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   Chapter 9 Red Diamond

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"Hello, madam! This diamond ring is the latest masterpiece by the international designer, GL. It just arrived yesterday. The ring uses the rarest red diamond on it, and has received many international awards. There are only three such red diamonds in the world - one presented by GL to his wife, and the other two sold in Country A and here. This red diamond ring is our TOP-ONE product now. You can check the advertising magazine for more information." The shopping guide girl introduced to Lola the biggest and most expensive diamond ring with the newest style excitedly.

This diamond ring was different from the other dazzling colored-diamond rings. With the 10 carat red diamond surrounded by a circle of small diamonds, the ring delivered an elegant, noble, luxurious and low-key nature.

"You're gonna buy a diamond ring? Actually, you don't need to..."

"Try it on." Ignoring what she said, Harry seized her hand and put on the ring. Well matched! Lola was a little surprised at the right size.

The ring was worn on the fourth finger of her left hand, with the beautiful shine of the diamond softly delivering the grace and elegance of an urban woman, and highlighted her white and delicate hand.

"No need to take it off. Pay by card, please." Harry took a card out of his wallet, and handed it to the shopping guide without blinking an eye. The shopping guide was so shocked. This man was so cool! He was just gonna pay for the ring, even before she told the price.

"Sir, this ring costs 188, 888, 888. I will get the POS machine if you are sure to buy it." Trying to restrain her excitement, the shopping guide couldn't believe that the ring with such a sky-high price would be sold so easily.

"Yes, please." He answered simply, making the guide kinda forget how to behave when she was about to get the POS machine.

"Wait!" Lola immediately stopped the shopping guide. Was he crazy? A diamond ring costs over 100 million! It was really not necessary for their nominal marriage which may not last long. He didn't need to spend so much money on her.

"Let's go!" Harry stood up from the single chair directly, and followed the shopping guide to the checkout counter to enter the payment code.

"Harry..." Lola didn't continue when she noticed that Harry looked at her sharply.

Hm, imperious! Peremptory! Domineering! Bully!

While they went to the elevator leading to the parking space, Lola, being a little angry, walked in front of Harry with her 5-cm-high heels. The heels clip-clopped as they touched the ground on the quiet 8th floor and attracted a lot of attention.

Harry felt a little funny and delighted when he looked at this childish, angry woman, following her unhurriedly.

There was no one else in the elevator, except them. When they arrived at the second floor underground, Harry held her hand actively to walk towards the car.

Lola struggled to shake him off initially. However, the harder she tried, the tighter his grip turned. She gave up finally.

Lola opened the back door of the car, and sat on the back seat angrily.

"Come to the front seat." He said emotionlessly.

"No!" Lola leaned on the back seat and closed her eyes, refusing to see him.

"No? I don't mind having sex in the car." Harry leisurely turned on the radio to play light music. Lola opened the front door, and sat on the front passenger seat grudgingly.

Harry started the car with a slight smile.

Before they met, Lola was a princess like the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars, and almost everyone was obedient to her. No one dared to make her angry in the past. Only she could tease and anger others. She didn't expect that it was her turn then to be angered by her nominal husband over and over again.

Harry stepped on the gas,

and drove out. When they brushed past a white Ferrari sports car, the woman with flaxen wavy hair on the front passenger seat glanced at the luxury car surprisingly, because she could not believe what she saw.

Sara Fu confirmed that the woman sitting on the front passenger seat of the Maybach valued at nearly ten millions was Lola, who had been disappearing for a few days!

"What were you looking at?" After parking, Mike Qi looked at his fiancee, whose facial expression changed slightly, with confusion.

"I saw... Lola." Sara Fu carefully observed the face of Mike, who unfastened the seat belt with a frown and spoke nothing.

The last words he wanted to hear now were Lola. Carl Li and his daughter disappeared right after Li Family went bankrupt. He would definitely teach her a good lesson if he met her someday.

"Mike, I wonder how Lola is doing now." Sara Fu closed the car door, and pretended that she was worrying about Lola.

"Why did you mention her? How annoying!" Mike Qi put his hand on her shoulder, and went to the 8th floor with her together.

Sara Fu smiled complacently and thought, "Lola, you finally have nothing at all. See! The man you love the most does not even want to mention you."

They went directly to the GL counter on the 8th floor. The diamonds designed by GL hit the topic recently. There were only two GL counters in D City, one here in the Blue Island Mall and the other in the Cuiwei Plaza.

When they arrived at the counter, several shopping guides were discussing something excitedly around the checkout counter, and exclaimed sometimes.

"More than 100 million! Oh, my goodness! He paid the bill within three minutes! Miss Qin, how lucky you are today!"

"Yeah, he is so handsome! The red diamond is so big! Is that woman his wife? She is pretty. She must be a lady from a rich family, too, as she has come here and bought GL jewelry many times."

"Alas! What a pity! That handsome man has got married."

Sara listened to them, and slightly cleared her throat to inform them that she has come.

"Welcome, Mr. Qi and Miss Fu." The shopping guides went back to work after noticing these two rich guests.

Sara had been here with Lola several times. So all the experienced shopping guides knew her name. It was said that she was going to marry a bachelor named Mike, who the shopping guide guessed was the man next to her.

"I have asked your manager about the latest work of GL. I mean the red diamond. Where is it? Show me." The only problem was that the ring was very expensive. She had spent a lot of time and effort persuading Mike to buy it. So they came to pay a deposit that day.

"Sorry, Miss Fu. The ring has been sold already. I will show you some other rings." The shopping guide was a little depressed. How she wished GL had designed more rings of that kind.

"Sold already?" Sara Fu raised her voice excitedly. She loved that diamond ring so much. To gain his consent, she promised Mike that she would also use all her personal savings.

"Sara, it's OK. Let's have a look at other rings." Mike Qi said while looking at other rings. He didn't want to buy that expensive ring anyway. He was pleased upon knowing that it was sold.

Sara Fu would have come to pay the deposit earlier if she had known that the ring would be sold within such a short period of time. She blamed on Mike, as he disagreed three days ago when Sara told him that she wanted to buy that ring. It was all his fault.

"Yes. The lady who came to pick up her birthday gift with you last time and her husband bought that ring." The shopping assistant's unintentional words made Sara go blank.

"Lola Li?" Sara Fu raised her voice, as she could not believe what she heard, with her eyes popping out in a kinda scary way.

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