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   Chapter 20 Running a Red Light

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 6780

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"OK...But I have just ordered a glass of cocktail, I should not waste it."

"It's just a piece of cake." Mike drank it up in one swallow.

Seeing the whole glass of cocktail drunk by Mike, Lola smiled slightly. "Mike, I will repay you what you have done, This brainless bastard!" Lola thought. But... Was Mike also thinking she's a fool, when she drank the glass of wine with philter that day? Alas...

She held Mike's arm on her own initiative and they headed for a room upstairs by tacit agreement.

When Zoe hurried to the bar, Lola had disappeared. He called her and got through, but Lola didn't answer the phone.

After coming across figures of a couple holding each other's arms, Zoe followed up promptly for the woman looked like Lola from the back. But the crowds prevented him from pushing his way there. When he managed to get there, the couple had disappeared.

Lola led Mike into a room. Upon entering, Mike cuddled her urgently. His intended kiss was avoided by Lola.

"Go for a bath first..."

"No need to bathe. I can't wait." Mike only felt a little dizzy. He tried to sober himself before taking off his clothes.

Looking at the man who was undressing, Lola got flustered, wanting to open the door and dash out. But the man held on to her wrist and threw her onto the bed.

Mike began to be unconscious, so Lola quickly got up from the other side of the bed and clapped her hands.

The door to the bathroom was opened soundlessly. Three people walked out from the back of Mike.

One of them stepped forward and leapt on top of him. As Mike had blown his mind out, he started to grope whoever he touched.

"Baby, enjoy my love." The obscene words from his mouth made Lola nearly vomit up.

Everything was ready. She took out her mobile phone, which was muted by her. There were dozens of missed calls in it, but she paid no attention to them, and directly pressed the back button.

She opened the camera to take several photos of Mike's front together with the backs of the other three people. Then she left hurriedly.

From behind the closed door came Mike's voice with pleasure, which really disgusted Lola. She quickened her pace towards the elevator and reached the ground floor.

What bad luck! How was he here?

Lola ran to the exit passageway, wearing a long face. The first reaction of the man turned out to be running after her.

By just a few strides, he caught Lola, who was about to run down the stairs, and got her under control between the wall of the exit passageway and his body.

As her jaw was tightly pinched by him, Lola cried out because of pain, "It hurts. Let me go!"

"Let you go? What did I tell you? Hum?" Harry stared at this intractable woman fiercely.

"I am just strolling around...Why are you making a fuss?" With a guilty conscience, Lola did not dare to look at Harry. Damn it. It must be Ben Ao who reported to him!

"Stroll? Stroll with Mike to a hotel room? Lola, you are really capable!"

Harry loosened his grip of her jaw. With both hands pushing against the wall, he trapped Lola between his arms overbearingly, which made her flipped...

But she could not hear any sentiment from his indifferent tone.

"I did not sleep with him!" Thinking of the photo she took just now, she felt cheerful and decided to send them to Sara later after she got home.

"No, y

ou didn't. But you dare to philter a man. Lola, don't you know the consequence?" Harry became stony-faced, giving off coldness all over, which sent Lola into a shiver.

"Isn't it successful without anything wrong? Besides, I also called Zoe to guard me!"

Speaking of Zoe, where is he?

God, as things went too smoothly, she even forgot about Zoe!

"Zoe guarded you? He is also seeking for you across the bar!" How didn't he realize this little woman was so capable?

"Let it go. Boss Si...How about going home?" Lola smiled and intended to bluff it out.

Harry kissed on her lips, with his hands caressing her.

"Today, I will run a red light to screw you here!" What he said in an icy tone made Lola scared with cold feet.

But she was muffled by his kiss immediately, and failed to say anything. As Lola could not break his control with all her strength, she was frightened to sad tears. Shaking her head, she said, "This is not the right place, nor is it the right time!"

She was convinced of her fault.

He sucked on her neck violently before letting go of her slowly. Seeing the little woman sobbing in his arms, he said, "This is a lesson to you. If this happens again, Lola..."

Being warned, Lola shook her head tactfully right away to show that she would never do this again and would be a good girl.

... After calming down, she made a phone call to Zoe and told him that she had been picked up by her husband and would apologize by inviting them to dinner!

Harry sent Joey, who was waiting outside, away back to the company, and drove the Maserati of Lola home with her.

Along the way, Lola appeared in low spirits, for she felt unhappy to be tightly controlled by Harry. Alas! How miserable it was! She must find ways to rebel!

In the bedroom, Lola climbed into the bed sluggishly after spending over ten minutes in the bathroom. "Don't you... sleep?" She curiously sized up the man who had been staring at her.

"Are you inviting me to sleep with you?" He took out his mobile phone to check the time.

"... It is up to you!" Ignoring him, Lola lay down and pulled the quilt over her head.

Harry walked to the bedside and looked down at the little woman, "If such things happen again and you don't notify me in advance, you will never be allowed to get out of this room."

"Why?! I have my personal freedom!" Lola popped out from the bed swiftly. But she did not know Harry was so close to her. Shoot! She bumped her head against his jaw...

"Lola, can you be steadier?" said the man with resignation, rubbing her head.

Lola was depressed, too. Why was he so close to her? "I am suffering from mild concussion now. Compensate for my medical fee and mental damages!" she cried out.

"Fine, here you are!" He gave her a soul kiss directly and let her go when she was about to lose her breath.

She was so angry that she wanted to kick him off. Why did this bastard always ruin her revenge plans?


When Harry left the room, he turned off the light. But he saw her room lit again when he got into the car downstairs. So what? Was she afraid of the dark?

Hearing the sound of starting a car, Lola breathed a sigh of relief.

But where did Harry go at this late hour? He sent his assistant away back to the company just now. Was he returning to the company for work? It was really arduous work!

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