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   Chapter 4 I'm Your Man

Trapped with the CEO By LARK COLE Characters: 7216

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Not answering Joey's question, Harry Si tapped on the armrest with his slender fingers now and then, long before he started to say, "Make an investigation into this woman." He pointed at the woman on the screen, with his irrelevant words confusing Joey Yun.

A woman? Carl Li's daughter? Did his daughter have anything to do with acquiring Li's company?

Being full of questions, Joey Yun said nothing but "Yes, sir."

With the help of Zoe, Lola and her father got rid of the reporters and drove home in a Benz.

Their villa was located in a rich neighborhood in the east of the city, with fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Only the richest families in D City could afford the houses here.

In the warm home, the aged Catharine Rong had been waiting for them on the sofa for a long time. When she saw her son and granddaughter coming, she stood up with her walking stick immediately.

"What on earth is going on there, Carl?" The grey-haired old woman asked in a hurry, leaving the two people not knowing how to tell her.

Carl Li opened his mouth but could say nothing, as he did not want to hurt his mother at such an old age.

"Grandma, please don't worry …" Lola handed her grandmother, not knowing how to comfort her though.

"How could I not worry about it? The news has been reported on several channels today. What's going on there? Tell me now!" Although Catharine Rong was old, she used to dominate the business when she was young. With a serious facial expression, she hit the ground with the walking stick, making the other two's hearts beat faster.

"Mother, please don't be angry. Take care of ..." The old lady had heart disease and should not get angry. But Carl Li could not finish what he was saying and was interrupted by Catharine Rong.

"Nonsense. I know my own physical status."

"Just as you know, I have lost our company." Carl Li sighed. His mother and his wife had made great contributions to the company. What had happened made him feel ashamed to face his mother and his dead wife.

He was in the middle age, but was betrayed by his closest friend that he had trusted so much.

"Why? Did you really commit crime? Or were you cheated?" Catharine Rong was very sure that her son would never do bad things. However, she could not figure out other reasons why things happened like this.

"Jacob and his son have planned for many years." He thought that Jacob Qi had a grudge against him because of what happened over 20 years ago.

More than twenty years ago, they regarded each other as real brothers. However, they loved a woman at the same time - Lavender Ren, Lola's mother and his wife that passed away ten years ago. Both of them crazily ran after her, as she was very elegant and graceful.

One night, Carl Li was drunk and forced her to have sex with him in the car. As a result, Lavender Ren had no choice but to marry him. Upon learning the truth, Jacob Qi fought with him and disappeared. It was not until a year later that Jacob Qi came back and contacted Carl actively. At that time, Jacob was already married and expressed that he would let bygones be bygones.

"Jacob and his son ..." One was his son's best friend, the other was Lola's boyfriend with whom she grew up together. The old lady, out of breath, became unconscious and fainted.

"Mother ..."

"Grandma ..."

Catharine Rong was sent to the hospital for rescue at 5 p.m. due to the heart attack. The operation failed. Catharine Rong came round at 8 p.m. that night and passed away later with her son and her granddaughter by her side.

Her death hit the whole D

City, as she used to have a great influence on the business world of D City, as well as being the dream lover of many men when she was alive.

A lot of her old friends attended the funeral to mourn for her, while many others who were in good relationship with Carl Li didn't show up, but sent funeral wreaths instead.

Jacob Qi and his son also came to the funeral, which made Carl Li rage and lose control. Thus Lola Li commanded security guards to throw them out. This event was covered by the news media for a long time. Many people concluded that Carl Li had bad luck making friends with Jacob Qi, and was too weak to protect his company from them.

After the funeral, the court put up Li's valuables for auction to clear off his large amounts of debts, as well as sealing his villa. Carl Li disappeared after leaving a note for Lola. No one knew where he was, or whether he was alive or dead.

With the note in hand, Lola Li stood in the rain with a suitcase, tallow-faced and confused.

Was it a dream of her? Everything was all right several days ago, and her grandma was busy picking a birthday gift for her happily. How came things end up like this?

Although words on the note had been washed away by the rain, they were still recognizable. Lola Li checked the note many times as she could hardly believe her eyes.

"Lola, your mom and I found you by a riverside 22 years ago and brought you back home. Now I have nothing. You should go to find your biological parents. Goodbye, my dearest princess."


Grandma, dad, and mom, I hate you! Why do you leave me alone? I miss you so much!

Jacob Qi, Mike Qi, and Sara Fu, I hate you! Why do you betray me?

And that man also...

She hates them all!


It was raining more and more heavily. Lola Li could not sustain both the physical and mental suffering. She passed out.

A limited edition black Maybach stopped by Lola after she lost consciousness. The assistant Joey Yun put up an umbrella and opened the back door of the car. A man wearing a pair of brand new leather shoes got out of the car, and held Lola in his arms. Then the car headed for the hospital.

In a luxury VIP ward

in the Chengyang Private Hospital.

After opening the sore eyes, Lola Li saw a pendant lamp with dim light. She was having a transfusion. Cold liquid went into her body slowly via her left hand. Where was she?

"You're awake?" The cold voice sent her a chill. Who was that?

She struggled to sit up, but failed. She gave up soon, as she was so weak.

Suddenly, a man wearing a white shirt showed up and looked down at her at the bedside.

Lola Li blinked and thought how handsome the man was. All the dashing eyebrows, deep eyes, aquiline nose and sexy thin lips demonstrated his elegance and grace. The tall and slim figure made him more attractive. However, his cold, arrogant and aggressive temperament throughout made Lola flinch unconsciously. This man seemed to be a little familiar...

"Who are you?"

"I'm your man."

"... Do you suffer from delusional disorder?" Lola treated him with disdain and thought he didn't deserve the handsome appearance.

Harry Si pressed the call button at the bedside. A group of people came into the room within a minute.

She must be in the hospital. A nurse wearing a gauze mask gently helped her sit up and considerately put a pillow behind her back for her to lean on.

The man in the front of the group may be in his twenties. With thick eyebrows slanting upwards and eyes as clear as the morning dew, he was looking at the medical equipment attentively.

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