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   Chapter 25 Four Police Cars Were Scrapped

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 7051

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"I feel pity for your husband, for he dared to married you, a freak." Zoe passed an apple to her.

Lola, eating the apple cheerfully, opposed at once upon hearing what Zoe said, "What are you saying? I am the one you should feel pity for, because I was completely controlled by him. He always teases me and even roared at me just now, blaming me for being a trouble maker... I am so miserable. Just what part of me makes you think that I am doing OK?"

Zoe rolled his eyes at her, for she found fault about her savior. "What does your husband do? He looks quite formidable!"

"The CEO of a company?" She didn't know whether he had any other identity.

Well, that sounded good! Lola told Zoe about what happened in the mall that morning and what she had done to Mike at length, ending with a conclusion that Mike and Sara must take revenge on her, probably by suing. "Alas, at that time, maybe I have to ride my husband's coattails," she said.

Linda Du brought in the noodle with eggs, the aroma of which lured Lola to gobble it down with chopsticks.

"Take your time. It is hot!" Alas, children without parents are so pitiful! Linda Du understood the relationship between Lola and Zoe. They were just good friends...

"I didn't find that your husband even maltreated you by leaving you starving." Zoe Lu cracked a melon seed and fed it into the mouth of Linda.

Without caring about what he said, Lola finished off the bowl of noodle within several minutes. Rubbing her stomach, she passed the empty bowl to Linda, "Thank you for the trouble."

"You are welcome. Enjoy your chatting."

"You are really lucky to find such a good girlfriend." Lola admired the women who were very capable of all housework including cleaning and cooking, just like Linda.

"You are right. Who am I? A little bit poor though, I am still very charming."

"Gee, let's go for racing, together with Linda! I will go downstairs first and wait you in the car!" Lola wiped her mouth and went out with her key.

Ten minutes later.

Zoe showed up with Linda by motorcycle beside Lola's Maybach. Lola had intended to give them a ride, but seeing Zoe Lu ride on his motorcycle, she drove to the east of the city with them without saying anything.

On Qinghao Racing Track.

Though it was already 12 o'clock at midnight, the race track was ablaze with lights, with over a dozen young men and women gathering together and cheering aloud.

When seeing Zoe and Lola arrive, some of them came over to say hello.

Lola's car attracted a lot of attention.

"Lola, where do you rent this Maybach? It must be very expensive." Lyna, the leader of cheering squad for the race, put forward the question many others were wondering about. As Lola was known to many people in their circle, her sufferings had been learned by almost everyone there.

"Rent? That's a present from her husband." Zoe stared at Lyna. Couldn't he understand what Lyna meant by saying that?

"Wow, Lola, you are married. What a good luck!"

"Yes, her rich father cannot be found, but she married a rich husband. Alas, comparisons are odious!"

... Lola regretted going there, for many of the people there were jealous of her, which completely dispelled her cheer.

"I come here for racing. You can check the car, but there is no need to talk about me!" Lola retied up her unkempt hair.

Disdaining to pay attention to those jealous women, Zoe drove his racing car out of the garage, immediately followed by several refitted raci

ng cars.

When seeing Zoe's amazing grey Buggati Veyron, the people whistled one after another.

"Zoe, we finally see your brilliant racing car again. It's really a rare chance." Zoe was such a poor guy. But no one knew how he could get several million yuan to buy this Buggati Veyron.

His car was incomparable among all the cars owned by the rich second generation who have visited that racing track!

Five cars were ready. As it was night, they raced inside of the brightly lit venue.

"Zoe, come on!"

"Maybach, come on! Love you!" Only few men cheered for Lola.

The cheers from cheerleaders led by Lyna in a crop top and the shouts from surrounding spectators were so loud that they could even be heard from a long distance.

With a starting whistle, the Maybach dashed out first and kept leading the race. When it came to the second lap, Zoe's Buggati Veyron caught up with her with a quick acceleration. In less a minute, the refitted Honda falling behind them dashed to pass them suddenly.

Lola also stepped on the accelerator. She took the lead again because of her outstanding driving skills and her car of excellent performance.

The race was in full swing, until the last lap when Zoe accelerated again to dash across the finishing line directly! He was closely followed by Lola's Maybach.

"Yeah! Zoe wins!"

"Zoe, awesome!"

Spectators kept making thunderous cheers. The manager served beers to the crowds for celebration.

In SL Group.

Joey hung up the phone with trembling hands and dared not to look at the man in front.

"Who is that?"

"Boss... that is the traffic police brigade." Wiping his sweat without being noticed, Joey thought: "Lola is really capable, for she has just been bailed from a police station in the evening after being detained for an afternoon because of fighting with others in the morning. But now... Boss, prepare yourself for this troublemaker."

"What's up!"

"Your car was chased by several police cars because of overspeed driving and escaped. Four police cars were scrapped. Now your car is located at Qinghao Racing Track." Madam, pray for yourself...

The silence in the room made Joey imagine unrestrainedly about Mrs. Si being lashed by the boss and then her body being discarded in a wilderness.

"Go and fetch the racing car parked in Eason Bo's garage." He lit up a cigarette and made a smoke ring. Then he called Eason Bo with his mobile phone.

Lola felt good after relaxation.

She was chatting with some beauties casually, when a car parked in the venue steadily.

"God, an F1 top racing car!"

"Oh, my gosh, it is true. I have only seen it on television!"

"Ahhh, I am so excited to see a real one!"

"The brake disc, body and chassis are all made of carbon fiber, costing a high investment. Its four tires can even be worth a Ferrari! The steering wheel is exclusively designed and dismountable, at the expense of at least 30, 000... US dollars. Its dual-clutch transmission is the best one capable of the speediest shift in the world, featuring a shifting speed of only 2 ms. Its engine costs nearly 2 million yuan, and will be totally scrapped after four races... This is a car made regardless of cost, and probably the most expensive one in the world!" said Zoe earnestly, for that was his dream car.

Lola drank the beer with indifference, for it was none of her business...

"Lola, get in the car!" The familiar voice from the car made Lola suddenly choke on the beer she drank.

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