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   Chapter 23 The CEO Is an Idolater, Too.

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Many of the onlookers doubted if this was for drama shooting! Some people even took photos with their mobile phones and uploaded them to Weibo.

Then, all the people involved were led to a local police station. Lola and Wendy were detained for they were accused of intentional injury.

Joey checked Weibo to see if there was any headline, while having dinner. Indeed, there was. In addition to Mike, the words "Huaguan Mall" were also listed on the Trending Searches. He clicked on it to learn that, as shown in the photos taken by some onlookers, two staff attempted to kill someone in the mall before being chased by the security guards across the mall, and were finally brought under control by the policemen...

After viewing the photo inadvertently, he found that the woman in it resembled the wife of his boss very much. Boss's wife? Huaguan Mall? After finishing the meal casually, Joey trotted into the company and ran to the CEO room.

All the staff on the way were astonished to see the all-time cool Joey running toward the elevator frantically.

Calming his breath down, Joey knocked at the door of the CEO room and went in after getting the permission.

He opened the mobile phone to show the news to his boss. While reading the news, Harry frowned even fiercely. After a minute, he went out of his office with a long face. His looks made the secretaries outside shiver. Joey kept up with the boss resignedly and drove to the police station with him.

The night fell. In the police station, Lola and Wendy were detained separately after making oral confession. But Sara and Elaine, as victims, were released after making oral statements.

Before leaving, Sara warned Lola,"Just wait here for law suit! I will sue you, leaving you imprisoned forever!"

"Yuck! Dear sir, she threatened me. Why do you let her go? It's unfair!" Lola glanced at Sara disdainfully, and turned to look at the young policeman pathetically, who was handling the case.

"They have powerful men behind them!" said by the policeman calmly after glancing at the woman in protest.

... Lola has a powerful man, too, but she dared not to call him...

Cry, cry, cry...

After Sara and Elaine left, Lola considered whether she should make a phone call to Zoe to let him bail her first.

This should never be learned by Harry!

At that moment, someone said to her from outside,"Lola, you can go now!"

She could go? Lola was delighted, but the next moment, she started to wonder who it was to bail them. Couldn't it be...

Yes, it was him! Lola went out from the police station embarrassedly. When she saw the black Maybach, she knew that she guessed right.

"Wendy, I want to stay overnight at your home!" She begged pathetically, slightly pulling the clothes of Wendy.

While Wendy was wondering about the reason, a man got out of the luxury car and said to Lola,"Madam, Boss wants you to get in the car."

"No, I don't want to get in. I will go home with my friend..." How embarrassing.

"Madam, I have called a car to send your friend home." Joey wiped his sweat without being noticed. It turned out that the madam was afraid of the boss, too!

"Why do you intermeddle? I will send her! I will!" Lola held the hand of Wendy and was about to go.

"Where are you going?" Lola stopped, upon hearing the familiar voice from the open window.

"Boss Si, you must be busy. I will send my friend home without bothering you." Could she escape from him?


in the car!" The overbearing and cold command made Lola loosen her grip on Wendy's hand and get in the car tamely.

Wendy looked at Lola, feeling puzzled. Lola seems to be very afraid of her husband. Would the man beat her?...

"Miss Yu, please wait here for a moment. The car will arrive soon." What Joey said interrupted the thought of Wendy.

"OK, thank you." She decided to ask Lola next time when they met.

After Lola got in the car, the cool air inside sent her a shiver. She sat closely to the door.

Joey got in the car and saw the boss with eyes closed from the interior mirror. He bet that the boss was bewildered by his wife. Seeing the silent Harry, the trouble maker Lola then relaxed herself gradually.

The car ran to the company directly. When Lola felt puzzled, Harry got out of the car first.

"What's wrong? Should I carry you down?" The poker-faced Harry looked at the woman, who did not intend to get out. Hearing what he said, Lola immediately opened the door and trotted to follow Harry.

At over 7:00 p.m., there were still some employees not getting off work. The three of them went up to the CEO room on the 66th floor directly. Two secretaries, who were still working at the moment, sized up Lola in the uniform sneakingly, feeling curious about her background and purpose.

Joey opened the door and then left and closed the door sensibly.

After entering the office, Harry opened the computer to continue his work. Lola was idling about in the office.

Half an hour later.

"Harry, can I play with your mobile phone?"

The mobile phone was handed over to her directly. Lola looked at Harry's latest mobile phone curiously. It felt good.

"Harry, what's the password?"

With a pause, Harry said a string of numbers.

"Harry, is the number 1025 anyone's birthday?"

She was responded with silence. Without paying attention to that, she entered the password to unlock the mobile phone, lying in the sofa.

The wallpaper was a smiling woman, who looked familiar. Oh, she seemed the international super star - Yolanda Mo. She liked her for a period, for she acted the leading role of a drama called Our Youth. Did Harry also like her?

Without thinking more, Lola found and opened Weibo directly. She was about to log out his account, when she saw there were many private messages. Driven by curiosity, she browsed through the list of the messages. They were mostly about business information. There was also a dialog box titled with Yolanda, but the chatting records had been deleted.

The last private message was dated half a month ago, but with who? His beloved woman?

Checking his following list, she found herself. When did he follow her on Weibo? How should she not notice that? That's right! She had so many followers, so she did not pay attention to this. Hey hey.

He also followed Yolanda Mo. It seems that he liked this star very much. It turned out that CEO was an idolater, too!

After logging in her own Weibo account, Lola refreshed the headlines and finally she knew why Harry learned about her being detained. She and Wendy were listed on the top news. In the comments, many people had even exposed her bygone status...

But, the calmer Harry was, the less calm she was. She felt so unsure about whether he would blame her or not.

She continued to check the follow-up report about Mike. It said that Yunze Group had taken PR measures and responded that Mike was philtered by someone.

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