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   Chapter 32 No Idea

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The strong force almost made the glass fall to the ground, if Lola didn't hold it in a firm grip. When she was just about to open her mouth to say something, Harry bent his head to kiss her on the ruddy lips.

Meanwhile, Harry took the glass off her hands and put it on the desk. After that, he cuddled her tightly in his arms.

Pinning her against the desk, Harry became intoxicated with her unique fragrance.

Lola wondered why she fell into the trap herself while she simply wanted to give him a glass of milk. She had no idea.

At 8 am next day, the bell began to ring. Scheduled a morning shift, Lola didn't show the slightest intention to get up.

A big hand parted the curtain, and the bed was soon filled with sunshine.

It was not until the big hand touched Lola that she tensed up and quickly sat up on bed.

The blanket slid off, with her legs covered only. Two long legs out of the blanket beside came into her sight. Only then did Lola, who was still sleepy, notice that Harry was lying next to her and looking at her with a faint smile.

"Why are you here?" Lola asked confusedly. Usually, Harry was not around when she woke up, because he often went to company early.

"Not much business today. I only have a meeting later." It was very rare for him to lie in, less than five times altogether.

But for the fact that his wife had to go to work, he would like to chat with her on the bed.

Lola checked the time. She must hurry to get up; otherwise she would be late and lose the full attendance bonus. She obviously didn't want that happen.

Unintentionally, she caught sight of his dong.

"Ah!" Harry, you rascal!" After throwing the blanket onto the bed, Lola screamed and dashed into the bathroom.

Harry looked at himself and got a sense of innocence.

How ungrateful she was! She didn't even express gratitude to him for waking her up, but abused him!

The whole morning, her mind was stuffed with what she had glimpsed, so that she had the breakfast absentmindedly.

"Forget it. I will drive you to wor

Lola was distracted when she saw gentle and courteous Mike, who just looked the same as before.

Cindy Luo and Lucia Zheng apparently gloated. Especially Lucia Zheng, she looked askance at Lola from beginning to end.

Seeing Lola's eyes rest on Mike's face, Sara asked, "What are you looking at, bitch?" Her rude remark made one curious about where the well-bred Sara was gone.

Lola was so blind that she even took such a woman as Sara for bestie for a dozen years. Alas!

As soon as Sara said the word "bitch", all the others have their eyes focused on them.

"I'm looking at a bitch." Lola answered indifferently. Then the manager walked up to her, gently tugged her arm and tipped her a wink.

Lola demanded directly, "Manager, I am busy. Could other workmates substitute me to serve them?"

Lola had no mood to stir up trouble that day, as job hopping was not easy and she didn't want to start over. It was better to save trouble.

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman. Would you mind I introducing you an experienced shopping guide. She is new here. Excuse her, please!" The manager asked them with a professional smile.

Sara looked up at the manager with a disdainful look, "No, no one will be more suitable than her! Lola, go to pick some new arrivals for me!" Sara ordered Lola arrogantly, while keeping glancing over the magazine on her lap.

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