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   Chapter 12 Be Your Mistress

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"Of course not, I'm so picky choosy."

Resting assured, Zoe took out the whisky reluctantly, and poured her a little, only enough for her to take one sip.

"..." Lola looked at Zoe speechlessly. Since when had he become so mean?

Lola snatched the bottle, and filled the glasses for both of them.

"Zoe, I said let's get hammered. OK?"


The drink made them talkative. It seemed that they were brought back to the old days when Lola hung out to drink without letting her father know. They started bragging when they got high.

"Lola, I will beat the living daylights out of Mike tomorrow." Though Lola was safe and sound, Zoe felt that he must revenge his bestie for the harm she had got.

"Are you out of your mind? How could you just get married so randomly like this? How silly you are!" Zoe took a swig. The more he drank, the tastier the whisky became. He was not even willing to put down the glass.

"Well, I will beat the living daylights out of you, if you use silly to describe me again." Lola burped and wanted to go to the toilet. So she stood up and staggered on her way there.

"Look out! Carefully check the sign on the door!" Lola had made a mistake and went to men's room once, when she was very drunk, scaring the two men in the toilet who had to pee in a hurry and ran out.

Lola waved at him, indicating that it wouldn't happen again, as a glass of whisky was no big deal. Though tottering, she kept sober-minded.

After coming out of the toilet, Lola washed her face, feeling better then.

While staggering back to the seat, she stumbled over the step, almost falling to the ground.

"Whoops!" Damn it! Oh, my god! My face could not get hurt.

It didn't hurt. Oh, thank goodness. She was supported by someone beside.

"Than..." Lola suddenly turned hostile before finishing the words.

"Lola?" Mike was surprised when he saw Lola, who was drunk, here.

Lola sobered up soon, and shook off his hands hard. "Don't call me Lola. It sounds disgusting!" Lola turned around to go, but Mike Qi would not let her go so easily.

"Lola, listen. I can explain." Mike thought that she was gullible, and planned to use an excuse to cheat her again, hoping that she would be hooked.

Lola was so drunk that she gained no advantage at that moment. Hence, she was trying to get rid of him. But Mike just tightened his grip on her.

"Mike, let me go!" Lola was a little angry, and felt quite uncomfortable as she was dizzy.

"Lola, I will not let you go. My marriage to Sara is arranged by my dad. You are the only one I love. Come back to me, OK? I can give you whatever you had in the past, except marrying you." Mike noticed the diamond ring on Lola's hand, eyes overcast with evil.

"Mike, I didn't know that you are such a jerk! Except marrying me? So be your mistress?" Lola wanted to slap him across the face. So she did.

"Lola, do not be so ungrateful! I am giving you an out!" Covering the face, Mike was absolutely furious. There were a lot of people passing by the toilet. Being slapped by a woman disgrace

d him completely.

"Bah! I don't care! Get away from me!" Lola exerted herself to shake off Mike's hand, and was about to run away.

Mike grabbed her hair. Lola felt achy and had to stop. Mike dragged Lola on her wrist towards the room beside.

Zoe had been waiting for Lola for a long time. Could it be that she went into the men's room and was detained there by a rogue? Thinking of this, Zoe immediately ran towards the toilet. He saw Mike dragging Lola to the room beside at the corner leading to the toilet.

Zoe took out his phone and made a call, "I am outside the toilet. Come to help." He rushed to Mike then, flushing with agitation.

Zoe punched Mike in his face and knocked his glasses out.

Lola took the chance to get away from him. Mike saw Zoe and smiled with disdain, as he took him for a punk only. Mike took out his phone to make a call, "Come out. I get in trouble near the toilet."

Zoe knocked his phone off. They came to blows soon. Lola breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Zoe gain the upper hand.

Seven or eight men appeared beside the toilet. Lola knew a couple of them, all being ignorant rich second generations.

Lola noticed a vase beside her, threw the flowers on the ground, and smashed the vase against the wall.

Lola picked up a scrap and placed it against the neck of Mike, who was lying on the ground. "If any of you dare to come up, Mike will not leave the bar alive today."

"Is Lola crazy?"

"Yes, I guess so. She must be hard hit by what happened, and gets so crazy that she wants to commit a murder?"


Mike didn't look well, and dared not move as he looked at the scrap against his neck.

"Hey, buddies! If you can take her down, we will have a wild night with her later." Upon Mike finished his words, Zoe hit him hard in his face angrily.

Lola was so angry that she pressed the scrap down and scratched his neck. She really wanted to perish with him for a moment.

Those rich second generations looked at each other. Lola was once one of the beauties in the upper class. It was really attractive to sleep with her.

A couple of them dragged Zoe aside, while another two, who could play Kung Fu, tightly grabbed her hand holding the scrap. After they snatched the scrap, Lola staggered and squatted.

Mike stood up and pinched her pointed chin: "You bitch! You are so unappreciative. Hey, buddies! Let's enjoy our night with Lola."

"You bastard! A real man will never bully a woman." Zoe revolted with all his strength, but in vain.

"You son of a bitch! Let Zoe go! If you dare to touch me, I will make you as good as dead!" Lola really wanted to kill Mike, when she saw those men beating Zoe.

"Yo. I didn't realize that you care about him so much. Did you have an affair with this punk when we were still together?" Mike replaced his gentleness and elegance with duplicity and obscenity.

"Bro Xi!"

Zoe's friends rushed over, totaling a dozen. Zoe shoved the three men who were beating him, and pointed at the rich second generations opposite, "Kick their butts!"

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