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   Chapter 11 Marry an Old Man

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After Li Family went bankrupt, Wendy Yu, who treated work as her life, didn't go to work in a couple of days. She, together with Zoe, assisted in the funeral of Lola's grandma and other affairs.

On the day when Lola disappeared, Wendy Yu merely went home to get changed. But she came back, only to find Lola moved out of the villa, and she failed to contact Lola in the following days. Zoe asked his friends to look for her, but in vain. Wendy Yu had been worried that she may commit suicide since then. When Wendy saw Lola in the cafe, safe and sound, she hugged her tightly.

"Wendy, I'm sorry for making you worry." Lola said with tears in her eyes, as she knew how Wendy felt at that moment. She was so lucky that she still had two real friends. So lucky.

"Where have you been? I was so afraid...afraid that..." Wendy Yu just could not take the three words out of her mouth.

"You silly old fool! I won't do that, as I still have dad and you." In fact, she kinda wanted to take her own life on the day her father left. But she fainted later. So it had to be dropped.

"Tell me where you've been. How were you doing? I saw your Weibo post when I was on my way here. You are married?" Wendy Yu wiped her tears, calmed down, and sat opposite to Lola.

Wendy Yu really felt sorry for Lola. It was well known to everyone in D City that she once lived a very happy and glamorous life.

Lola Li and Lillian Ye, her deadly foe, were two recognized beauties in the upper class in D City. Lola Li was outgoing and vivacious, while Lillian Ye was cold and elegant.

They had countless pursuers. As is known to all, Lola was once like a moon surrounded by a myriad of stars. Only God knew why she fell in love with Mike, who was a bastard indeed.

"I'm doing great these days. And I truly get married. Bless me!" Lola forced a smile, as she wanted to look happy.

Then Lola told Wendy what happened in the past few days briefly. When speaking of Harry, she m

lt so cheerful that she still got a friend who could accompany and drink with her.

"Hey, hey, hey. A bottle of Royal Salute? That costs me salary of three months or four. You will make me poor!" Zoe cried out. He certainly had some deposits, but the money was used to marry a woman rather than wine this woman.

"Good boy, don't cry. It's my treat today!" Zoe frequented the bar. Lola used to enjoy drinks for free when she was with Zoe and what they ordered was not so expensive, unless they order some expensive drinks like this time, which the manager of the bar could not afford. But he would get a discount anyway.

"Lola! Where did you get the money?" Zoe stretched out his neck to observe Lola carefully, not to overlook any of her facial expressions.

"From my husband, of course." Wow, wow, wow. Her husband! Lola admired herself, as she had the cheek to say that naturally and easily.

A waiter served them the liquor soon. Zoe held it in his arms. He would keep bothering Lola until she told him the truth.

"Tell me the truth. Do you marry an old man? Otherwise how can you be so rich?" It is normal that Zoe has this suspicion.

Lola laughed out loud. What kind of expression would show on Harry's cold face if he knew that someone called him old man? Lola looked forward to seeing that.

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