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   Chapter 27 Abusing Lovely Girls

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At almost noon, they went to another mall in the D city - Blue Island Mall. Lola felt not strange about this mall. Wendy's cousin worked here, and introduced them to the manager of Mirade Apparel, which offered good remuneration. The store was originally not in need of additional staff, but two of its senior staff resigned for pregnancy and marriage respectively.

The manager hired them, because Wendy was experienced and Lola was beautiful and graceful.

Lola felt good about such a manager who did not embarrass them deliberately. It only cost a few days for them to become integrated with the senior staff in the store.

They finally settled down. But as Lola counted the days with her fingers, she found that she had not met Harry for five or six days.

She asked Mrs. Du for the reason after she got off work early. It turned out that Harry had been so swamped by work that he was practically living in the company. After feeling distressed for that for a short time, Lola decided to send some clothes to Harry. It was she who did wrong that day after all. As she and Harry did not really love each other, nor did they get married for love, she should not have looked through his private messages or sent a reply!

Thinking of this, she found a shopping bag and went to pack some clothes in Harry's room.

The Maserati was still parked in the garage as it was, and Mrs. Du had given her the key. So, Lola drove the Maserati to Harry's company.

At the gate of the basement parking, though the security guard didn't know Lola, he knew the car Lola was driving, which bore amazing numbers of 66666 on the license plate. Lola entered the parking of SL Group successfully. As she had come here once, she pressed the button of an elevator to reach the 66th floor in a familiar way.

The secretaries, who were working, looked to the direction of the elevator with curiosity, when hearing the opening sound of the elevator.

Seeing Lola, Joey came up like welcoming an honorable lady. But at the thought of the boss in the office, he felt it a terrible coincidence!

"Hello, handsome guy, I come to see Harry!" What Lola said further surprised the female secretaries, for it was already strange for Joey to welcome her in person.

"Er, the boss is busy now. Let me notify him first!" The CEO office was so well soundproof that the noise both outside and inside the office will be insulated.

"No, thanks. I will leave as soon as I give these clothes to him!" Lola was quick to open the door of the CEO office before Joey could bar her way.

Covering his face, Joey returned to his desk, guessing that his boss would be doomed. "...Harry, please!" Harry looked at the little sister sitting on his legs coldly, who was his playmate in childhood. In peacetime, she runs away from him as fast as she could. It seemed that she was so cornered this time as to even ask him for help in this way.

He was about to say something, when the door was opened from outside.

The little woman he had not seen for days was smiling flatteringly at the door. He could even see Joey behind her cover his face and leave. But the smile turned to anger immediately within less than a second.

"Harry!!!" shouted Lola, which was so loud that the secretaries and the woman sitting on Harry's legs were all quite scared. But Joey pretended not to hear anything just like a turtle retracting its head into its shell.

"Harry, who... is she?" Ella Bo forgot to come down from the man's legs at the moment.

Seeing Harry flirt with a woman in the company, Lola burst into fury. She stepped into the office in her 2-inch high heels and threw the clothes in hand onto the desk, knocking some documents from the desk. Ella Bo was frightened to jump off Harry's legs in a hurry. She really admired this woman and wanted to make friends with her, for she dared t

o be angry with Harry. My god!

"You deserve no apology! Little beauty, never be deceived by his appearance. Though he is married, he still seduces women both in his company and via his mobile phone. Don't be fooled!"

Ella Bo was dumbfounded for she had not figured out what was going on.

"Harry, you are a jerk!" said Lola, hammering at the desk twice as if not venting enough hatred. Then she turned round and ran away!

"Stop!" Completely ignoring the command behind, she rushed out of the office.

What made people even muddled was that Lola did not forget to find Joey and said," Your boss chases after women everywhere. How can you let him abuse lovely girls! Poor monitoring!" That girl looked very young, even younger than Lola. How could Harry flirt with a girl who seemed even under age?

Joey felt really wronged for being blamed, because it was none of his business!

Slack-jawed for a long time, the secretaries thought that this woman was really brave to say to the CEO and his assistant in such a way. Wasn't she afraid of being throttled to death by the angry boss?

In the CEO office.

Ella Bo also came to her sense after Lola left. Seeing Harry's livid face, she immediately escaped without saying goodbye.

"Joey, Joey, who is that brave woman?" She must find her and make friends with her.

"Miss, do not try to stir up trouble. Why not ask the boss by yourself?" Both these women were mischievous but you could not do anything about them. Wait! There was another one abroad who was all the more so. Therefore, the women around the boss were all troublemakers that you could not offend!

Hearing what Joey said, Ella Bo escaped with her bag.

Harry looked at the desk in a mess coldly, and opened the bag to find his clothes. It turned out that the little woman came here to send clothes to him. Not bad!


The phone rang. Upon hearing Harry's voice, Joey stood up immediately with a standard military gesture!

"Yes, Boss. It's me!"

After assigning Joey some tasks to do good for Ella Bo, Harry hang up the phone, which made Joey feel fortunate to beat the rap.

He had worked for Harry for a decade and had never seen such a woman who dared to act so recklessly in front of him. Could it be the true love? But, no. Who the boss loves is obviously another woman. Could he love both of them? It's awkward, too... Anyway, he decided to forget about it, because it is as hard to read his mind as to find the needle sunk in Mariana Trench......

"Mr. Yun, who is that woman just now?" A secretary came to ask about the gossip. Joey intended to say that she was boss's wife, but considering the low profile of the boss, he gave up.

"Go to work! Pretend to see nothing no matter what you see in the future! Anyone who is curious about gossips will be...!" Joey made a gesture of cutting throat. Seeing that, the secretary flinched and returned to work.

Alas, how miserable was he, working as the boss's personal assistant? He even didn't know how he struggled through the past decade, Especially when it was about the boss's wife, such a freak. He must take due precautions some other day...

Lola pressed the button of an elevator, filled with fury, and drove the Maserati to dash out. Thinking of the carsickness experienced last time when she rode in Harry's racing car, she slowed down again.

She got through to Zoe," Zoe, where are you? Bring your girlfriend and Wendy. Let's go singing!" "...Lady, I am working now!" Wiping his hand covered in gasoline, he answered the phone with the other hand.

"All right! Let's meet in SOHO Bar...No, we should not go there. Let's meet in Poppy Bar in Qinxiang Road tonight!"

Not knowing what was going on, Zoe looked at the mobile phone, which had been directly hung up before he replied. Fine, she must be pissed off again by someone.

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