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   Chapter 17 You Drank

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After Lola and Wendy went to the warehouse, Wendy dragged several bags of down jackets out.

The dust in the air made Lola hold her breath. She opened the black bags, and took out the down jackets one after another to hang them up. Several hours passed without being noticed. Three o'clock in the afternoon was normally the end of morning shift.

They had worked overtime for half an hour and nobody came to change shifts with them.

"How could you put up with Elaine before!" Lola pulled a large bag of down jackets with all her strength to an open space. As the warehouse has no air conditioner, their faces were covered with sweat.

"To tell you the truth, she was bad, but not as disgusting as now, before you came here. Does she harbor grudge against you?" This was the question Wendy had been wondering about.

"She is the cousin of Sara." Whenever they met before, she never treated her friendly, let alone being under her control then.

Wendy nodded her head and took out a piece of tissue from her pocket to wipe the sweat tenderly from Lola's face.

Seeing what Wendy was doing, Lola gave her a big kiss. Wendy was startled as she was not ready for this.

"Lola, you scared me." Patting her faster-beating heart, Wendy rolled her eyes at naughty Lola and shook her head to show her pretended reluctance.

"Ha-ha, you are so timid!" Lola was still happy. Though she had never done such a heavy labor before, at least she had her best friend accompanying her.

"By the way, isn't your husband very rich? How could he allow you to work?"

"He? He has been busy with his work and not available to care about my business. Besides, this is not what he can control. I don't want to be always kept by him. After all, I am not the rich lady as before." She reminded herself of her misfortune and status constantly so as not to impose herself as the carefree girl before unconsciously. She had to face the reality that she was not. If she lived her life again like before, it will be meaningless.

Wendy understood, nodding her head.

They chatted and worked. Time flew and when they worked for extra two hours, the store supervisor came in,"You can go off work now. The manager has left." Holy shit. Elaine had not let them go even when she was off work!

They changed their clothes and went off work after a simple cleaning.

Lola and Wendy separated at the mall gate, for they headed for different directions when going home.

As soon as she arrived at the villa, she took off her clothes and went for a bath. Lying in the bathtub tiredly, she finally found a moment to completely relax herself.

When she was taking care of her hair, Mrs. Du came to knock at the door and told her to have dinner downstairs.

A whole day's work and the hot pot at the noon without staple food made her very starving. After going downstairs, she started to gobble the food, by a half more than her normal appetite.

"Lola, how about your work today?" Seeing how Lola had dinner, Mrs. Du knew that she was quite hungry.

"Not so bad!" But someone was just too disgusting.

"That's good. Young Master called me in the daytime and said he would come home tonight. "

Hearing this, Lola choked on the soup.

"Is he not coming back these days?"

"I don't know the details." Mrs. Du patted on the back of Lola and filled another bowl of soup for her.

She thought about it and accepted it. It was his home. "OK! I see!"

At night, Lola checked Weibo news in her mobile phone, reclining on the sofa with

one of her slender legs resting on a chair.

The Weibo headline for the day was about new CEO of SL Group taking over the company. Harry, formerly the CEO of SL headquarters, officially took over the company yesterday. The media all held optimistic opinions about him.

SL Group... Harry... Lola felt astounded, for SL International Group was the true controller of the business world in D city, which was engaged in real estate, petroleum, high-end digital technology, entertainment companies, night clubs, pubs, etc.

It turned out that her husband was such a powerful man. No wonder he was so calm when saying he would help her crush Jacob Qi and his son.

It was really amazing that she had married with such a mighty man.

... Biting the lip, Lola opened the website of google and entered the name Harry Si. It was a pity that no information could be found.

How mysterious and omnipotent was he to manipulate even the internet intangibly?

She had never known about him until he suddenly appeared in her life.

At 9:30 p.m., Lola started to yawn and prepared to go sleep after turning off the mobile phone. At that moment, the bedroom door was opened from outside.

The tall figure was rightly the man of the Weibo headline...

Throwing his briefcase onto the sofa, Harry loosened his tie and walked towards Lola.

Standing up from the sofa, the woman pulled her nightdress and got close to the man slowly, who gave off a subtle liquor aroma.

She frowned and asked him: "You drank?"

"Yes, I drank a few glasses of wine in the celebration party," he replied faintly.

However,"You're also loved by some woman, tsk tsk..." A big scarlet lipstick mark on Harry's white shirt collar made people smell jealousy in the air.

Harry threw a quick glance at the mark and a touch of coldness swept across his eyes.

The supervisor would be dead tomorrow!

"You went to work?" The topic was ignored.

"You really have a lot of good fortune in love affairs, tsk tsk..." The topic of the man was ignored, too.

"Do you feel tired?"

"There must be many beauties in your company. Right?"

"Go to pour water in the bathtub. I am going to bathe."

"Well? Are you willing to clean off the aroma of beauties?"

Harry reached out his big palms to cuddle her in his arms and kissed her on the lips to stop her from talking obstinately.

When he let go of her, she responded,"Harry, can't you change your same old trick?" She raised her head and obstinately looked at the man on top of her with a pout.

He smiled slightly. "This same old trick will be fairly enough for you," he announced superciliously. At the moment, Lola suddenly felt that something was wrong.

After counting the days, she became nervous!

"Wait a minute, Harry. I am having a period," said Lola in embarrassment, after holding his big palm promptly.

Surely he knows what it means. Harry really felt a homicidal impulse at the moment!

"But I have no..." In order to prevent staining the bed, she jumped down from it in a hurry.

He knew what she referred to,"Lola, do not count on me to buy it for you." Harry wore a frown, but still went outside after putting on his shirt and stroking his hair.

Grinning sheepishly, Lola saw him going out of the bedroom and also expressed her thanks obsequiously,"Darling, thanks!"

"Did I say I would go?" said the man in a cold voice. But he still went downstairs without looking back.

... Won't he really go? Waiting on the toilet, Lola suddenly became unsure.

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