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   Chapter 10 You Should Yield to Me

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 7163

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"Yes, I guess so. I heard you call her Lola or something last time." The shopping guide answered with her voice turning low.

Mike Qi and Sara Fu looked at each other and lost in thought, when they heard that.

That ten-million-yuan Maybach and this diamond ring... Was Lola a kept woman? This was the only possibility. She must be kept by a very old man. A rich young man with such a great amount of money never existed. Ha ha. If it was true, she would have people laugh their heads off.

Thinking of that, Sara held Mike's arm to take a look at other diamond rings.

When they got home, Lola changed shoes and directly went to her room, followed by Harry closely. Paying no heed to him, Lola opened her bag, took out her phone and fiddled with it.

Harry grabbed her phone and pulled her towards him.

"Why are you angry?" As he still had time before night, he could bother himself to comfort her.

Lola turned her head away waywardly, as she didn't want to answer him.

He had met a lot of women with ill temper, just like her, as well as more women who were obedient to him. But he never ever gave a damn. Harry directly turned her head and kissed her.

"Hm, hm, hm." Lola wanted to protest loudly, but he didn't give her any chance.

After a long time, the blushing Lola stood up and intended to stay away from him. But the man sat cross-legged to get in the way, leaving her no chance to get out.

"Harry, you are evil. You know that?" Lola sat on the sofa dispiritedly. She needed to find a way.

Harry nodded his acceptance.

"How old are you?"


"See! You are five years older than me. You should yield to me. You should not say no to what I want to do. You should not compel me to do what I don't want to. You should not upset me. You should not ignore my opinion..." Her protest amazed Harry, who gained a new understanding of women as a result.

He made Lola release her finicky airs completely. She didn't get tired after putting forward such a long list of not-to-dos.

"Since you are so energetic, we should not waste the wedding night." Harry held back her unwillingness with only one sentence.

"Harry! Ah! Let's wait and see. I will revenge!" Lola began to make a revenge plan miserably after Harry closed the door of the bathroom and threw her into the bathtub.

"I will use up all your money. I... will cuckold you every day, divorce you and divide your property..."

His money could support her for generations. Cuckold him? Well. He should exert himself to satisfy her. Divorce and divide property? Nonsense!

"Ah!" Harry turned her chatter into scream with only one move.

Poor Lola! She went through a long night which made her exhausted again.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Did she marry a man who drinks a love potion every day?

She didn't get up until the next afternoon. She was so tired that she had to struggle to go to the bathroom to take a bath. After dressing, she went downstairs to find something to eat.

Mrs. Du was about to hire two cleaners. When she saw Lola coming downstairs with pyjamas, she was all smiles.

She put down her bag, and walked towards her.

"Lola, Young Master is investigating the company today. He has instructed me to prepare you more food to eat after you wake up." Mrs. Du was not young and had experienced a lot so that she clearly knew that there was no need to ask about everything one saw and one had better keep it to himself.

"Thank you, Mrs. Du. I am so hungry. Sorry to bother you." Lola weakly sat at the dining table. After Mrs. Du ser

ved the dishes, Lola devoured them as if she had not had a morsel of food in the last few days.

"Slow down. No hurry, or you may get choked. Have some juice, please." Mrs. Du showed pity when she saw Lola finish off the food. "Lola wakes up after midday these days, and devours the food soon as a hungry wolf. They cannot go on like this." Mrs. Du thought. She had to remind Young Master to restrain himself. It was good to be affectionate, but Lola was too weak to bear his passion.

Being replete, Lola walked upstairs with satisfaction. She sent an address to Wendy using Weibo Messages to make an appointment.

Before leaving home, Mrs. Du remembered one thing, and ran to the second floor to give two keys to Lola, who was getting dressed.

These keys - one for the villa and the other for the car - were left by Harry before he headed for the company this morning.

In the garage was a brand new white Maserati sports car. This car reminded her of the pink BMW, which was presented by her dad for her 20th birthday and was sold against her will later. She loved it so much, but she didn't know where it was.

Running on the broad road, the car attracted a lot of attention. Many drivers got out of the way, because they are afraid that they may scratch this luxury car and fail to make compensation then.

Lola arrived at the Old Tree Cafe first, ordered a cup of cappuccino, sat in an inconspicuous corner to wait for Wendy.

After she took out her phone to login her WeChat account, the phone rang, and new messages kept popping up, exceeding 99 in total.

The messages were sent from acquaintances, including Mike Qi, Sara Fu, Wendy Yu, Zoe Lu and some so-called good friends who just disappeared after Li Family went bankrupt. No one had expected that Lola came down like this.

Lola took a selfie with the phone, as something came to her mind. With eyes wandering, she tilted her head to one side slightly and covered her mouth with the hand wearing a diamond ring.

She posted her selfie to the Moments with the words reading: Dad, I miss you. I'm married now. Come to see me when you have time.

Then she logged in Weibo, and made the same post. She has more than 600 thousand followers, as she had made many posts recording her life, including food and travels all around the world, and posts sharing good stuff with her fans.

She deleted all previous posts, except those related to her families, and unfollowed all others, except her father, Wendy and Zoe.

It was not long before her Moments and Weibo received a lot of comments. Her phone kept ringing, but Lola just ignored it, shut down the phone and waited for Wendy while drinking a cup of coffee quietly.

When Wendy Yu reached the cafe in a hurry, Lola had drunk half cup of coffee.

Wendy Yu was a thin girl. After receiving the message from Lola, she immediately asked for a leave from her part-time job, and went to meet her right away, so that she didn't have time to change her work clothes. She applied some makeup to her oval face today, while she used to wear no makeup. Her bright big eyes were slightly put on with thin eye shadow and mascara, and her mouth was put on with less-glossy lip gloss. The longer one looked at her face, the more comfortable one would feel.

They knew each other six years ago, because Wendy inadvertently saved Lola by the sea. Wendy dared not stay too close to Lola who was graceful and lived a luxurious life. If it were not for the fact that Lola "chased after" her for half a year, they would not become besties.

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