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   Chapter 14 First Day of Work

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Lola kept throwing up while flushing the toilet. Before long, the bathroom was full of the smell of alcohol.

Lola gargled listlessly, and opened the window in the bathroom to take a breath of fresh air.

It was not long before she ran back to the toilet to retch. She then brushed her teeth and went to bed directly, as she didn't feel like bathing.

In a daze, she felt someone feed water to her, and fell into a deep sleep.

Harry got angry, when he saw Lola fall asleep as if nothing had happened. He did nothing but leave for his study with Lola's phone.

That was fine. One could seek escape for a moment, but she could not run away forever.

In the study.

Harry unlocked her phone, and entered his private number and typed "Husband" in the name field in the Contacts. Then he opened the WeChat app and added his account to her contacts, and created mutual following on Weibo. He also downloaded the other social apps she had, and added her to the contacts.

After that, he put her phone back, and went back to his own room, because he didn't want to sleep with a drunken woman.

The next morning.

Lola didn't wake up until 10 a.m. With a splitting headache, she washed her face and rinsed her mouth, and went downstairs to look for something to eat.

Apart from Mrs. Du, there are another two women on the first floor - a middle-aged woman and a woman in her thirties.

Mrs. Du, who was assigning jobs to them, walked towards Lola upon seeing her.

"Lola, they were sent by the housekeeper agency just now. This is Mrs. Liu for household duties upstairs, and this is junior Zhang for downstairs. Mrs. Liu, junior Zhang, this is our lady."

"Good morning, My Lady!" Both of them were specially trained by the housekeeper agency with the most outstanding service capabilities. They greeted Lola right after Mrs. Du introduced her.

"Hello. Just call me Lola, please." Lola nodded at them.

"Fine, thanks, Lola." They breathed a sigh of relief secretly, as they found that Lola was easy to get along with.

Mrs. Du instructed them to begin working, and went to the kitchen to serve Lola a bowl of soup.

"Did you drink too much last night? Alcohol is not good. Do not drink so much in future." Mrs. Du could not help turning garrulous when she saw Lola, who didn't look well. Luckily, Lola was so kind that she wouldn't mind her chatter.

"OK. Thank you, Mrs. Du." After finishing off the soup, she felt much better in a minute.

Lola appeased her hunger with some food then. "He goes to work?"

Mrs. Du knew who she referred to. "Yes, Young Master went to the company early this morning. And he said that you should tell him if you go out."


Lola was lost for words. Anyway, it was not a problem. She thought carefully and concluded if it were not for the fact that Harry appeared suddenly last night, it was hard to conceive what would happen to Mike and her.

Lola went back room upstairs, took out her phone, and opened WeChat and Weibo, which displayed 99 and 999 new messages respectively. She glanced over the hot comments, only to find the so-called good friends in the upper class hypocritically expressed their concern. She received various comments from netizens, including those who were amazed at the diamond ring, while only few people sent her best wishes.

The same case was her WeChat Moments. Sara's unctuous concern disgusted her. She only replied to Wendy and Zoe. Then she sent a message to Wendy, whose user name was Fish Ball, via WeChat to inform her that she would go to her workplace to have a look.

Before closing the app, she caught a glimpse of a new contact named "Si" in the chat list.

Harry? Lola checked his WeChat

Moments, only to see promotion information related to SL International Group in the business field. It must be him. She remembered clearly that she didn't add him to contacts. When did they add each other?

Anyway, before she got dressed, she opened the chat box and entered a message:

"Boss, I'm going to meet a friend."

She dressed herself in cool clothes. A new message popped up, which was from Harry.

"Where? Whom?"

Lola rolled her eyes and replied: "To find a job. Wendy."

"No need to find a job."

"Disagreed. Bye." Lola put the phone in her bag and decided not to reply to him.

Lola chose not to drive the luxury car to apply for the job. She walked for a long time. Before she got a sun stroke, she got a taxi.

Huaguan Mall.

This mall used to be named Changguan Mall, which was owned by Li Family. After Jacob Qi took office, it was officially renamed Huaguan Mall. Lola looked at the mall with a mixed feeling. She would win back all that belonged to Li Family someday, even though she had to rely on that man.

Wendy worked as a shopping guide at the Yuqing Ladies Fashion. Before Lola arrived, Wendy had already told her supervisor that her friend would like to work here.

The female supervisor decided to hire Lola, as she was beautiful, graceful and outgoing, though she had no work experience.

"Lola, you majored in Film and Television at the university. What's wrong with you to think about working here?" Wendy was really confused.

Lola smiled and made no answer. She was too embarrassed to tell the truth. It was all because of Sara. Lola had a lot of opportunities of internship related to film and television at the university, but Sara played tricks to turn them down.

Many of her classmates had acted in many ads and films before graduation, becoming a little famous, while she did none. She didn't quite have the nerve to apply for a job in entertainment companies. She could only wait for chances to switch job.

In the evening, Lola lay on the bed, thinking about for two hours whether to kick Harry out if he entered the room.

However, Harry didn't come back that night. The next morning, Mrs. Du told her that Harry had just taken over the business and got so busy that he would stay in the company for a few days. Lola let out a sigh of relief secretly, as she didn't need to face him in the following few days.

It was the first day that she went to work. To keep a low profile, she specially bought a women's motorcycle.

The clothing brand she worked for was called Yuqing - a domestic high-end brand. Lola bought clothes of this brand twice. But she didn't know which company owned this brand.

After Wendy introduced Lola the working environment, they began cleaning the store.

Lola cleaned all hangers like Wendy did, and was panting when she finished.

"Lola, are you OK?" Looking at Lola with sweating forehead concernedly, Wendy was a little worried that she could not get used to such heavy manual work.

"I'm fine. I can handle that. It is just a little hot." Lola continued to work. The mall has not opened yet, so the air conditioners were not running.

"OK. I go to work." Each of them was responsible for an area that was clearly defined.

When it was time for business, Lola was a little bit uncomfortable, as she didn't know how to greet customers.

The supervisor instructed Wendy to teach her how to serve customers.

Those who would buy clothes of this brand were all rich. There were many rich people in the world, yet sometimes you just didn't think so. As for that moment, Lola happened to meet the people she hadn't expected to on her first day to work, who was her deadly foe, called Lillian Ye.

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