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   Chapter 18 Being Divorced Successfully

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After twenty minutes, just when Lola wanted to give up on him and go by herself, the bedroom door was opened.

After that, the door to the bathroom was opened, too. Harry, with a long face, passed a plastic bag to her. It contained many bags of sanitary pads, which were the most expensive ones in the supermarket.

"Thank you!" Lola smiled cheerily, making Harry's frustrated face somewhat relaxed.

In order to thank Harry for buying these for her, Lola ran him a bath and went to bed.

She drifted off to sleep because of tiredness. When she was about to fall asleep, she felt someone with a broad chest closely cuddling against her back. Lola turned over and sank into deep sleep in the arms of the man, leaving him suffering from his strong sexual desire.

It became a sleepless night for him.

On the next day, awakened by an alarm clock, Lola checked the time. It was 7:30 a.m., but she felt reluctant to get up.

Wait, feeling something awkward, she turned her head sideways to see Harry sit in the bed looking at his hand with a sullen look as if he bore a deep grudge against his hand.

Lola sat up and found Harry's hand was covered in blood.

"How did you get hurt?!" Lola exclaimed and hurried to find a first aid kit out of bed.

He saw her, who was hurry-scurry, with a cold face, "I am not hurt." The voice came faintly.

After a careful check, Lola suddenly realized something, covering her mouth for titter.

He flung back the blanket and strode to the bathroom to wash his hand in warm water for at least five times.

When he came out, Lola was still tittering. Upon seeing the man, she ceased.

"Don't blame on me! It is not my fault." Keeping a straight face, she started to find her excuse at once. It was his own fault.

Harry gave her an angry stare and took out his suits to change silently.

"Come and tie a necktie for me." He crooked his finger at her, like calling a doggy.

Lola glared at the man and followed his order obediently. It was not difficult, for she had done this before for her father.

"Why are you so good at this?" said the man in a strange voice. The woman rolled her eyes at him, "I have done this for my father!" Then the man's eyes turned soft.

It was time for breakfast.

Lola went downstairs after washing her face and rinsing her mouth. Her showing up reminded Harry of what happened minutes ago, which ruined his appetite.

Looking at Harry who ate the toast in hand in embarrassment, she tried her best not to laugh out.

At the same time, Mrs. Du brought a bowl of brown sugar water and placed it in front of Lola.

"Lola, how about not going to work today?" When Mrs. Du went upstairs for cleaning the room, she saw Lola removing the bed sheet and knew what happened to her.

Lola hesitated for a while, for she did not want to go, too. The first day of her period was the toughest. She used to rest at home on this day in the past. But, thinking of the face of Elaine, she gave up hesitation and chose to work and bear it!

"No, I will go to work. It doesn't matter, Mrs. Du."

Harry saw her awkward look and said, "Don't go to work today."

Lola was about to reject, when Harry directly took out his mobile phone and made a phone call, "Check where Lola works and ask for a day off for her."

"Boss Si, don't you ask for her opinion?" She did not say yes...

Joey was a highly efficient man. He only contacted Wendy wisely to learn that they work for Huaguan Mall, and immediately called the general manager of the mall to ask for a leave for Lola.

"You work for Huaguan Mall, the one belonging

to Mike. Why do you go there?" Harry put the last piece of toast into his mouth elegantly.

"Because of Wendy!" Could it be anything else? For Mike? Forget about it. He was just a jerk. She did not care about him at all.

"Have a good rest at home." Looking at Lola showing an expression of indifference to this question, he elegantly wiped his mouth and went to the company with his briefcase.

Lola waved to his receding figure, "Bye, this old man. Mind your step! However busy you are, you should take care of your health!"

At the gate, Harry took out his mobile phone and entered some words before going out.

Lola returned to the bedroom and was about to tell Wendy about her leave by phone, only to see a message from Harry saying: "When you feel well, I will let you know whether I am old or not."


"Boss Si, I am wrong. You are very young and handsome, not old at all!" Seated in the back seat, Harry had a shallow smile after reading this message.

"Good, well said. When you feel well, I will reward you."


"Boss Si, aren't you afraid of early deficiency of your kidney?" Only not in front of him could she tease him without scruple.

Harry smiled and raised his eyebrow slightly in the car, "Are you so interested in that?"

She replied obsequiously at once, "Boss Si, you must attend to hundreds of important matters every day. Have more rest at night."

The reply was also sent soon, "I am completely capable for you, a little woman."

Was this girl bored at home? He should have taken her out with him.

She had nothing to say but, "Boss Si, work hard. Bye!" At last, she sent an expression of saying goodbye to him without speaking more.

"Stay at home. If you dare to leave home, wait for my punishment." He would never believe this little woman to stay at home tamely.

"Yes, sir! I promise to accomplish the mission!" Lola felt menstrual cramps in her lower abdomen. She climbed into bed with her mobile phone to make a phone call to Wendy.

"Wendy, are you busy now?"

"Not busy. Manager Lan told the supervisor that you asked for a leave. What happened?" Wendy entered the staff lounge and lowered her voice.

"I am having a period and feel uncomfortable."

"Oh, I see. Who helped you ask for a leave? You didn't see Elaine's extremely dirty look when saying you asked for a leave." Wendy snickered.

"I don't know. My husband called someone to ask for a leave for me..." She suddenly realized the goodness of her husband.

"Well, well, you started to display your affection!" Wendy was very happy for Lola's husband seems to be good to her.

"No, I didn't. Return to your work! I am going to sleep."

"OK, drink more brown sugar water." She knew that Lola may feel uncomfortable on the first day of her period.

Hanging up, Lola put down her mobile phone and wanted to sleep. But something occurred to her. Then she opened a game in the mobile phone.

This game called Ghosts in Snowfield was the one she played for years. Mike also opened an account there and made practices. They got married in the game in the first half of this year.

After logging in the game, Lola visited the Emissary of Marriage for breaking up the marriage unilaterally.

The world in the game was ignited, for Lola and Mike are the top players, or "payers", in the server. Upon their sudden divorce, the men proposing to Lola stood in a queue, starting to let off heart-shaped fireworks for proposal.

Mike, who was reading documents, received the notice in his mobile phone saying: Your account of Ghosts in Snowfield had been successfully divorced!

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