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   Chapter 21 Three Men

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 7086

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Forget about him. She drew out her mobile phone with an evil face, and sent Sara two photos via WeChat app. Then she blacklisted her directly. One of the photos was Mike trying to kiss her in the room. She took this photo with the camera opened in advance from a side. The other photo was the four men enjoying themselves.

Three minutes later, the prompt tone of Weibo rang. It was a private message from Sara. Oh, she forgot to blacklist her on Weibo!

"Fuck, Lola, you are really a bitch. What did you do to Mike?" Sara had been calling Mike, but it was always off. Lola had blacklisted her on WeChat, so Sara had to use Weibo to send this message.

"What did I do to Mike? Bah, the jerk forced me and I was saved. Can't you see it?" Lola replied quickly. Anyway, as she could not fall asleep, she didn't mind playing with her.

"Nonsense. Mike will never love you, for you have slept with many men." Sara and Mike fell in love with each other when she was 15 years old. It was Lola who took away her man. Mike does not love this woman, but was only forced to be with her for the sake of Uncle Jacob's plan.

For three years when they were together, Mike kept ingratiating himself with Lola. As the best friend of Lola, she could only see her beloved one hugging another woman!

Fortunately, Mike always loved her. Even though he drugged Lola that night, she still believed that what hit his fancy was only the appearance of Lola. But she would never let her beloved man sleep with other women. Lola must be robbed of her most precious thing by an unknown man that night, ha-ha!

But, seeing the photo in her mobile phone where Mike was caressed pleasantly by three men, she even felt disgusting.

"Yes, so your man has not only slept with many women but also some men!"

"Tell me where he is!"

Lola, having achieved her aim, told an address to Sara with alacrity. Go ahead to save the "hero"! Don't worry. She would give Mike a chance to save his beauty, too...

Sara, who returned to D city just now, drove her car to SOHO Bar immediately, with hatred even burning in her heart.

The damned bitch. If Mike met with any mishap, she would not let Lola go!

When arriving at the fourth floor of SOHO Bar, Sara hurried to knock on the door of Room 405. The one who opened the door was rightly the black man in the photo. It seemed that he had just bathed, for he was wrapped in a towel. She was startled to hesitate for a while.

"Sorry, I knocked on the wrong door." Sara calmed herself down and decided to call the police first.

She called 110 inconspicuously in a corner and waited for policemen anxiously.

After a few minutes, she saw the policemen, together with many paparazzi.

Damned bitch, Lola even exposed this to paparazzi. If this was covered in news, Mike would be doomed!

In fact, Lola would feel wronged later when she knew this, for she did not tell this to paparazzi...

Over a dozen paparazzi started to take photos of Sara once they saw her, for she was the daughter of the Fu family. Sara covered her face with her bag at first, but gave up then and walked to the policemen directly.

"Do you call the police?" One of the policemen asked seriously.

"Yes, my fiancé was kidnapped to this room." Sara answered straightforward.

When the policemen were handling this, the paparazzi were very cooperative not to ask anything, only taking photos and recording videos.

The policemen knocked at the door for a long time, but no one answered. Both the poli

cemen looked at each other. Sara felt puzzled, too, not knowing what happened inside.

A policeman sent for the manager and forced him to open the door with the excuse of handling cases. The sound from the room made all the people trembled, for there were women's moan and men's groan of pleasure. The paparazzi thrust the policemen and Sara aside and broke into the room immediately.

In the messy room, there was a man on top of a woman. It was Mike. The one under him with blond hair and white skin was obviously a woman. Seeing what they had taken, all the paparazzi were stunned. Didn't she say being kidnapped?

What they saw was totally a live porn. When seeing the crowd breaking in, Mike became quite sober and promptly wrapped himself tightly with a blanket.

"Didn't you say your fiancé was kidnapped? It is obvious that he is having a sex trade!" The policemen squinted at the dumbstruck Sara, and then walked to the bedside to show Mike their certificates.

"We are policemen. Please come with us!"


After a good night's sleep, Lola browsed Weibo news, only to find the latest headline with the name of Mike, which had become hot news.

Feeling a little puzzled, she clicked on it to check out details. The title was that Mike, Vice President of Yunze Group (originally Li Group), was caught for sex trade with a blonde in a bar late at night.

Mike's fiancée called the police saying he was kidnapped. But he was actually trading sex and was then detained at a local police station.

In addition to whoring, it was also told by insiders that, before that, three African men got out from Mike's room.

Sara, the fiancée of Mike, an eligible bachelor, called the police saying her fiancé was kidnapped, but she was to catch adultery in fact.


Oh, my god! She did drug Mike and find some strong men for him, and Sara called the police. But where did so many paparazzi come from, as well as this blonde?

Could it be Harry? It could only be him... It was really remarkable when boss took the field. Mike was immediately in bad odor. He was detained and Yunze Group's share price kept plummeting.

Lola continued to go to work on her little motorcycle, but she was prepared for being maltreated.

As expected, she was made to do a lot of cleaning, even including the warehouse, once Elaine arrived in the store.

As she had never done cleaning before, it was impossible for her to do it well. So she was scolded and forced to rework over and over again.

Just as Lola was decided to explode, there came an uninvited guest - Sara! Behind her were several women who looked like playgirls. They were obviously hostile.

"Cousin, call Lola over, that bitch!" Her voice which was louder than usual by a few decibels immediately drew the attention of all the staff in the store.

Lola came out from the warehouse with her head covered with dust. Before she stood firm, a slap hit on her face.


Nothing could be heard except the light music in the apparel store.

"Slap!" Here was another ringing sound, leaving the store even quieter.

Covering her slapped cheek, Lola raised her hand and slapped back at once.

"Bitch! How dare you slap me? Look how Mike was inflicted by you! I must give you a lesson today, you bastard!" Sara learned that Lola Li was not Carl Li's biological daughter several years ago. She heard it when Carl told the truth to Catharine Rong in his home. This stupid woman thought herself as a princess all the time. Shame on her.

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