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   Chapter 29 The Men on Top

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Seeing Harry smile, Thomas followed his eye gaze and got the point. What a wise man!

"This is Lola's room. The opposite one is mine. You wanna go and have a look?" Thomas Herren gracefully swirled the red wine around in his glass and took a sip of it.

"Mr. Herren, you will gain no good by irritating me." Hearing his gentle warning, Thomas Herren lowered his head and smiled. There was really no one in this world who dared provoke Harry. No one dared threaten Thomas Herren, either. Harry just broke the record. Great! Thomas Herren got more interested in Lola.

Just at the moment, the door of the bathroom was opened from inside.

Wrapped up in a bath towel, the woman walked outside, face blushing scarlet after bathing. The thin towel almost slid off her body, as she walked two steps forward.

In usual times, Harry can hardly wait to screw her. But another man was present that day. Turning livid with rage, Harry strode toward her, threw her onto the bed, and covered her all up with a blanket.

"Lola! Get sobered up."

As soon as Lola heard Harry's voice in the bed, she sobered up a lot.

"Jerk, what are you doing here?" Harry was on the verge of pinching her to death for her heavy sarcasm, but resisted his impulse and went to the bathroom to take out her clothes.

"Get dressed. I will wait for you outside!"

Before leaving, Harry glanced at the man sitting on the sofa.

Thomas Herren stood up and followed him outwards. Both of them stood in the corridor.

"Mr. Herren, it seems that you live a life of leisure recently. Is it because of less government affairs?" Lazily leaning against the wall, Harry lit up a cigarette and screwed up his eyes to look at the smiling man in front.

"Yes. So I get time to come to visit my relatives." Thomas Herren straightened his clothes with a smile and said calmly.

Visit relatives? Harry responded with a sneer. Was he a three-year-old kid?

Harry let out a smoke ring and said, "I sincerely apologize for bothering you on behalf of my wife. Mr. Herren, you are occupied with myriad affairs every day, and it is time to rest!" Thomas Herren was a gentleman. There was definitely no affair between him and Lola. Even so, Harry could not tolerate! Because Lola was his wife, and no man was allowed to move even a-half-step closer to her.

"Well, we can talk about it later after Lola comes out." Lola! Lola! Harry had no clue when those two got so familiar with each other, and thought that he may be too indulgent with that woman.

Deep and dead silence reigned the corridor. Two man on top were standing there, each with their own thought.

In less than two minutes, Lola staggered out of the room with her bag. Upon seeing handsome Thomas, she enchantingly greeted him, "Hi, handsome boy!"

Harry said with stony face, "Lola! Go home!" Harry pulled Lola and was about to leave, but Thomas Herren barred their way.

"It seems that Lola doesn't want to go with you."

"Mr. Herren, it is our family affair. How could you get so much time to meddle in other's affairs?" Lola got rid of his grip on her hand, and threw herself into Thomas's arms.

With a tender woman giving off the fragrance of body wash in his arms, Thomas was deeply attracted and went blank-minded for the first time.

"Handsome boy, I don't want to go with him. Can you take me away?" With hands around Thomas's neck and red lips slightly pouted, Lola looked at the man up front who was always mature and charming.

... After going out of the elevator, Zoe, carrying a bowl of s

oup in hand, stared at them in dumb disbelief, and failed to gather a thin thread of courage to venture a step farther.

Those two men not far away were both powerful. Which one was Lola's husband? Could it be that silly Lola two-times her husband? Obviously, it was a scene showing two love rivals meet and suffer from extreme jealousy.

"Lola!" Harry pulled the drunken woman towards him and kissed her against the wall.

Standing there dumbfounded, Zoe covered his mouth. Well, he had to admit that that man was really cool!

Not long after feeling that familiar breath, Lola responded and kissed back.

Seeing that, Thomas put back his smile with fists clenched.

After a long time, Harry said without looking at him, "Mr. Herren, did you see how affectionate we are?"

Thomas walked away towards his room with steady steps. It was not until Harry heard the sound of locking that he held Lola in his arms.

As Harry swept his cold and sharp gaze towards the elevator, Zoe was so frightened that he immediately got into the elevator and hastily pressed a button. My gosh! He was so horrible! Did Lola marry a devil? "She got drunk with my company. I'd better flee. Lola, pray for yourself," Zoe thought to himself...

After seating Lola at the front passenger seat, Harry drove Maybach towards the villa.

All the way home, Lola felt as dizzy as if she was floating in the air.

Sheer hell! She decided not to drink that much next time, as she felt terrible at the moment. Who could come her rescue?

"Stop the car! I want to vomit!" Lola screamed suddenly and began to retch.

A sudden squeak of car broke the silence at night, rather ear-piercing. Harry cursed under his breath and rapidly got out of the car to carry her out.

After throwing up at the roadside, Lola felt less dizzy. A bottle of pure water was handed over. Lola took the water and gargled with it. She kept gargling there until a whole bottle of water was used up.

"Water!" Harry had to take out another bottle of water, opened and handed it to her.

Instead of gargling, she drank one-third of the water at a breath. Lola breathed a long sigh of relief. Throwing up made her feel much better, and water drank reduced blood alcohol content in her body.

"Better now?" Harry asked coldly.

Thinking of what happened in the day, Lola paid no attention to him and walked directly towards the car.

Before sitting down, Lola was dragged out by Harry. "Lola, get sober-minded?"

"Yes! So what?"

"So what? You tell me!" Harry shoved her onto the back seat with great strength. Lola looked at scowling Harry in fright. With a grim sense of foreboding, Lola instinctively tried to get rid of him.

"Harry, no. It is all my fault. Please don't do it here." Lola piteously entreated.

Harry looked up at her. "No? Did you play this hard-to-get trick to that man just now? Hum?" Thinking that she may have intercourse with another man, Harry was driven by an impulse to gulp her down.

Not understanding his satire, Lola rolled her eyes and said, "What the hell are you talking about? What man? Damn it. Let me go!" Her hands were tightly controlled by Harry, who left her no chance to regain freedom.

Ignoring her struggle, Harry warned, "You'd better think seriously about how to make up for the trouble you have made in the past days." His ineffably evil voice made her shiver.

Damn man bullied her every day! Ah! She must revolt! Revolt!

It was getting dark. Even the moon became too shy to look at them, and hid behind clouds.

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