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   Chapter 24 Mrs. Si Ran Off With the Car

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The top comment read,"My Prince Charming, I trust you!"

The second came,"Scum, how can you behave disloyally to your fiancee?" Lola clicked on the Like button evilly.

As Lola was busy checking Weibo news, a WeChat message popped up.

A contact called "Yolanda" sent Harry a message,"Harry, are you busy?"

"Harry, you got a WeChat message..." Being a little angry, Lola looked at Harry. It was obvious that that was just the one in his Weibo chat list. Moreover, it was a woman, and she called him in such an intimate way.

"Who is that?" Harry asked without raising his head.

"Yolanda. She says she misses you..." Her remarks made people smell jealousy in the air. Harry, who was signing a document, paused.

"Leave her alone." Harry continued to check the document.

With a snicker, Lola decided to play a trick on that woman as a punishment to Harry who had always teased her.

"No. How about you?"

"Harry, I miss you. When will you come back from D city?" The person on the other end went blank, but replied soon.

Hum. How close they were! She even said that "I miss you"!

"Baby, I miss you, too. I will go back soon." Lola snickered.

Seeing the message received on WeChat, the woman clenched her phone, as she noticed that it didn't sound like Harry. "Fine. Can we make a video call now? I want to talk to you."

"That's OK!" Lola agreed cheerily, and immediately aimed the phone camera at Harry.

Suddenly, Harry snatched the phone and declined the video call.

Harry browsed the chat history and said,"Who allows you to reply to her message?" It seemed that he got angry.

"I'm bored. So I replied."

"Can you behave yourself? What else can you do except making trouble?" Turning livid with rage, Harry entered "It was not me" in the message box.


What he said hurt Lola, as she thought that she was given the cold shoulder. Feeling wronged with red eyes, Lola said with dissatisfaction,"I just sent a reply. Do you go so far as to get such angry?"

"You always mess up!" Harry fretfully sat back in front of the computer.

"If you don't allow me to reply, just block her. Why do you still keep her in the contact list? For worshipping every day?" They had a row just a fe

ear words from the tip of his tongue.

"Hey bro, do you have anything to eat? I am starving to death." Lola pushed Zoe away and went into his house.

"Eh, sister in law is also here." Seeing Zoe's girlfriend, Lola looked at Zoe with surprise, guessing that they live together.

"Lola, what brought you here so late at night?" Linda Du and Lola had met once, leaving a good impression on each other.

Lola immediately wore a sad look. "Sister in law, I am so poor today. I have eaten nothing all day long." God damn it. Harry didn't even take her to a meal before bringing her to the company. Poor Lola...

Hearing this, Linda Du went into the kitchen to make noodles for her.

"Lola, what happened? The Weibo news has described you as an attempted murderer. What's up?" Zoe had called Lola dozens of times. At first, the call went through, but no one answered. Then the phone was powered off, probably because of the dead battery.

"Forget it. Sara created a disturbance in my workplace this morning. And Wendy and I got fired because of her. Then we were sent to the police station. Fortunately, Si... my husband came on a white horse to rescue me."

... Was it really a white horse?

"So what's going on now?"

"I hijacked the car from my husband's assistant and wanted to have a race with you. On my way here, I was chased by the police. I have exerted every effort to get rid of them." Husband, husband and husband. Lola seemed to be satisfied with her life now.

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