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   Chapter 19 Lonely Nights

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 6989

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Mike logged in the mobile game, to find Lola stand in front of the Auction House. Wondering what she was doing, he asked:

"Lola, what are you doing?"

Lola ignored the prompted message from Mike, and sold all the stuff at a low price.

She then listed her account on a trading platform to sell it.

After disposing of all these, Lola deleted the game and went to sleep after checking Weibo news for a while.

At noon when Mrs. Du came upstairs to call her for lunch, she did not wake up.

After 2:00 p.m., Lola got really enough sleep and her cramps got better. So she got up.

When seeing Lola get up, Mrs. Du quickly heated up the dishes and rice and also stewed chicken soup for her.

After lunch, Lola went upstairs for changing and went out after saying goodbye to Mrs. Du.

She drove her Maserati to a flower shop and bought bunches of white chrysanthemums and carnations.

In a graveyard.

Lola parked the car at the gate of the graveyard and walked in with the flowers in her arms. Her grandmother's tomb was far from her mother's, so Lola visited the former first.

Inscribed on the tombstone was her grandmother's name, together with an old photo of her grandmother with a smiling face. She put the bunch of white chrysanthemums gently in front of the tomb and crouched down to stroke the smiling face in the photo.

"Grandma, you passed away suddenly and father left, too. I hate you. Why do you leave me alone?" Tears gradually blurred her eyes. "Grandma, why doesn't father come to find me? Is it just because I am not his biological daughter? I miss you so much..."

Thinking of the happiness before, Lola burst into a sob quietly, crouching close to the ground, for she would never retrieve the lost happiness. These were all because of them!

"Jacob Qi and Mike Qi, you had ruined my family. I will take vengeance on you by all means!

She walked to her mother's tomb weakly and presented her mother's favorite carnations in front of the tomb. "Mother, forgive me for not visiting you for a long time...Our family is suffering from such a disaster, which you have seen, too. Thank you, mother. Thank you and father for loving and taking care of me. I am fine now...Don't worry and wish me to find father soon. OK?"

A gust of cold wind blew to sway the carnations...

A man in a suit and leather shoes gazed at her at a short distance. Wasn't she the woman in a down jacket at the mall gate yesterday?

She seemed really sad, with her white long dress blowing in the wind. Thomas Herren, who also came here to visit his deceased senior, felt for the first time that the world was really small.

Coming out from the graveyard, Lola mitigated her sorrow for a while, bending over the steering wheel.

Why were Jacob Qi and his son still thriving in this city? Why did they enjoy a meteoric rise at the sacrifice of her father and family? Harry promised her to revenge her, but she could not wait.

It was getting dark with evening lights lit. Lola drove her car aimlessly across this prosperous city.

In SOHO Bar.

Not knowing how she got here, Lola decided to get out for relaxation. But she must call Zoe first, or a woman like her could not predict what she would face in such a place sometimes.

She ordered a cup of soft drink, sitting on the same seat to wait for Zoe. It seemed very lively here that day. Besides Mike, she also saw the man called Ben Ao, who was summoned by Harry last time.

It w

as obvious that Ben had seen her, too. He was walking towards her with a gang of minions.

Looking at the cock-a-hoop Mike, she came up with an idea.

"Hi, madam, you are alone today!" A gossip said that boss was already married. Could it be this woman?

"Hmm, what a coincidence. I happen to need your help." Lola greeted him gracefully.

"Whatever you need, just let me know." Ben Ao sat askew on the sofa opposite to her, crossing his legs.

"Give me some..." Moving close, Lola said what she wanted to him.

"Cough..." Ben Ao, who was normally calm, was scared by what Lola said.

"Did I hear you right?" He stuck a finger in his ear to check if he heard it wrong.

"Yes." She smiled innocuously, as if those words didn't come out of her mouth.

"...For what do you want these?" Ben Ao was quite curious. Why did this girl, weak in appearance, need these things?

"For use, of course! All the expenses will be paid by Harry!" She did not care whether Harry would throttle her after he knew this. She simply couldn't wait.

"This is not a problem of money..."

"Can't you be more decisive? If you can't get these, I won't force you." Lola was very anxious, for fear he went away, leaving her just one step short of success.

Ben Ao waved his hand at the minions behind him. Two or three minutes later, all needed were ready.

"Thanks! I will put in a good word for you with Harry!"

Ben Ao thought it over and decided to let it go. Letting a woman praise another man in front of her man... Wasn't he courting death? Especially her man was Harry. He couldn't even imagine it.

However, Lola had left the seat and disappeared. Ben Ao thought it was necessary to report to Harry by phone...

Lola ordered a glass of cocktail. Swirling the cocktail around in her glass, she thought of what she would do next and showed some hostility in her eyes.

Lola changed to a piteous face about two meters away from Mike.

"Mike..." Hearing a familiar call by accident, he thought he was under delusion.

Looking back, he really saw Lola standing behind him. It was from her beyond doubt.


"This is not what you should call, jerk!" Lola thought.

"Mike, are you busy now?" Lola glanced at the people around him, who were different from those last time. But judged from what they were dressed, they seemed all from wealthy families.

Excuse her for being extremely blind, for she did not find Mike so dirty without attending to his proper duties! She came here twice and each time she met him. It was thus clear how frequent this playboy came here!

"No. not at all. What's wrong, Lola?" Mike promptly went over and pulled her aside.

"Mike..." Lola swallowed back the words on the tip of her tongue, which in the eyes of Mike turned out to be rather attractive.

"Alas! I...I want to come back to you. Can I?" She lowered her head somewhat bashfully, with hatred in her eyes.

Mike immediately became dizzy with surprise. If this beauty was obedient to him, he could give all to her except for spousal relationship.

Wait a minute! "Don't you have a husband?"

"Gosh! My husband... often stays out all night, leaving me alone..." Sorry, Harry! Seeing how delicate and touching she was, Mike laughed, feeling pleased with himself.

"I see. Let's go to a private place. I will comfort you." Depicting Lola's lithe and graceful stature as well as her soft and sweet-scented lips, Mike was too impatient to wait.

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