from behind. Lola instantly felt relieved.

Sweat streamed down Daley's face, as he heard the voice. "CEO gets here within such a short period of time," Daley thought...

Everyone looked towards the direction of the sound, and saw a tall, dignified man in a white shirt, followed by his assistant.

The man ahead looked like the god. As he approached, everyone could feel the aggressive and cold breath. Even a gaze from him would made all of them feel humble.

All the women present went so excited that their heart palpitated. How handsome he was! Oh, my gosh. How could a man be so graceful? Sara was also stricken dumb, as she saw the man, who was cold, but displayed an extraordinary appearance and temperament.

"Boss, here you come. This shopping guide was so petulant that she even offended the superior. I will soon settle it." Daley bowed and walked towards Harry. Though being confused about his remark, Daley dared not ask what it meant.

Joey blushed, as Daley brought shame on him. Joey regretted hiring the stupid Daley, who just displeased Mrs. Si and even complained to Boss Si.

"Offended the superior? Mr. Xue, are you out of your mind?" Joey winked at Daley to stop him from talking. That idiot should never annoy CEO further; otherwise, the consequences would be too serious for him to take...

"Er..." Joey's remark confused all the others.

Seeing the evident red mark on Lola's fair-complexioned face, Harry radiated a cold gaze.

All of a sudden, his cold gaze brought the Death to Lola's mind. Without thinking too much, Lola threw herself into his arms, "Darling, why are you so late?"

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