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   Chapter 31 Childlike Smile

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Wendy covered her mouth to prevent herself from making a sound in surprise. What were those bruises?

Noticing Wendy's facial expression, Lola lowered her head to look at her body. With an embarrassed smile, she rapidly put on her dress. "Good girl, you didn't see anything, did you?"

Damn Harry! Lola almost forgot those sexual marks on her body.

... Wendy recovered from surprise and rolled her eyes at Lola, for Lola thought Wendy as gullible as a child.

After getting changed, they left the mall, laughing and chatting. The mall would soon close for the night, with no customers lingering and only employees knocking off from work.

Harry, sitting in the car far away, saw Lola, who was romping with Wendy. "She looks more like a teenager, rather than a married woman," Harry thought...

At that moment, Harry wished that he could always fight for her everlasting childlike smile.

Also, Lola saw the dazzling Maybach at the gate of the mall. After parting from Wendy, Lola headed for the car and got in it directly.

With the dim light and light music on in the car, Harry, on the driver's seat, watched her and kissed her on the cheek. "Are you tired?"

Lola felt happy deep down and smiled, "Yes, I was. But seeing you expels all my tiredness."

Her honeyed words made Harry smile. "Since you are not tired, how about doing something else?" Upon finishing the words, he smiled evilly.

Lola immediately folded her arms over her chest and moved towards the car door. Hearing his deep, masculine laughter, Lola became aware that he just made fun of her.

"Humph! He made fun of me! Fine! A real woman is sure to take the revenge!"

Harry started the car and skillfully drove it steadily forward.

In the beginning, Lola sat upright. Less than two minutes later, looking at Harry, who was driving carefully, Lola struck out a plan.

"OK, Boss Si, let's do something else now." Lola answered simply.

Out of her expectation, Harry pulled over without any hesitation, got off the car, walked towards her side, and opened the car door, all done at one stretch.

Lola held on to the steering wheel, refusing to get out of the car. For a while, they were in a stalemate.

"Get out, Lola! Let me satisfy you!" Harry loosened his grip on her hand, and looked at her with a scowl. Fancy being teased by that little woman! He must give her a lesson; otherwise, he would be mistaken for being good-tempered. At that moment, Harry completely forgot that it was he that made the start.

"No!" Lola smiled in embarrassment. She has to admit that Harry was so cool that he just meant it.

Harry looked at Lola, whose crafty gaze brightened, and steadied himself. Very good! It seemed that this little woman was revengeful. Well. Harry would not leave the matter at that!

Harry went back to his seat and started the car again. Lola then turned well-behaved and sat quietly until they arrived at the destination - a restaurant, or rather a place where a lot of calligraphy works, paintings, rare stones and antiques were collected. The restaurant had only seven private rooms, intended for VIPs only.

A waiter guided them to a room called "Orchid Pavilion" with several calligraphy works and paintings of contemporary celebrities hanging on the wall. On the antique table were several rare stones. The dining table and chairs were made in the late Qing Dynasty.

With the elegant light classical music, the entire room was overwhelmed with antique flavor.

Being immersed in this rich cultural atmosphere was a good way to gain new perspective.

It may not be the first time that Harry had

visited here, because the general manager of the restaurant ordered several dishes of specialty for them.

The chef there was a 60-year-old expert on pastries and staples, who had won many awards.

Normally, guests should make a reservation to enjoy the chef's delicacies, while Harry had the privilege of come-and-order at any time.

All dishes ordered were served in no time. Rather than using valuable and rare food materials, they were local specialities that would just provoke the appetite, including the cold dishes - Luoyang Chinese Artichoke with Spicy Sauce and Shaoxing Wined Chicken, hot dishes - Steamed Mandarin Fish and Bean Vermicelli and Baby Chinese Cabbage with Garlic and staples - Wide Noodles with Sour Soup, Chinese Scallion Pancake and rice.

Lola became appetitive that her whole mind was enjoying the meal then.

Harry turned the mandarin fish over, picked up a piece of fish, dipped it into the soy sauce of steamed fish, and put it into Lola's bowl.

His consideration delighted Lola further. With the handsome man, delicious food and beautiful room, she was rather full because of being not moderate in eating.

Rubbing her full belly, Lola whined, "I'm stuffed! It will be hard to fall asleep later!"

Harry looked at his funny, lovely wife and said, "I can do sports with you to help you digest." There seemed to be an overtone in his remarks.

Lola doubted that she may think too much and shook her head, "I will go out for a walk later."

After the manager served a dish of artistically cut-up fruit, Lola could not refrain from eating some pieces of mango and dragon fruit.

"What else would you like to eat?" Harry was perfectly satisfied when he saw Lola was full and happy.

"No. It is enough." Lola instantly waved her hands as she would be too stuffed to move if she indulged her taste buds.

To help her digest, Harry asked an experienced guide to show them around the two stories of Yuluo Pavilion.

From stone lion of the Ming Dynasty to modern calligraphy works, paintings and rare stones, it really collected a great many art curiosities. Lola learned a lot of historical knowledge there. Harry bought a famous contemporary painter's hanging painting of stone before leaving.

After arriving home, Lola took a comfortable bath. When she was about to go to bed, she found that Harry was not in the room with her. She opened the door and looked toward the study, whose door was not closed. Harry was right there, working with his computer.

He presided over such a large group with a number of businesses she didn't even know. No doubt that he was busy every day. How hard working he was! Was she supposed to do something for him?

After thinking for a while, she went downstairs quietly to the kitchen. From the refrigerator, which was full of food, she took out a bottle of milk. She then poured a glass of milk, heated it and brought it to the study.

Noticing Lola in her nightdress coming up with a glass of milk, Harry, who was typing quickly, stopped.

"Hey umm. I am going to sleep. You've been working hard all day. Please have some milk and go to rest." As his naughty and lovely wife seldom considered him thoughtfully, Harry was left blank-minded for a moment and even forgot to reach for it.

After a long while, not having the slightest idea of why he didn't give her any response, Lola gave up waiting and decided to drink the milk herself.

"Wait!" Harry stood up to fetch the milk and drank it off in one gulp.

Seeing the empty glass, Lola grinned. When she was about to put the glass downstairs, a strong force pulled her back.

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