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   Chapter 22 I Have Tolerated You for Two Days

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"How is Mike inflicted by me? Look how I am inflicted by you. How does your mother educate you to be so shameless!" Bitch? Bastard? Rubbing the hurt cheek, Lola consoled herself that she would not only get even with Sara this moment but also double her revenge on Sara in future!

"You deserve your punishment, for your father took away the beloved woman of Uncle Qi over two decades ago and you, again, took away my beloved man three years ago." Sara stared at the straight-faced Lola ferociously. She clenched her teeth in bitter hatred, just like wanting to eat Lola.

As this was the first time for Lola to hear such a thing of her father and Jacob Qi, she was wondering if this woman was her mother. "Being taken away? That means the woman did not regard Jacob Qi her beloved one!"

"Bah! Damn bitch, go to find the paparazzi and clarify what happened. Tell them it was all due to your philtering!" Lola really could not figure out why this bitch was so proud and supercilious. She would destroy her pride and let her be doomed forever.

Lola looked at Sara like seeing a mad woman. She took up the phone on the cashier desk and dialed 911.

"Hello, I need your help. A wild woman is behaving atrociously at Yuqing Apparel in Huaguan Mall..." Elaine stopped Lola from making the call immediately. Call the police? Did she permit that?

At this moment, Sara made a gesture to the women behind her. Several playgirls came up at once to force Lola into a fitting room aside.

"Lola, this is your last chance. Will you obey me?" Looking at Lola who was held in leash, Sara smiled triumphantly.

"Yes, I will." A wise man knew when to retreat.

Sara beckoned to the playgirls by waving her hand to let go of Lola.

Wendy took her phone quietly and made a phone call in a corner.

"Hello, help please."

Elaine came to grab the mobile phone before Wendy said more. "Call the police? How dare you?"

"Sure, I can. It's none of your business. Return it to me!" Not bearing any more, You Wendy directly offended her manager openly.

"Believe it or not. I will beat you together." As the whole mall belonged to Sara's fiancé, Elaine had nothing to fear.

"Who do you think you are?" Wendy could not attend to her mobile phone, but ran into the fitting room before Lola just came out.

Lola walked to VIP lounge where she got herself a cup of water and drank calmly. Sara felt puzzled about the intent of Lola. At this moment, Lola walked towards Sara and sprayed the water in the mouth over the latter's face.

"Yuck, let me obey you? It's impossible!" Then she poured the rest half more cup of water on Sara's head. Sara unbelievably looked at Lola, who continued to pour the water, and burst into scream due to embarrassment.

"Ah, bitch Lola!"

Lola threw the cup directly in Sara's face and took another cup to repeat it onto the head of Elaine.

"Shit, I have tolerated you for two days. Today, I will repay you for your persecution! How dare you, these playgirls, meddle in our affairs?" Lola found an ashtray next to her and smashed it onto the ground. The ashtray broke into three pieces directly. She picked up one and raised her hand, "If you dare to touch us, I will fight with you!"

Seeing Lola's act, Wendy also went over, "Lola, I will give them a lesson, too." She had only learnt taekwondo for a mont

h, but Lola did not have any of such basis. For the moment, Lola needed her, she must stand out.

Seeing that Lola really meant that, the playgirls were scared by her imposing manner and dared not to touch them.

Sara pissed off for coming with these cowards instead of several men.

As it seemed to become a bigger trouble, the surrounding staff were all frightened to send for guards in the mall.

"Wendy, give a lesson to that old woman - Elaine, and I must scratch the face of mistress Sara." Wendy gave a hefty kick and started to beat Elaine fiercely. Lola looked at Wendy with admiration.

She got close to Sara slowly with a smirk. "OK, let's settle it today. Let me see how dissolute you are on Mike's bed and how you can hook up with Mike after your face is disfigured."

These words sound so familiar. Oh, right. This was often what a mistress said to the heroine in dramas!

With the cold glass fragment stopped on her face, Sara dared not act impetuously, "Lola, you must be crazy!"

Lola ignored her and moved slightly, resulting in a tiny bloodstain. Sara felt a sharp pain on her cheek. "Ah! Lola, you are really mad."

Sara seized the chance to step backward to escape and promptly hided herself behind the playgirls.

"I will pay 100, 000 yuan to each of you, if you catch this woman!" Sara ground her teeth in pain but dared not touch the wound on her cheek.

The playgirls looked at each other and no one dared to come up. "Think it over, for the glass fragment in my hand showed no mercy.

Which counted more, the money or your beautiful face?" Lola smiled evilly. Sara had never seen such a look on her, and thus was too scared even to breathe.

Over there, Wendy had beaten Elaine's face to be swollen. With this face, Elaine would feel ashamed to be seen for the next half a month.

After walking up to Sara, Lola gave her a slap rightly on the hurt cheek to make her suffer from severe pain and even want to call her mother for help. Sara was totally in a mess with water all over her head and body and a scratch on her cheek.

"Sara, I must make you smell hell today. You should also be blamed for my family's enormous suffering. Go ahead to sue me!" Wendy came over immediately and joined Lola to beat the woman on the ground who came for revenge.

At this moment, the guards arrived to see Lola and Wendy beating the women, and stopped them at once.

"Stop! What are you doing?" You two!" Seeing the guards rushing in, Wendy pulled Lola to escape from another door.

Seeing helpers come, Sara cried out at once, "Go and catch them, or you will all be fired!" Lola, having not escaped out, flipped her off when hearing the words. Sara really thought herself the landlady here!

Thus, two women in uniforms of the mall were running in front, chased by several guards, which was really a spectacular scene.

Wendy was the champion of long-distance races when she was at school, so she pulled Lola to dash forward with all her strength. She shouted while running, "Hurry up. Move, move, excuse me!"

"Wendy, good job!" Lola, panting heavily, thumbed up at Wendy, and both of them smiled. But unfortunately...

Elaine also called the police a moment ago. Several policemen saw the two running women rightly when they got off the elevator, and came forward to bring them under control.

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