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   Chapter 30 Boss Si, You Are Awesome

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The next day, Lola didn't get up until the bell rang at 12:30 p.m. Looking at her room confusedly, she almost forgot how she returned home.

She indistinctly remembered what happened last night. Bewildered by the bruises and bites on her body, she was thinking about how to conceal them to go to work later.

But thank god that she could sleep a little longer, for she would go on duty at three o'clock in the afternoon.

She suddenly felt that something was wrong. An episode passed through her mind, dispelling her sleepiness completely.

It seemed that she went to a hotel yesterday and hugged a man other than Harry...

Who was that man? She remembered nothing about him but a handsome face dimly. Who was he?

Oh, my god! How could this happen! No, she must dry out! Dry out!!

At Blue Island Mall.

Lola received a phone call from a stranger when she was on duty. "Hello, this is People's Court of D City. Please come to get your court summons!"

Court summons? Did Mike and Sara start their revenge? "Can I know the details?"

"The plaintiff, Sara Fu, accused the defendant, Lola Li, of such crimes as intentional injury, attempted murder and deliberate murder." The cold voice of the man on the line gave Lola an illusion that she would be arrested by the police very soon.

"OK, I see. Thank you!" She should not vent her anger on him, for he was just an employee passing on the message.

After hesitating for a long time, Lola decided to call Harry all the same, because he was the only one who could help her. Besides, she should not be screwed by him for nothing...

Harry's mobile phone vibrated, when he was talking with Samuel Shao. Seeing a call from the little woman, he smiled imperceptibly.


The cold and haughty voice scared Lola so that she almost forgot about why she made the call in the first place. After she recovered from a blank mind, she said dully,"Boss Si, I need your help."

Harry threw his eye on Samuel, who looked at him curiously. After a dry cough, Samuel Shao looked down at a document at once.

"I know. Don't worry. I will handle it."

He knew? "What do you know? I didn't even say what it was." Lola kept fiddling about with a green plant.

"Could it be anything else that is not about Mike?" Was it because deeper love resulted in deeper hatred? So she remembered the hatred for Mike so deeply?

"Ho-ho. Boss Si, you are awesome. Thank you. Bye!"


The moment before Lola hurried to hang up, she heard his voice and placed the mobile phone on her ear again.

"What's my reward?"


"Name it!" Lola answered generously. She would promise him whatever he asked, because he had helped her a lot.

"I will pick you up after work this evening!"

"Pick me up? For what?" asked Lola innocently, without realizing his intention.

But the man just hung up the phone...

After staring at the mobile phone blankly for a while, Lola sent a message to Zoe via WeChat, asking,"Anything special happened last night?"

Thinking that Zoe must be at work, too, she intended to put her mobile phone away in the pocket for later check. But the message was quickly replied with a few words, making Lola bewildered. "Lola, you are still alive?"

Of course. Why did he talk nonsense? But she still remembered clearly how Harry tortured her last night. That was why she enquired about why Harr

y became so abnormal suddenly.

"Nonsense. If I were not alive, how could I send you this message?"

"Lola, you are so stupid to two-time your husband, tsk tsk tsk..."

"Be clear." Lola could not figure out what he meant at all.

Then Zoe replied her with a long passage, describing what happened last night in detail. "Guess what? Your husband looked like the devil destroying the universe, when he saw you in that man's arms," he added in the end. "The man you hugged kept smiling though, he was absolutely not simple. When two remarkable men met and had conflicts, tsk tsk tsk... it is completely a prelude to doomsday!"

"What the hell! How can you say I two-time him? I don't even know that man... I only remember his profile roughly. He is handsome!"

Lola roughly knew about the situation. It turned out that she even hugged another man in front of Harry and was not willing to go with him!

Lola admired herself for being so bravely. No wonder Harry, the beast in bed, was so anxious to completely own her. She finally knew the reason!

When she returned to the store, all the staff were busy receiving guests. Lola felt a little sorry and hurried to continue her work.

But she did not notice a woman - Lucia Zheng, Sara's bosom friend. As the second daughter of Hann Zheng, CEO of Meilin Decoration Group in D City, she worked for her family business. The woman beside her was her best friend, Cindy Luo, who was the youngest daughter of William Luo, CEO of Fujiang Group in D City.

Lucia Zheng nudged Cindy Luo and then pointed at Lola. "Look, is the woman in a uniform Lola?" Cindy Luo, in a one-piece of the latest fashion, looked in a mirror to find that the woman was no other than Lola.

Lucia Zheng smiled disdainfully, for Lola was reduced even to be a shopping guide. Recalling that she scratched Sara's face some time ago, Lucia Zheng made a phone call to Sara.

After hanging up the phone, Lucia Zheng checked the time on the mobile phone. As it was almost time for going off work, she decided to enjoy the show tomorrow!

"Lola, a woman with nothing, dares to fight against the Qi and Fu families. She is really a contemptible scoundrel", thought she.

At nine o'clock p.m.

Lola went off work on time after putting the cleaned mop away in the tool room. She pounded her slightly sore waist and went towards the changing room.

After sending the sales data of that day, Wendy immediately followed Lola.

"Wendy, ride my motorbike home tonight! My husband will come to pick me up!" said Lola, for she remembered Harry would come to pick her up later, so that Wendy would not need to catch the bus.

"No, that's your new motorbike and I am poor at riding a motorbike..." It would be a pity if it was damaged! Wendy still refused it after a second thought.

"That's all right. It is just a motorbike. Ride it slowly. I am confident in your skills!" She shoved the key into Wendy's hand and started to get changed.

"Lola, are you married?" asked another workmate called Cici Ji, who was changing clothes together with them. She looked at Lola, a little surprised, for Lola looked still very young!

"Yes, alas, I didn't expect that, too!" Thinking of Harry, Lola sighed that destiny and fate were really miraculous.

Glancing at Lola unconsciously, Wendy saw the bruises on her chest and neck as Lola had taken off her uniform.

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