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   Chapter 28 A Very Handsome Guy

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Lola got a new job finally. In fact, she also wanted to audition for entertainment companies, but this was not the right time.

Lola picked up Wendy to take her to Blue Island Mall. After arriving on the second floor, she used the card given by Harry to buy a set of the most expensive cosmetics imported from France. At a moment when seeing the bill, she felt a bit pity for the money. But thinking of the woman sitting on Harry's legs, she decided to restrain that feeling, because if she didn't use his money, other women would.

She originally wanted to buy two sets of the cosmetics, but Wendy refused it firmly. At last, as it was hard to turn down Lola's warm-hearted offer, Wendy accepted a set of medium-priced cosmetics as compensation for her loss of job.

After they had dinner together, Wendy went home first, for she had to tutor her younger brother that evening.

Lola received a phone call from Zoe, and went to the Poppy Bar then.

The bar was established lately, with a style completely different from SOHO Bar. The management there was very strict, and any hazardous article brought in would be confiscated. The bar was more classy than SOHO Bar, too. So, the customers there were mostly rich people and you can hardly find rascals.

After meeting Zoe, Lola opened a karaoke room. Feeling helpless, Zoe stuck a finger in his ear. How could Lola sing in such an unpleasant way? But, if she did not roar angrily, her singing was still quite sweet-sounding! Nevertheless, it could not be heard that night.

Taking warning from the incident with Mike at SOHO Bar, Lola restrained herself to just order two glasses of Chinese liquor. Even so, she was still drunk.

Looking at Lola who was lying on the sofa, too drunk to judge the direction, Zoe swore that he would never drink with her anymore!

"Hey, where are you living?" He did not know where Lola moved to after she got married.

Lola seemed to fall asleep, as she gave no response at all. He found her mobile phone, but failed to unlock it because he does not know the password...

Zoe had no choice but to carry Lola into her car. He drove to a five-star hotel and checked in, costing him much money. Seeing a month's worth of salary being taken away, Zoe was so distressed that he even wanted to beat up Lola.

"When you become rich in the future, I must take the money back double!" Throwing her onto the bed in a presidential suite, he took off the shoes for her and covered her with a quilt, and then left.

Zoe didn't expect that once he entered the elevator, Lola ran out of the room barefooted.

Toilet, where was the toilet? She really wanted to throw up...

Why couldn't she find the toilet? Composing herself, she found herself out of the room somehow.

After walking a few steps, she collapsed because of weak feet. Fortunately, she was held by someone behind her.

Lola raised her head to see the man holding her, and burst into bright smile,"Wow, a very handsome guy!"

Thomas Herren looked at the woman in his arms, who was drunk with red cheeks. It was her! He looked at the opened door in front. That should be her room.

"Is that your room?" Wow, his voice was so charming, even comparable with Harry's.

"Yes, I want to find a toilet. I'm gonna throw up!" Resting against the man's chest, the droopy Lola felt herself extremely exhausted.

Thomas Herren looked at the woman in his arms, feeling amused, and thought that the D city was so small that he had met her for three times within his stay here for only half a month.


he two assistants behind promptly warned Thomas when seeing him carry the woman into the room,"Sir, this woman is not simple!" She was suspicious, for she appeared nearby the master's room without reason.

"You can go back for rest now!" After giving a glance at them, Thomas Herren entered the room.

He sent her into the bathroom,"Would you like to take a bath? I can help you fill the tub." She seemed to need a bath for refreshing herself.

"OK, I want it." While pouring water into the bath, Thomas Herren took up the phone of the room with his long fingers and called the reception desk to summon a waitress.

He left after telling the waitress to take off Lola's clothes and put her into the bathtub.

He originally intended to return to his room for change, but music rang from the bag on the sofa. That should be from a mobile phone.

With hesitation for only a short while, he opened the bag to take out her mobile phone.

"Husband." Seeing the caller identification, he frowned and looked at the bathroom. Was she married?

He pressed the button to hear the voice of a man,"Lola."

Her name was Lola?

"Hello!" Harry, who kept his eyes closed sitting on the backseat of the Maybach, opened his eyes upon hearing this voice.

"Where is Lola?" That cold voice sounded familiar to Thomas Herren.

"She is bathing!"

Joey felt a bit cold and shivered when driving the car.

"Who are you?" Thomas Herren sensed danger from that man and smiled silently. There were few men who could be so cold and aggressive. He probably guessed who the man was.

"I am very interested in her."

"What a pity. She has married, with me!" said the man with pride at ease.

Sure enough! Thomas knew he had guessed right,"So what?"

Hearing this, Harry became even threatening. After learning the exact address, he expelled Joey out of the car directly, and drove to the hotel by himself.

The poor Joey could only hail a taxi.

In five-star Leites Hotel.

Harry parked the car at the hotel gate steadily and strode into the lobby. The hotel porter pulled the door for him at once, but was awed by his imposing manner to even forget to greet him.

The hotel greeter coming up was also awed by his coldness and nobleness, and dared not to move any closer.

Arriving at the said room, he knocked at the door with his right hand, and made a fist with his left hand unconsciously.

Beyond his expectation, it was this man who opened the door! Harry was a bit astonished, but the next moment when he saw Thomas in a bathrobe, he was irritated.

Pushing the door vigorously, he went in to open the door of the bathroom decisively. But he was prevented the moment before twisting the door knob.

"It seems not proper to enter now." Thomas Herren always wore a smile no matter what happened.

"That is my wife. It should always be proper!" The air around them was gradually filled with smell of gunpowder. However, both of them restrained the impulse of beating, thanks to their noble cultivation.

"Take it easy. Have a glass of wine first." Thomas Herren raised the served wine on the cabinet to pour two glasses of wine and passed one to him with smile.

Harry, with his left hand in his pocket, took over the wine with his right hand and drank up.

Thomas Herren smiled slightly and then filled the red wine glass one-third full.

Just when Harry began to lose his patience, he saw that the bedding was still neat except for an overturned corner. His eyes became hazed for a while. Then he understood and smiled.

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