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   Chapter 8 Blue Island Mall

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 7301

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The room temperature rose sharply, and the romantic atmosphere spread every inch around them.

Wait! Was he serious? Not until then did Lola become afraid and know that she really shouldn't have challenged this man...

She could not say a word, as Harry was kissing her on the lips. Both of her hands were held over her head by Harry's big hand. She could only fretfully shake her head to express a protest.

Her protest, however, was ignored. Lola was so frightened that she swore she would definitely be a good girl in the future.

Was it too late?

She was under the effect of drug and had sex with him without knowing what was going on last time. But she was sober-minded at the moment, though she had taken some red wine. What could she do? What should she do? The man had started stroking her while Lola was still thinking about what to do.

She felt pain and subconsciously bit his lips. A light smell of blood spread between their mouths.

"You got me angry. It is you who seduced me last time. And you called me Mr. Escort? And 250 yuan? And you slapped me? Lola, you owe me a lot! It's time for you to repay now."

Harry said in a hoarse whisper in her ear, not minding the blood on his lips at all.

This woman not only compelled him to save her with arrogance, but also became violent-tempered now.

Did she think that he was easy-going?

"Boss, it is my fault. I make an apology to you now. Please let me go!" Alas! Everyone should pay the debt sooner or later. It really could not be blamed on her that she thought him a male prostitute, neither that she slapped him.

"It is too late!"

Lola's abuses with varying volumes gradually turned to soft panting and begging for mercy in the bathroom.

Before they went to sleep before dawn, Lola swore at him, "Beast!" Harry bore what she said in mind again.


They had planned to get a marriage license the next morning. But plan changed as Lola didn't get up until two o'clock next afternoon and found her man not lying next to her then.

Being tired, she got up to take a bath. The bruised sexual marks on her body made her suspect that the man she was going to marry was a beast.

She had hesitated to register the marriage with him. Considering that they had slept with each other twice, she might as well get the marriage certificate with him. At least, marriage would prove a formal relationship between them. It was not a big deal that she be obedient to him anyway. Otherwise she would seem like a mistress financially supported by him without the marriage certificate.

Mistress? Her grandma would definitely skin her if she knew her granddaughter became a mistress. "Grandma, dad, mom, I miss you so much."

Lola quickened the pace of bathing, got dressed, finished off the food reheated by Mrs. Du in a hurried manner, and pulled Harry, who was busy taking over the business of the company, towards the Bureau of Civil Affairs.

"Why you're so urgent?" Harry was surprised and wondered what changed her mind.

"I'm urgent because ... What if the Bureau of Civil Affairs closes?" She made up an excuse.

Harry cast a sidelong glance at the less-obvious marks on her neck and said something that made Lola really want to take him by the throat, slice and throw him into the sea to feed sharks:

"Are you so satisfied with the wonderful service last night that you want to have coitus with me every day in the future?"

Have coitus? Go to hell!

Lola sedately and elegantly sat upright in the car, clenched her fists and chose to ignore the thick-skinned man beside her.

"I take that as yes."


smiled slightly, seeing her obviously clenched fists.

Before they went to the Bureau, Harry drove Lola to her former home in his black Maybach. Lola was completely stunned when she saw Harry tear the paper strip for sealing, take out the key, open the gate and directly walk into the villa.

"Why...why...why do you have the key to my home?" The house should have been sold by auction. It is absolutely not easy to get the key. How can he open the gate and walk into the villa directly?

"Go to find your household register. Be quick." Everything had happened too fast so that she left many things in the villa.

Lola walked into the villa slowly. The house, which was bustling, is now cold and cheerless. Fighting to hold back tears, Lola walked to the second floor, opened the door of dad's study, and found the household register in a drawer. Before leaving the villa, she went to dad's room, grandma's room and her room. They are all kept unchanged as before. The only change is that the owners have left.

Lola wiped tears off the corner of her eyes, and walked downstairs. She is deeply grateful to the tall man at the door. Thanks to his help, she can now come back to see her former home again.

"I will buy this villa back once I have enough money!" Lola promised to herself.

When they arrived at the Bureau, the officers were about to get off work. Almost none of them know Harry, as he has just come back from abroad and has not officially taken over the group company. They got the marriage license successfully and quietly, and left soon.

After they had dinner in a restaurant, Harry bought a new mobile phone for Lola, and drove to the parking space of the Blue Island Mall on the second floor underground. They got out of the car, and took the elevator to the diamond area on the 8th floor directly.

The mall was well-arranged, with dozens of brands occupying hundreds of square meters on each floor - a hypermarket on the first floor underground, jewelry on the first floor, skin care products and cosmetics on the second floor, women clothing and bags on the third floor, men clothing on the fourth floor, household supplies on the fifth floor, outdoor equipment on the sixth floor, alcoholic beverages on the seventh floor, and diamonds on the eighth.

All shopping guides, wearing a uniform, were well-educated and well-behaved. That was one of Lola's favorite malls.

She once bought some diamond jewelry for others or herself on the eighth floor.

The appearance of Harry made the shopping guides of diamond extremely excited. How handsome he was! What he wears indicated that he was rich. Therefore, many shopping guides scrambled to serve them.

Lola was still wondering why Harry brought her here. Was he going to buy her a ring? Not likely. Although they had got the marriage certificate, they both knew it was not for love. They both wanted something from this marriage, but she did not know what Harry wanted.

Was it because they had spent their first night together, just as he said? She was not a fool. If he didn't tell her the reason actively, she would not ask. She had nothing to lose at all at the moment. The only thing she could repay him was her body...

But, it could not be the reason for what he had done for her, as he was so powerful that he could date no matter who he wanted. She knew she was pretty. However, there were still countless women who were prettier, more graceful, richer and gentler than her.

"Come here. Do you like this one?" Harry interrupted her wandering thoughts. Lola refreshed her mind and walked towards him in front of a counter.

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